What are Green Product Examples? 16 Common Green Products around you.

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Before we answer this question of “What are green product examples”, Let me enlighten you on the concept of green products and why they are needed.

Green products are any product that is made without the use of chemicals, toxins, or other hazardous materials (ie. paint, plastics, etc.). They are energy or water efficient; they use healthy, nontoxic materials; they are made from recycled or renewable sources

Green Product

So, why is there a need for green products to begin with?

Have you ever had a moment where you thought, “wow! The world needs to change.”? Well, I have. And I know many others have as well. Sure we’re talking about small steps and incremental changes but these changes can add up over time and make a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Whether you consider yourself an environmentalist or not, keeping our planet healthy is literally the key to our survival.

Did you know? According to the World Wildlife Fund

  • 90% of the world’s seabirds have fragments of plastic in their stomach.
  • Only 9% of plastics are recycled around the world. The world needs more green products.
  • It will take hundreds of years for a single piece of plastic to decompose, and then it will turn into a dangerous microplastic.
  • 80% of ocean plastic originates on land. Then it enters our ocean through rivers and streams.

Mind-blowing statistics right?

Green products also mean a reduction in air pollution because it reduces the amount of waste created by packaging, shipping, and anything else associated with production.

As more people decide to buy green products, there will be a reduction in overall waste created by companies. Having said all these Let’s Jump right in.


What are green product examples?

1. Green house cleaning products

There are many green cleaning products available in the market and online. Most of them are based on enzymes and natural ingredients.

Some natural products that can make good cleaning agents include vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, and castile soap. They are readily available at most grocery stores.

For more details, you might want to check out some of these articles

Green house cleaning

2. Electric Cars

The concept of Electric Cars is something that has been around for more than a decade now. Several companies have already moved in this direction.

The best examples of such electric cars are Nissan Leaf and Tesla. These cars are powered by batteries that need to be recharged at regular intervals. They are specifically designed so that they will charge up quickly and maintain the battery temperature in order to maximize their efficiency.

This is a major breakthrough as far as curtailing greenhouse pollution is concerned. It’s a smart idea to buy electric cars as they use no fossil fuel at all, hence, reducing drastically the quantity of greenhouse gases released by fuel-driven cars into the environment.

Nissan Leaf a Green product example

3. LED Bulbs:

LED Bulbs are one of the most significant forms of green technology that have been invented in recent years. They are extremely efficient and consume much less energy than regular bulbs. Indeed, the consumption of an LED bulb is on average 8 to 10 times lower and has a life 25 to 50 times longer than a conventional bulb.

By equipping your home with LED bulbs, you are making a gesture that is both ecological and economical. Why deprive yourself? They not only save on electricity bills but also help in saving the environment by reducing carbon footprints.

Led bulbs a green product example

4. Use a Stainless-Steel Water bottle

Most of us have used plastic bottles before. We might even still have them in our homes. These plastic bottles are not only bad for the environment but are also very harmful to our health as they release harmful toxins into our water.

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It is a wise idea to invest in a stainless steel bottle or a glass bottle because these types of bottles do not leach chemicals into the water you drink from it and thus there are no known health risks associated with using such a bottle.

Stainless steel water bottle a green product example

5. Reusable Grocery Bags:

This is one of the simplest forms of green product examples. It’s a no-brainer. No matter how many times you use it, it lasts forever! If you don’t have such a bag and are looking for one, today will be a great day to get one

Have you ever wondered why plastic shopping bags are produced? What is their purpose and where do they go when we are done with them? These are the questions you might be asking yourself.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to regularly purchase your groceries or other items, you might not have realized that these plastic bags come in an astonishing number of different types and colors. All these bags come from oil and most of them are from petroleum.

At the time when you purchase one of these bags, you might not realize that the materials used to make them can take up to 1000 years to decompose. It is an easy act. When you go shopping, bring a bag. Consider bringing a reusable shopping bag rather than investing a few cents to purchase a plastic bag. You might also be interested in learning about eco friendly trash bags.

6. Clothes made from recycled Fabric

Most of us wear clothes every day, some more often than others. Clothes are items that we cannot do without and they are an integral part of our lives, Clothes from recycled fabric are green product examples.

The problem is, that most clothes sold in the market are made from synthetic fabrics or cotton that have been grown with the help of industrial fertilizers and pesticides. Those synthetic fibers have a high environmental impact and can pollute our drinking water by disrupting the ecosystem.

Therefore, it is best to buy clothes made from recycled fabrics. These clothes will be both durable as well as sustainable and environment-friendly.

7. Reusable Bread Bag

When you want to buy bread, you might wonder why a plastic bag is included in the set of items the store offers you. This is not necessary. You can use your own reusable bags and foil or containers.

You can even find special bread bags that have been designed specifically to make it easy to carry bread and save on plastic use.

8. Reusable Coffee Cups

We all love drinking coffee. It makes us feel energetic, alert, and ready to tackle any challenges that come our way. However, we should try and reduce the number of coffee cups we use.

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There are many alternatives to disposable coffee cups available in the market or online. You can either get a cup made from glass or a travel mug which can hold your coffee and keep it warm as you chase your dreams.

Reusable coffee cups

9.  Recycled and Recyclable Cutlery

There is a lot to say about reusable cutlery. They are a great way to reduce waste and are cost-effective, too, and great green product examples

The first thing that people think about when it comes to reusable cutlery is the feeling of satisfaction they will have knowing that they have consciously taken an action to save the planet. The next thing they think of is how much money they are saving by not buying plastic or metal cutlery.

Reusable cutlery a green product example

10. Recycled Plastic Toothbrush

When we think about plastic, the first thing that comes to mind is plastic bags. Yet, plastic toothbrushes come under the category of plastic as well.

This is a major reason why we should all buy toothbrushes with bristles made from recycled materials instead of buying regular brands. This can save you numerous accidents as well as help our planet by reducing the amount of waste we produce each day. Buying a toothbrush made from recycled materials will help the environment in many ways.

11. Eco Computer Accessories

We are fond of using our personal computers and laptops for a great many things. Whether it’s work or pleasure, there is nothing that we cannot do with one of these amazing devices.

However, all the electronic devices we use have certain negative effects on the environment that can impact both humans and animals. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy computer accessories that are made from sustainable materials and can minimize those problems.

It is not necessary that you go from one eco-friendly product to another. It is up to you to decide what steps you can take to save the environment one product at a time. If everyone starts doing their part, then together we can change the world for the better for future generations!

Eco friendly computer accessories

12. Rechargeable Batteries

More and more people are now switching to rechargeable batteries as they are far more environment-friendly. As battery manufacturers increase their production capacities, the effects of the pollution caused by disposable batteries will lessen.

It is a good idea to buy rechargeable batteries when it comes to electronic devices such as torches, remote controls, radios, etc. 

13. Cloth Napkins

Everybody knows the importance of having napkins. Yet, most people make use of disposable napkins. This is a big mistake.

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Napkins are a part of your kitchen set and they need to be handled with care. They are a decisive factor in making your home look beautiful, tidy, and neat.

The best way to go about your days is to switch from disposable napkins to cloth ones.

14. Energy Saving Appliances

These days, most of the gadgets that we use in our homes such as TVs, air conditioners, and refrigerators are energy efficient.

However, our TV sets consume a lot of power. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider buying an energy-saving TV set along with its accessories such as DVD players and gaming consoles.

Energy saving appliances

15. Recycled Pens and Pencils

Businessmen and students need pens or pencils to take notes down or to draft out plans for meetings. Most people buy regular pens and pencils when they are in need of them.

However, there are eco-friendly pens and pencils available in the market or online that you can purchase. It is a matter of switching to the right kind of pens when it is necessary.

16. Recycled Paper Products

The process of producing paper requires a lot of energy and water in addition to other resources such as minerals, trees, and dung to produce pulp. All this means that paper has a negative impact on the environment.

This makes recycled paper products very good green product examples.

The Takehome

The products we use every day have an impact on the environment. As consumers, we should try and make it a habit to always buy eco-friendly products so that our planet can continue to support us in all its activities.

The best way to start is by making a conscious effort to only buy eco-friendly products every time you go shopping. You can save money while reducing the impact of waste on our fragile ecosystem and ensure a clean healthy life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Are there green product examples you use today not mentioned in the blog? Feel free to comment below.

Be part of the change today.

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