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This is the company logo of Freedom Forever solar energy company.

Given the environmental challenges we are experiencing, we need to shift toward more renewable energy sources. More people need to adopt smart, local, renewable energy as soon as possible. A way to do this is by using solar power.

One of the companies providing such solar energy services is Freedom Forever. Freedom Forever is an American household solar power firm that has a quick growth rate. They provide residential solar installation services and operate in up to 25 states in the United States.

Please keep reading to learn more about Freedom Forever solar, the owner and their installation services.

What Is Freedom Forever?

Freedom Forever is a renewable energy company.

Freedom Forever was established in 2011 to offer individuals an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to meet their energy demands. “Brighten the planet with solar energy today, tomorrow, and forever” is the company’s stated mission.

The company is recognized as a client-focused, service-oriented business with exceptional services that give customers faith in the dependability of their home solar systems. One of the outstanding services is the 25-year performance guarantee which makes them different from other solar companies. 

This guarantee means that Freedom Forever will maintain your residential solar system for the duration of its life at no additional cost. Additionally, if the system breaks down, they will personally pay the electricity cost for each day it needs repair.

Apart from the company’s effectiveness in providing top-notch energy solutions, their services are also affordable.

They collaborate with independent, accredited dealers knowledgeable about solar and the regions Freedom Forever operates in. The company also tries to educate homeowners on all aspects through its online learning center.

This also includes educating their viewers or prospective customers through educational blogs, downloadable materials, and its solar academy. 

They also produced a 30-minute infomercial, which has enlightened thousands of households on the advantages of going solar. They also have a podcast where they interview activists, CEOs, and solar business professionals about the ins and outs of the solar sector.

Freedom Forever has also been included in the INC 500’s list of fastest-growing companies. In the previous years, they have expanded their branch from 5 states to 25 states.

They are Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Freedom Forever also provides solar leases, power purchase agreements, and solar panels for sale (PPAs).

With Freedom Forever’s objective of simplifying solar, most reviews point to an easy, quick, and efficient installation process.

About The Owner and His Insights

This is Brett Bouchy, the CEO of Freedom Forever.

Brett Bouchy is the CEO of the rapidly expanding solar energy company Freedom Forever. He lives in Temecula, California. He has an impressive background in growing firms across various industries.

He has also been a successful private equity executive. His liking for companies that combine social good with a wise investment drew him to the solar industry.

His dedication to a distinctive vision for renewable enterprises has helped the company grow into one of America’s fastest-growing firms. His dedication is also driven by unmatched service, partnership with homeowners, and a love for green energy solutions. 

When he founded Freedom Forever, his mission was to ensure that many households had access to clean, dependable solar energy. He was aware that this would necessitate rapid growth.

And to accomplish that, he ensured he had the right team. The company’s team and culture are one of the features that sets the business apart from others.

In previous interviews, Brett Brouchy gave insights on how his business runs. He has stated that making wise decisions on where to place the company has also helped its rapid development.

Although solar energy is rapidly expanding, it isn’t used uniformly nationwide. He recognizes that states just getting interested in solar energy are prime for growth. 

He hopes that as solar energy systems become more accessible, homeowners can significantly reduce their power costs. This will lead to an increase in the value of such homes. He hopes homeowners realize that there is a practical, economic benefit to solar energy.

What sets Freedom Forever apart from the rest of the residential solar sector

Freedom Forever is one of the best solar companies you can find in the US.

Freedom Forever recognized that the residential solar energy sector was not fully operational. In many instances, installers misled homeowners into purchasing plans that were not in their best interests or employed defective components, leaving many early adopters of solar energy with a bad taste.

With this in mind, they offer a special 25-year production guarantee on their systems. This is to ensure that homeowners receive the value they were promised. They would perform all necessary maintenance for the lifetime of the solar system.

In addition, they will reimburse homeowners for any grid power they must use if their system malfunctions or needs repair within these 25 years. This will make the homeowners to be assured that they will always save money on their electricity bills.

Installation and Services Provided By Freedom Forever

Freedom Forever Solar aims to make solar installation for households as simple as possible. It concentrates on simplicity in its clean energy services by only providing installations of solar panels and backup batteries. The actual installations are done by approved partner companies, which may vary by area.

Depending on your region, there are many types of solar panels available. The installation is as follows;

  1. Supply basic details like address, monthly energy costs, and credit score to get a free quote.
  2. Following receipt of the quote, if you decide to proceed, Freedom Forever will prepare a comprehensive proposal that includes your unique system design. In addition, it depicts the system’s appearance and projected energy savings over its lifetime. Make sure to mention that local and state solar subsidies are considered in the proposal.
  3. Forever Solar promises to take care of all licenses, interconnection contracts, and other consents necessary for a solar installation in your area.
  4. If necessary, Freedom Forever will sign you up with your utility company’s net metering program throughout the permitting process.
  5. The installation occurs once net metering agreements and permits are secured. Accredited partner businesses normally complete installations with Freedom Forever in a single day.
  6. You will need to turn on your system for inspection that day. The city and your electric provider will probably want inspections after implementing the system. Both will be scheduled and supervised by Freedom Forever. You’ll be able to turn on your system once you pass both inspections.

The company also has a unique customer portal. It is a private online dashboard that keeps track of your project’s progress and shows it to you whenever you choose. 

How does Freedom Forever facilitate solar energy installation for homeowners?

Freedom Forever offers a variety of flexible financing options, some of which require no down payment. You don’t have to bother about payment until your system starts producing electricity. Once your new system is operational, you’ll enjoy years of reduced electricity costs.

With Freedom Forever’s rooftop solar power systems, you are assured that your dreadful utility costs are a thing of the past. 

Financing Selections Available From Freedom Forever

Customers can choose between four solar financing options from Forever Solar:

I. Cash Purchase

You can pay for Freedom solae services using cash.

The most long-term value is obtained when you buy your solar system outright. One early payment lowers loan costs and interest, enabling you to repay the loan faster.

Furthermore, solar panels increase the value of your house and qualify you for the solar tax credit. Homeowners who pay cash will eventually receive the greatest return on their investment.

ii. Home Solar Loan 

You can get Freedom Forever solar through loans.

The company collaborates with independent loan providers to offer financial support for solar energy purchases. You can still benefit from system ownership with a solar loan. You can also keep your eligibility for tax breaks, rebates, and increased property value.

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iii. Solar Lease

You can rent your solar panels from Freedom Forever by making monthly payments. Typically, leasing expenses are 20% lesser when compared to what you would pay for electricity from the grid.

Although you lose out on several important advantages of system ownership, such as tax credits, rebates, and an increase in your property value, you can still profit from energy savings.

iv. Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs)

PPAs are similar to solar leases because you can pay monthly. With PPAs, you agree to pay a predetermined monthly fee for solar panels’ electricity. You are not renting the panels outright. PPAs are the least advisable.

What is the price of A Freedom Forever Solar?

The typical solar system cost even from one provider might be difficult to estimate because costs can differ greatly based on your state, roof, utility and electric bills. The use of solar leases by Freedom Forever is largely responsible for the company’s growth.

Although switching to renewable energy can be done at a low upfront cost by leasing panels, buying panels offers the best long-term return. 


Freedom Forever is one of the market’s most prosperous new solar businesses. It manages a huge service area and a significant number of installations.

Therefore, if you are considering installing a solar panel, Freedom Forever is one of the best suppliers. They have a reputation for being an efficient and an affordable solar energy provider. 

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