23 Sustainable Baby Products Every Eco-Conscious Parent Should Use


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Reviewed by Godfrey Ogbo

Ergobaby, Etee wraps, Mon Coeur Clothes, Tubby Toad, and Green Toys are some of the best sustainable baby products in the world.

Babies are bundles of joy, warmth, and sheer cuteness, a blessing to every family. However, babies are creatures that are at risk of getting hurt by almost anything, which makes managing them a hassle for every new mother out there. 

Every mother wants their child to grow up in a safe, clean, and non-toxic world, which is why more and more parents have been leaning towards sustainable baby products instead of the conventional ones that they are used to.

For this article, we reviewed the best sustainable baby products in the market out there and made a list of the best 23. These products are sustainable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic to the environment. 

They are made from naturally sourced raw materials, and the brands producing them maintain a fair and ethical worker treatment ethos.

23 Best Sustainable Baby Products In The World

Sustainable Baby Products

1. Modibodi Reusable Nappy 4-Pack

This nappy set is a lifesaver for parents with a busy schedule. It is virtually stain-free, requires no extra detergents or soaking, and just needs you to send it into the washing machine. 

It’s made from comfortable, non-toxic materials, it’s cheap, and it is very comfortable for the body of your baby. 

2. Dyper Viscose Baby Diapers

Bamboo is a miracle plant that is used in the production of many organic products in the world, and in this case, it’s the primary raw material used in the making of these diapers.

The diapers are highly absorbent, hypoallergenic, and are easily disposable; they are also biodegradable and do not accumulate in refuse dumps like nylon diapers.

3. Newton Baby Mattress

If you are looking for where to get recyclable and washable mattresses for your baby cot, then Newton Baby is the deal. This mattress is easily one of the best sustainable baby products out there. 

The mattress is made without harmful and potentially toxic materials like glue, latex foam, etc., and is instead replaced with clean and sustainable materials. 

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The brand is fiercely committed to climate action and has a lofty goal of removing 1 million pounds of plastic and waste from the oceans by 2027.

4. Miracle® 360° Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Made by Munchkin, this is definitely one of the best sustainable baby products out there and a product that truly deserves to be a part of this list. 

It has a genius design with a rim that allows your baby to drink without spilling the liquids and to crown it all; the bottle is not made of plastic and, as such, does not contribute to climate change and the climate crisis in any way.

5. Sudocrem Naturals Nappy Cream

This cream is made from 96% organic materials and contains amazing natural products like apricot, mango butter, etc. The cream is mild on the skin, moisturizes, and is in no way an irritant to the skin. It is vegan-friendly and has been extensively tested by dermatologists.

6. Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Baby Wipes

These wipes are one of the best sustainable baby products out there. They are completely biodegradable, compostable, and are not irritant to any skin, even baby skin. They are infused with 1% aloe and fruit extract, which gives them a fresh smell to the nose.

7. Philips Avent Glass Natural Baby Bottle

There is a massive hate for plastics nowadays, and the haste is justified; they are non-biodegradable, they vlog up space on land, they remove toxic fumes when burnt, and if the liquid is stored in them, the microplastics could leach into the liquid, which is why you definitely don’t want your baby’s bottle to be plastic. The baby bottle is cheap, affordable, and looks nice.

8. Tubby Todd Skincare

With its cute name, this is one of the best sustainable baby products in the entire world. All the products of this brand are made from organic and eco-friendly products. 

The brand contributes significantly to climate impact projects and takes climate action seriously. This is highly recommendable to new mothers.

9. Natursutten Pacifier

Made from 100% rubber latex, this pacifier removes the risk factor of your baby sucking and ingesting microplastics from the tip of normal pacifiers. This makes your baby’s feeding 100% safe.

10 Organic Cotton Muslin Cloths

Muslin is a lifesaver, one that every mom needs. It can serve the purpose of an impromptu napkin, blanket, or anything you need. 

Most moms have testified online on its durability as it’s one of the best sustainable baby products ever made.

11. Nimble Cloth Nappy Detergent

Most detergents are a huge NO for moms. The effect of detergents can be a source of irritation to a baby’s skin, and they want to avoid it. 

This particular detergent is different; it’s suitable for washing nappies, it’s very gentle on baby skin, and it’s also very cheap and easy to get in the market. 

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The cleaning effect of this product is really lovely; it is something every mom should have in their home.

12. Bamboobies Women’s Nursing Pads

Made to be reusable to reduce costs, these nursing pads are some of the best sustainable baby products ever made. The nursing pads don’t contribute to the waste and dumping of plastics in landfills, and it’s recommended for ladies.

13. Melissa and Doug Toys

This is one of the few brands on this list that the entire production and supply line is certified as carbon neutral. 

The toys they make are built to last and can take quite a beating from the kids that will play with them. 

The brand is also committed to the climate crisis and plants a lot of trees in this respect. It also plans to start using sustainable packaging from the end of this year.

14. Etee Wraps

Etee Wraps is one of the most popular companies that produce baby products, and it produces wraps that can be used to wrap and take food anywhere. 

The wraps are long-lasting and reusable and can take up to 150 wraps before they get worn out. The wraps are biodegradable and made completely from organic raw materials.

15. Bamboo Weaning Bowls and Plates

Weaning babies is stressful and chaotic as they try to get used to solid food served on plates. That’s a good time for you to get these bamboo spoons and plates. 

This product is definitely one of the best sustainable baby products in the world, and because it’s made from bamboo, it’s free from harmful chemicals and other stuff that might harm the baby.

16. Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

Although a bit pricey, this chair is worth it. It is produced from wood that was ethically sourced and not a product of deforestation. The chairs are long lasting and look cute in your child’s room.

17. Force of Nature Multipurpose Cleaner, Disinfectant & Deodorizer

Babies are messy, and because they are prone to diseases, it’s imperative to clean and disinfect their environment well. This disinfectant is made from natural materials like salt and vinegar and can be used anywhere in the home.

18. Mon Coeur Clothes

This brand aims to provide you with affordable and eco-friendly clothes for your babies that don’t harm the planet in any way. All their clothes are made from recycled materials, and they aim to become a zero-waste company. 

The brand is also partnered with so many institutes that take positive and practical actions to address climate change.

19. WeeSprout Kids Divided Plates

When it comes to baby products we all cherish and love, Wee Sprout Kids Divided Plates is one of the best sustainable baby products in the entire world. They give you a stress-free way of separating your child’s food and possibly teach him how to handle more than one-course meals. 

The plates are non-toxic, FDA-approved, and contain no plastic components. It is highly recommended If you are truly looking for safe and eco-friendly plating options for your child, and they take their goals quite seriously.

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20. Organic Cotton Cot Bedding

Babies sleeping peacefully is a source of joy to most parents; it gives them a sense of relief, but babies are pretty picky in what they define as comfortable, and the bedding of the cot is very important to achieve that. 

This organic cotton cot bedding has been proven by various mothers to be one of the most comfortable options for their kids as it’s made from cotton. 

Also, it’s completely free from any synthetic products, and contributes to waste. It is biodegradable, breathable, and warm to keep your baby snug. It is a much better option than the nylon or non-organic options that are out there.

21. Green Toys

This is the next toy company on the list, and it is competing for being one of the best sustainable baby products in the world. 

All their products are made from 100% recycled materials, from the toys themselves to the packaging the toys come in. The company has a very strict code towards waste and practices that are not sustainable, and it raises a red flag for this. 

The Company claims to have recycled over 150 million milk jugs to-date to use in its products and plans to do even more. They are a household name in the toy business.

22. Bears for Humanity

Babies love stuffed animals; we can’t question that fact, and it gives parents joy to see their children’s eyes light up at the sight of their favorite plushy. 

Bears for Humanity is a company that lives for that moment; they pioneered the science of producing eco-friendly stuffed animals that are safe and sustainable for you to buy. 

They use 100% organic cotton in all their products, and the plushies are hypoallergenic. They also donate a hefty portion of their profits and quite a lot of their plushies to kids in need all around the world.

23. Ergobaby

Last but definitely not least, it brings us to Ergobaby, a baby carrier maker that has made a name for itself as being one of the best sustainable baby products in the world. 

Their products are made from recycled bottles and polyester yarn to make sure the carriers are sustainable; the company also allows people to donate their old carriers, which are then converted into eco-friendly and sustainable carriers. 

The brand is made to be extremely committed to reducing its carbon footprint and takes a lot of time to strategize on practical actions in this regard.


To all the parents who read this, we understand your concerns and the fear you have towards making sure that your babies are well taken care of, and we hope this article is helpful.

You can check out some of the companies or brands listed in the article for more sustainable products.

Thank you so much for reading our article.

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