About Us

Climate Real Talk is an environmental-focused publisher that is devoted to spreading environmental-conscious behavior across the globe by publishing new information on our website. Climate Real Talk has its roots in the world of climate science, engineering, and policy.

Our mission is ambitious: “to promote a broad, deep understanding of our global environment and to apply sound science for its protection”. As part of this mission, Climate Real Talk aims to better inform public opinion about the risk posed by climate change.
The site features articles about the causes of the climate crisis, technological and political solutions, as well as an up-to-date collection of charts and data about the current state of our climate.

Our site aims at being popular but does not shy away from providing scientific sources for each argument made.

In addition to its content, Climate Real Talk is also trying to promote green behavior by hosting a contest for inventing climate-friendly gadgets and models. The results will be shared on their website. The selected gadgets will be showcased on other green blogs, magazines, and websites.

Finally, they provide a resource center where contributors can use the tools provided by the site, such as their guest authorship and our youtube channel to feature like-minded individuals who want to get a word out.

Make sure to check our articles to learn more about your environment.