19 Eco-Friendly Car Care Products Every Green Driver Needs Now!


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Some eco-friendly car care products are Fivejoy Car Cleaning Gels, BIOHY Car Shampoo, Zirconite Nano Shampoo, ENJO Car Glove, Bamboo Brushes, etc.

Cars are very important products in our lives; in fact, they should probably be classified as a part of the family at this point. There are around one billion cars in use worldwide, and the number is increasing drastically. 

However, it must be noted that a significant reason for the climate crisis, the pollution of the environment, and the increase in allergies is the existence of cars. All these will be solved when the world transitions completely to electric cars, but till then, we can do our best by reducing the effect by using eco-friendly car care products for cleaning our cars.

Cars are already a hunk of pollution; if you are not using electric ones, let’s not contribute more to that by using toxic products to clean our cars. When I say toxic, I mean those cleaning solutions that contaminate water bodies when disposed of and lots more like that. 

In this list, we compiled a list of 19 eco-friendly car care products that every eco-conscious driver should have or be using.

The 19 Best Eco-Friendly Car Care Products Every Green Driver Needs

Eco-Friendly Car Care Products

1. Fivejoy Car Cleaning Gels

This weird, squiggly, gooey-like substance is actually one of the best car care products in the world and also one of the most affordable. It is very easy to use; just pull it out and swipe it across any crevice you would love to clean. 

It is very portable and easy to use, coming in a gel pack of 4 different colours. Because of its shape, it can easily clean up those spots that only machinery could clean up.  It’s non-sticky and lightweight, but you do have to keep it away from water and sunlight as they decompose in both situations.

2. 3D Waterless Car Wash

Yes, it’s exactly as you read it. You don’t need water, a sponge or a hose with this solution. The product is biodegradable and leaves your car smelling like it has an inbuilt perfume setting. 

In addition to saving you both time and water, it cleans your car without leaving any form of scratches on it, making it a safe investment to have. 

However, if you are strict in what content makes up this product, you might be disappointed to find out it has its fair share of harsh chemicals. 

3. Zirconite Nano Shampoo

This shampoo is definitely one of the most eco-friendly car care products, and there is no debate about that. It is completely biodegradable and leaves no water stains after it’s done working, so your car looks spotlessly clean after you use this shampoo. 

Although made from biodegradable materials, this car shampoo is still a great shampoo for cleaning dirt from car paintwork as it effortlessly disintegrates the dirt, making it easy to simply wipe off the remaining mess. 

I guess this is thanks to it being quite concentrated as it requires a little to clean a whole lot.

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4. BIOHY Car Shampoo

This Car shampoo is referred to as the best vegan car shampoo, and it’s doing its best to match up to that name. It is made with completely vegan products and free from microplastics, which are harmful to the ocean. 

The shampoo is quite strong and, at the same time, gentle. It cleans dirt from the car very quickly whilst not attacking the paint itself, which is a tricky balance to attain in the cleaning industry. 

This shampoo is a haven for those with sensitive skin as it is gentle on skin tissue. And did I also mention that it’s also biodegradable?

5. ENJO Car Glove

Although these sack-looking gloves look like something from a cartoon, they are actually one of the best eco-friendly car care products in the world. 

Using these gloves, you can clean the inside and outside of your car without any cleaning solutions at all; all you need is water. 

The gloves are made from a material that, according to the company, is 100X finer than a single human hair, making it easy for the glove to wipe off diet without stress. 

6. K&N Vent Air Filter/ Breathe

Not all car care products have to be focused towards outward cleaning; taking good care of the engines is also car care. These air filters are designed to increase airflow to the engine, which drastically increases the engine performance. 

The filter is washable, cleanable and reusable, unlike other filters out there that are made to be disposable. This air filter can endure and last till the end of your car’s life span.

They can handle vibrations efficiently and produce a smooth acceleration for your carburettor. The only downside to this product is the fact that it requires extra care in the rainy season.

7. LKXHarleya Bamboo Seat Covers

If you have been reading my articles, then you know I have a loyal love for bamboo; it’s the GOAT when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly products. 

There is little you can’t do with it, which is why I love these bamboo seat covers with joy. The seats don’t smell and don’t expand due to heat, and are quite sturdy. 

In addition, it perfectly protects the bottom seat from all forms of tear and wear. It also works for gaming chairs, office chairs and every other type of chair. 

8. Chemical Guys HOL401 Car Cleaning Kit

What’s better than one car care product? A whole car cleaning kit, that’s what. This kit is designed to be a waterless cleaning system. Apparently, the solution that comes along with this kit emulsifies dirt and makes it easy to wipe off. 

Because it’s a waterless system, wastage of water is effectively eliminated from existence in this system. The solution will clean this dirt without harming the underlying paintwork which is amazing.

I have bought this kit once, and I would give it an average rating, though that’s because I always love water in my cleaning.

9. Diamondbrite Car Shampoo

Often voted as the most concentrated car shampoo, Diamondbrite is super concentrated, and it foams quite well, which makes cleaning and wiping the dirt off. 

While it needs less water to clean off, the solution is made from vegetable oils, which means it’s completely biodegradable while still being sufficiently tough on all the dirt. Most car owners are very big fans of that Diamondbrite, and I can’t blame them.

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10. Waterless WOSH & Wax

This brand has been around for more than 30 years and has become one of the best eco-friendly car care products out there. The company was created by a father and son duo who have revolutionized the cleaning industry in the few decades they have existed. 

They actually got the idea to create their waterless washing liquid after noting that over 10 liters of water would be wasted on one simple car wash. 

With their waterless solution, all you need to do is spray it, leave it on there for 20 seconds, wipe off the dirt and grime on the car bodice, and then the wax formula seals and protects the surface and adds a nice shine. 

11. Solvables Glass Cleaner and Interior Cleaner

Car interiors are hard to clean, especially since they contain so many delicate components, which makes general-purpose cleaning solutions impractical for use in car interiors. 

Solvables solve this issue with their non-toxic potent formula, which is neutral, by the way. 

The process for using Solvable is quite simple: a glass bottle of water is needed, drop the cleaning tablet into the water and then shake, and you are ready to go. The ingredients are all-natural and biodegradable. 

12. Bowden’s Orange Agent Multi-Purpose Car Cleaner

Everything you need in one bottle that’s the basic concept behind this particular solution.  The solution is neutral, non-corrosive and water-based, which means that it is strong enough to take on dirt but gentle enough not to damage the car parts. 

Because of its unique solution makeup, it can be used to clean both the car’s internal and external parts. You can use it on your wheels, seats, dashboards and even inside your engine. It can dissolve accumulated grease and oils whilst being safe on plastic and paint. 

13. Bamboo Brushes

Bamboo brushes are one of the best eco-friendly car care products out there; bamboo brushes are gentle and not like plastic or metal bristles that are quite harsh on sensitive parts of a car. 

Since bamboo is biodegradable, it’s a clean and eco-friendly option that will constitute nutrients to the soil later. The brushes are designed to be perfect ergonomically, meaning they can last long and do not need to be replaced too often like other brushes out there. 

The main feature that makes these bamboo brushes so desired is that they are so gentle and just get rid of grime. In fact, If I get a Lambo, this is what I am using.

14. Electric Pressure Washers

Pressure washers have always been handy for getting dirt off a car. In terms of eco-friendliness, electric washers are much better than gas-powered ones. This is because they are powered by energy sources that don’t contribute to greenhouse emissions but primarily utilise energy from the natural grid or function with solar panels

15. Steam Cleaners

In the car cleaning industry, the use of steam has become quite common as a system of cleaning. It’s a way of getting rid of dirt without using harsh chemicals, especially in your car’s interior section. 

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The steam breaks down the dirt and grime at high temperatures and leaves no toxic residue behind, unlike the other cleaning solutions out there. 

The steam cleaning machine can move around in your car and get into every nook and crevice of the car to make for a perfect cleaning. You can also use this on your carpet or upholstery.

16. Natural Leather Cleaner

Leather is a very sensitive substance; after all, it’s organic. The use of just any cleaning solution could corrode, stain or bleach the leather, making it turn into an eye sore. 

That’s where the role of the natural leather cleaner comes into play; these solutions are made from biodegradable components that break down the dirt and grime present on the lather without affecting the leather itself. 

They are hypoallergenic, which means they are safe for both you, your children and possibly pets if you have any. I would strongly advise you to use these if you have leather parts that need cleaning.

17. Green Glass Cleaner

The glasses on a car are very sensitive, and the use of any common cleaning solution could etch on marks or stains on the glass, so you can’t just use any materials to clean glass. That’s where the clean glass cleaner comes in; they are made from biodegradable materials like vinegar and remove stains and dirt from the surface of the glass without attacking the glass below. They are very safe to use at home near kids and pets, and it’s safe for them both.

18. Steam-Powered Cleaning Gun

Earlier, I mentioned steam cleaning; this company takes it up a notch and sends the pressurized steam through a small nozzle that blasts away any dirt in its path. 

In addition, it eliminates dirt and oil grime without damaging any underlying structure, which makes it a go-to for most car cleaning companies all around the world.

19. Eco Touch Car Wash Shampoo

This is probably the only car shampoo on this list that’s phosphate-free as well as biodegradable. It is made with plant-based cleaning agents and does a tough work of removing filth from the car surface without affecting the paint surface underneath.


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