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eco-friendly toothbrush

An eco-friendly toothbrush is made from recyclable plastic or sustainable materials like bamboo. Additionally, they are frequently packed in biodegradable or recyclable materials. This implies that you may dispose of it by simply throwing it in the compost pile, where it will decompose on its own.

According to National Geographic research from 2019, 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded yearly in the US alone. 50 million pounds of plastic garbage are produced as a result, some of which wind up in landfills or, worse, in vast bodies of water or other delicate ecosystems.

A typical toothbrush comprises nylon bristles and a polypropylene or polyethylene plastic mold. Nylon composts in 40 to 50 years, the quickest of the three materials. This implies that every single plastic toothbrush produced since 2000 is still in its entirety somewhere on the surface of the globe.

We need to transition to eco-friendly toothbrushes and brands to reduce this plastic accumulation while enhancing our quality of life, keeping sustainability and oral hygiene in mind. Because they are made of harmful substances, plastic toothbrushes are dangerous to the environment. 

A trend toward sustainable living has led to substituting a sustainable toothbrush for a regular toothbrush, lessening the environmental impact.

Changing to an eco-friendly toothbrush is a beautiful place to start if you want to make your bathroom routine a bit more environmentally friendly.

Is Toothbrush harmful to the environment?

Most of us brush our teeth in a manner that suggests the answer is indisputable yes. The modern plastic toothbrush is made up entirely of petroleum-based materials. It is not feasible to continue producing and using toothbrushes made of non-renewable and non-biodegradable materials.

In many respects, plastic toothbrushes represent the throwaway society that emerged in the early 20th century. Plastic toothbrushes are only used for three months before being thrown away, yet they remain in the environment for a very long time. 

The first plastic toothbrushes were created in the 1930s, and according to Buffington’s forecast, they will remain in use and be famous for around 100 years (from 1930 to 2030)

This subject is covered in a 2018 book by American management professor Jack Buffington. According to Buffington, Peak Plastic is when using plastic will no longer have a net positive social benefit relative to its negative environmental cost. According to Buffington, Peak plastic will reach by 2030, which is not far from now.

We have noticed a rise in the popularity of bamboo and bioplastic-made toothbrushes over the past ten years. One such item that has come to represent the zero waste movement is the bamboo toothbrush.

Bamboo Eco-friendly Toothbrush

A highly well-liked solution to the plastic dilemma is using bamboo to replace most plastic garbage. When looking for a plastic-free toothbrush, bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent option. 

Anyone who wishes to adopt a sustainable dental care practice can opt for a green bamboo toothbrush, which is incredibly affordable. The toothbrushes are constructed of Moso bamboo and are marketed as panda-friendly because no pesticides or fertilizers were used in their manufacture. 

Due to its rapid growth and high CO2 to O2 conversion ratio, it is also a fantastic choice. Nylon 4 is used to form the bristles, and while it decomposes somewhat more quickly than Nylon 6, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. 

To address this, heat-treated bamboo is incorporated into the bristles, so they still degrade to nothing after being thrown away. The dental care company offers kid and adult-size brushes and soft, medium, and hard bristle hardnesses. The brushes come in natural colors but may be customized with writing or drawings, making them a fantastic option for kids’ bamboo toothbrushes.

Here are a few bamboo-based eco-friendly toothbrush choices available on the market, totally or partially.

Benefits Of Using an Eco-friendly Toothbrush

Like a plastic toothbrush, an eco-friendly toothbrush can assist you in maintaining good dental health. In actuality, switching to an eco-friendly toothbrush has several advantages.

Outlined below are several advantages of using eco-friendly toothbrushes.

Eco-friendly substitute

An eco-friendly toothbrush is one made of bamboo. Once you’re done using them, you may use them for other inventive tasks around your home, and they are entirely biodegradable.

Nevertheless, before getting inventive, remove the nylon bristles and put them in your plastic recycling bin. Additionally, depending on what you put in your compost bin when you decide to rid your toothbrush, it could take anywhere from 4 to 6 months to decompose.

Additionally, you can also:

  • Put it to use as fireplace fuel.
  • Use your neighborhood commercial composter to dispose of it.
  • Please put it in your backyard or a potted plant.

Cut less on plastic trash.

According to a recent study, bamboo toothbrushes have the most negligible adverse environmental effects compared to conventional plastic toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes because of the nature of the bamboo plant.

When bamboo handles are used instead of plastic ones, less plastic waste is generated when toothbrushes are thrown away.

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Bamboo is one of the plants that grow the fastest. Thus the process of producing bamboo toothbrushes may be effective. There will be less air pollution when the brush is made since it is sustainable and renewable. Furthermore, bamboo can never run out since it can be replanted.

Safe and soft nylon bristles

Soft nylon bristles included in bamboo toothbrushes serve to provide you with a soothing brushing experience. Consequently, brushing has a negligible influence on your gums and enamel.

Therefore, the bristles may be taken off whenever you’re ready to throw your brush away, and they are suitable for all ages. Additionally, bamboo toothbrushes are available in various colors and sizes for children and adults.

Cleans your teeth

Bamboo toothbrushes can still provide your teeth the dental care they require since they include soft nylon bristles. It will still provide the same advantages as a plastic toothbrush while being a more environmentally friendly choice.

Many studies describe how charcoal is used as a stain remover to clean and whiten teeth, and when you look at the firms that have activated bristles bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal infusion, you can see this. 

Because it is so harsh and abrasive on teeth, charcoal powder has received much criticism from the general public and professionals. It also seems to be something of a trend right now. The mild removal of stains from the surface of your teeth by charcoal-infused activated bristles is a gentle teeth-whitening method.

To keep your mouth healthy, dentists advise you to continue brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once daily. Here are a few bamboo-based eco-friendly toothbrush choices available on the market, totally or partially.

7 Bamboo Eco-friendly Toothbrush

Now that you are knowledgeable about eco-friendly toothbrushes, what should you look for in one? Here are seven toothbrush companies that are worth giving a try.

1. The Environmental Toothbrush

This fair trade, vegan-friendly, and BPA-free bamboo toothbrush is available. Local Chinese farmers cultivate the Moso bamboo used to make the handle. The bamboo is grown for three to five years, after which it is harvested and allowed to grow sustainably with little harm to the environment. 

The bamboo is then carbonized using heat to stop the development of microorganisms on it. It is safe for dental care since the bristles are constructed of a BPA-free nylon polymer solid and resistant to bacteria development.

Adult and kid sizes and soft and medium brush variants are available for the brushes. Unless you request differently, the company distributes soft bristle brushes following dentist guidelines.

2. IssHah Bamboo Toothbrush

Isshaa bamboo eco-friendly toothbrush

One of the most fantastic substitutes for regular toothbrushes is the Isshah sustainable toothbrush, which has a smooth, heat-treated bamboo handle that is water and splinter-resistant. Natural bamboo that is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free is available.

The bristles are constructed of BPA-free nylon and include activated charcoal that aids tooth whitening and microbial clearance for better oral health. Although the entire package is biodegradable, you must remove the bamboo toothbrush handle from the bristles before placing it in your household composter.

3. Mabboo Bamboo Toothbrush

The bamboo toothbrush from Mabboo was cultivated responsibly.

Its entirely biodegradable wrapper successfully reflects the product’s brown hue and simple design. Although the bristles are rounded and composed of nylon, they must still be removed before disposing of the handle. The toothbrush is vegan-friendly and devoid of cruelty, as Pandas do not often eat bamboo.

4. The Humble Co, Humble Brush

The Humble brush is a socially and eco-friendly toothbrush. Dental specialists created the brushes to provide the most excellent care for your teeth while being kind to your gums.

The bamboo handles may be put into a home composting bin, responsibly sourced, and 100% biodegradable.

The brush is equipped with DuPont Nylon bristles. While maintaining their aesthetic appeal, they are made to remove plaque, clean between teeth, and be comfortable for the gums. They may be customized because they come in a range of colors. The bristles should be recycled separately, while the handle may be completely biodegraded.

5. WooBamboo Bamboo Toothbrush

Moso bamboo, cultivated and harvested legally and ecologically, is used to make Woobamboo brushes. To uphold ethical and quality standards, the bamboo handles are smooth and covered in vegan-friendly wax. 

The high-quality dental-grade nylon bristles provide the ideal oral care solution for your dental routine. The bristles are not glued to the handle, making it very simple to detach them when discarding them.

WooBamboo, a company that strives to be plastic-negative, donates a portion of its money from selling toothbrushes to help remove plastic waste from hazardous areas and aquatic environments.

6. Green Eco Dream Bamboo Toothbrush

You can brush your teeth and the environment with little more than a Green Eco bamboo toothbrush. This bamboo toothbrush is an excellent replacement for the plastic or traditional toothbrushes that are stacking up in landfills since it is constructed of 100% bio-based bristles that are USDA certified. It is natural and vegan-certified, as well as non-toxic and BPA-free.

Its handle is made entirely of organic bamboo, and its bristles are entirely made of castor bean oil. Bristles and handles may both be composted.

7. EcoRoots Natural Toothbrush

The materials used to make EcoRoots natural toothbrushes are ethically sourced. You can now get four sets of this bamboo toothbrush from Eco Roots, which is good for the environment and your teeth. The bristles have charcoal in them, and charcoal is a natural material that works wonders for removing dirt and stains.

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Eco Roots is animal-friendly since the bristles are made of recyclable nylon. The natural toothbrush is 100 percent biodegradable, antibacterial, antifungal, and vegan. The toothbrush is made by the cruelty-free company EcoRoot, which also creates non-toxic and BPA-free items.

Having seen a few brands of eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes, let’s see some eco-friendly electric toothbrushes.

Eco-friendly Electric Toothbrush

What is an eco-friendly electric Toothbrush?

Eco-friendly electric toothbrushes make an effort to use less energy and trash. These rechargeable lithium-ion toothbrushes are, therefore, more energy-efficient and last longer before needing a recharge or new rechargeable batteries. 

They typically achieve this by being lighter and having fewer features. The brush heads of eco-friendly toothbrushes also don’t need to be changed all that frequently. The interchangeable heads are recyclable or made from an environmentally friendly material, such as bamboo, as they become worn out.

What makes an electric toothbrush eco-friendly?

To find the best eco-friendly electric toothbrush, check out the following:

  • Materials that are strong and sustainable
  • Recyclable packaging
  • The choice to utilize rechargeable batteries or a long-lasting charge
  • A timer that prevents you from using more electricity than is necessary for a parent company that has a recycling program or bold sustainability objectives

Since you know what to look for in an eco-friendly electric toothbrush, here are some top choices that meet most of the requirements listed above.

1. Etee bamboo Electric Toothbrush

The bamboo electric toothbrush is just one of Etee’s eco-friendly bathroom accessories that will win your heart. The electric toothbrush has a modern appearance and a body that is 100% recyclable. 

It offers a professional-grade clean and has numerous cleaning settings and built-in timers. You only need to charge it monthly, and it comes with a matching micro-USB charging cord.

In addition, it comes with three toothbrush heads that can be changed out and have bristles made of bamboo and castor oil. So, 98% of the heads may be composted!

Use pliers to remove the bristles once the head has served its purpose, and then throw the bamboo head into your compost bin after purchasing a new set of heads.

The best part is that you won’t need to remember to order the heads when you join the easy subscription plan. Every six months, they send straight to you at a discounted price to help you save money!

2. PearlBar Bamboo Sonic Electric Toothbrush

You receive everything you need to begin brushing responsibly with this PearlBar bamboo sonic electric toothbrush. The brush polishes your teeth and swiftly and effectively removes dirt using sonic vibrations.

You can pick the precise sort of cleaning you need thanks to its five cleaning modes and three strength levels.

There are also three bamboo brush heads with various bristle kinds, each wrapped in biodegradable packaging. Select the bristle type you wish to use and attach it to the toothbrush to get going.

The Tynex bristle head provides exceptional plaque removal, the spiral bristle head is perfect for teeth and gums that are sensitive, and the charcoal head aids in the natural whitening of teeth. You may swap out your current head for one of the replacement heads when it becomes worn out.

3. FOREO ISSA 3 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

This FOREO ISSA silicone electric toothbrush is still a more eco-friendly alternative if you’re unsure about using bamboo as a toothbrush. The toothbrush is free of phthalates and BPA since it is constructed of medical-grade silicone.

The battery lasts an incredible 365 days with just a 2-hour charge. (You read it right, a whole year!) Saving time and money in this way is quite beneficial. The brush also has 16 customizable intensities with an intelligent memory function, a built-in timer, a travel lock, and other features.

Compared to plastic bristles, replacement brush heads are more flexible, durable, and sanitary. On the opposite side, they also have a tongue and cheek cleaner to clean the entire mouth. Additionally, you have to replace them every six months.

Even a silicone sonic toothbrush for children is available from FOREO ISSA; it comes in vibrant colors and is the ideal size for tiny mouths.

4. Briut Essentials Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

With the Briut Essentials bamboo electric toothbrush, you can achieve your sustainability objectives and get a healthier smile. The toothbrush is packaged without plastic and contains a USB wire and charging station.

3 bamboo toothbrush heads with soft and medium bristles are also included. The heads are laced with charcoal to help whiten your teeth and give you a more thorough clean.

The waterproof toothbrush includes a 2-minute timer and five cleaning modes. One charge gives you access for more than 30 days, saving you both time and money.

5. Georganics Eco-friendly Sonic Toothbrush

The eco-friendly qualities of the Georganics sonic toothbrush set it apart from other toothbrushes. Georganics adheres to a zero landfill policy, making it safe for the environment and your teeth. 

It is a practical approach to keeping your teeth and the environment clean. Customers who participate in the program may return any used brush heads to the business for recycling, preventing any plastic from ever ending up in landfills.

This service is quite handy, especially for people who live in the UK.

6. Sustainable Tomorrow Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

This bamboo electric toothbrush from Sustainable Tomorrow contains zero waste packing and delivery materials, and all of the design components are recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.

The brush includes three strength settings and five cleaning modes, from sensitive to whitening, so you can precisely tailor your brushing regimen to meet your needs.

Because of the exceptionally extended battery life, you may go up to a month without charging, which saves you both money and energy. As soon as you receive your toothbrush, you will be set for a whole year since you also receive four different heads, each of which lasts up to 3 months.

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Bristles consisting of castor seed oil and bamboo are used in the replacement heads. Although you can’t refer to them as biodegradable since they take more than three months to decompose, they will biodegrade in around six months.

This makes them far better and more eco-friendly than plastic bristles made from petroleum. These replacement heads are ideal after the original heads have served their purpose.

To help keep your toothbrush safe and hygienic when traveling, you may also purchase this bamboo travel box.

7. Electric Bamboo Toothbrush

This stylish electric sonic toothbrush includes three interchangeable bamboo brush heads made of natural bamboo and plant-based bristles. It also includes three cleaning speeds and five cleaning settings for a thorough cleaning that aids in removing plaque and polishing teeth.

A single charge can power more than 80 cycles, and the 2-minute timer and 30-second change zone reminder ensure you don’t waste energy brushing your teeth.

Dispose of the bamboo head when it becomes worn out and swap it out for one of these suitable replacement heads.

Types of Eco-Toothbrush Heads

The three primary toothbrush head types seen in eco-friendly toothbrushes are Recyclable plastic, Cornstarch, and Bamboo. Each of these materials has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a quick look at these materials.

Bamboo Toothbrush Head

There is a widespread perception that bamboo is very ecologically friendly. It also benefits manual toothbrushes. However, we can’t use it for everything because the planet is only so giant. Land and water are just insufficient on the earth.

These handcrafted heads may be composted without the bristles. Due to consumer input, the manufacturer has improved the shine and fit to make them more comfortable.

Thus, an electric toothbrush with a bamboo head is highly regarded. However, it must be put to the best use feasible. But because they carry germs, this is restricted. Additionally, the bristles must be removed before composting them.

Corn starch Toothbrush Head

Electric toothbrush heads made of corn starch do not decompose as well as most people think. However, only those close to a recycling program should choose these. 

Bioplastics made of Cornstarch instead of petroleum are less polluting as they degrade since they are created from carbon-absorbing plants.

Recyclable plastic Toothbrush Head

Recyclable toothbrush heads are an excellent alternative for those near where plastic toothbrush heads are recycled. However, if these must be transported worldwide, as some of them do, then the little amount of travel they need renders them an excellent idea.

The packaging is another factor. There are recyclable plastic ones that are packaged in recyclable non-plastic materials. The recyclable heads of many well-known brands, however, do not. Therefore, choosing between recyclable and corn plastic depends on which recycler is nearest to your home.

According to Oral-B’s recycling program, any replaceable head for an electric toothbrush can be made into an eco-friendly toothbrush head. 

The same study deemed electric toothbrushes “fairly horrifying” and also concluded that bamboo toothbrushes were not as environmentally friendly as recycled plastic toothbrushes. This means you shouldn’t feel too bad about purchasing plastic heads as long as you recycle them.

Ways to make electric toothbrushes last

Electric eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush

1. Purchase an electric toothbrush of good caliber right away.

2. use the toothbrush’s included charger.

3. Properly store the toothbrush

4. Consistently clean the toothbrush

5. Replace new heads only as required

How should I dispose of my used toothbrushes?

The best approach to get rid of a conventional plastic toothbrush is to send it to the Terracycle® Oral Care Takeback program. If not, plastic toothbrushes will probably wind up in a landfill (if you reside in a Western nation) or a canal, landfill, or open environment (if you live in a developing country). 

A stunning 91% of the plastic we put in recycling bins is sadly not truly recycled. This indicates that a plastic toothbrush you throw away will likely end up in the environment as garbage.

Furthermore, given the long history of plastic toothbrushes, it’s quite conceivable that a distant relative of yours may come into contact with one of your old toothbrushes in the future.

The biodegradable bamboo handle of a bamboo toothbrush may be composted. And you may throw away the toothbrush bristles into your compost if you bought the Brush with Bamboo 100% biodegradable toothbrush.


An eco-friendly toothbrush is a fantastic way to keep the environment and your teeth clean. Because they are constructed of compostable and biodegradable materials, they are safe for the environment and effectively remove tough stains and filth. 

Electric toothbrushes made with less energy are not flawless. But because they generate less waste over time, buying an electric toothbrush is healthier for the environment than a conventional manual toothbrush.

Because several are available, you must know which eco-friendly and biodegradable toothbrush best suits your demands and financial constraints.

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