9 Best Solar Companies In Texas You Should Hire (Honest Review)

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This picture represents the best solar companies in Texas.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the yearly sunshine the state gets. Texas is the fourth state with the most sunshine yearly in the United States (US). But unfortunately, Texas’ stubborn reliance on only one electrical grid has led to many blackouts and brownouts, as the grid struggles to keep up with hot summer days and more frequent winter storms.

It may be time to declare your energy independence from the Texas grid by taking advantage of the huge amount of solar energy that hits Texas almost every day. 

But it can be difficult for a homeowner to choose the best solar company. Solar energy for residential homes is still a fairly new industry, and not every company is legitimate.

Here are the top nine best solar panel installation companies in Texas based on customer reviews, warranties, and many other factors to make this process easier for Texas homeowners.

9 Best Solar Companies In Texas

Are you looking for the best solar companies in Texas, these companies below are the best you can find. They include:

1. SunPower

This is the company logo of Sunpower one of the best solar companies in Texas.

This solar company has been in the solar business for almost 30 years. SunPower is a national company with offices in many states, including Texas. 

The company’s good name comes from its high-quality Maxeon solar panels, some of the market’s most efficient, and excellent customer service.

SunPower is the right choice if you want affordable solar power and a good warranty. They make solar products that are easy to set up and can be used in homes and businesses. 

They offer free online estimates, free online consultations with real solar experts, and a design studio where you can make your plans.

With them, you are bound to enjoy long warranties, many financing options and the first 400-watt solar panels in the world. The downside of SunPower is that they offer a power purchase agreement (PPA) only to their commercial clients and are expensive. 

2. ADT Solar

ADT Solar is a well-known solar company in 

In 2021, ADT, a national home security company, took over Sunpro and gave it a head start in rooftop solar. ADT is a well-known company with a lot of resources. It combines it with the experience of Sunpro in the solar industry to give customers affordable solar energy solutions for their homes. 

ADT was among the pioneer solar companies to offer solar power to homeowners on their roofs, and it is renowned for providing high-quality rooftop solar services.

It has a great solar warranty, which gives homeowners peace of mind. The company is worth a look for anyone who doesn’t mind a less personal experience.

ADT Solar backs up its products with a long list of guarantees, including a 25-year guarantee on labor, power production, panel module performance, and enphase microinverter. 

Despite having a good solar warranty and products and services, the customer services are unreliable and do not provide in-house financing.

3. Blue Raven Solar

This is the company logo of Blue Raven, a reputable solar company in Texas.

Blue Raven Solar is one of the younger companies on our top ten list. In 2015, it only had a few employees, but now it has over a thousand employees and offices in many states. Its 18-month financing plan helps the company stand out.

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It has a 25-year warranty on its products and doesn’t charge extra fees. And if your system doesn’t produce the required amount of energy in the first two years, Blue Raven will upgrade your panels for free to meet the production difference. 

One thing you will love about Blue Raven is that their prices are not above the roof. They are known for offering pocket-friendly prices in the industry. In addition, its BluePower Plus+ program has many financing options, thereby making it one of the best choices for people in Texas who want to go green in their energy consumption but can’t afford a premium price.  

This solar company has many benefits, like a power production guarantee, but it doesn’t offer its clients any solar lease or PPA agreements. 

4. Momentum Solar

Momentum solar is one of the best solar companies in Texas.

Another national solar company that does great work in Texas is Momentum Solar. The company started in New Jersey more than ten years ago and has quickly grown to one of the country’s biggest solar companies.

The company covers all of Texas, so no matter where you live, you can take advantage of the company’s great customer service and top-notch warranty. It has good prices.

Momentum Solar can satisfy your energy needs. And they give customers the freedom to pick a choice that fits their needs. Once this is done, a solar specialist will design a custom home system, take care of all paperwork and permits, install the system, and activate it. This makes the process easy and stress-free for homeowners.

Also, it allows homeowners to pay cash up front, get a solar loan, or lease. This is in addition to helping them find federal, state, and local tax incentives that will enable them to save more money.

In as much as they have good and friendly customer service and enjoy a good reputation, they have limited products and brands to choose from.

5. Palmetto Solar

Palmetto is one of the best solar companies in Texas.

Chris Kemper, who established Palmetto Solar, worked many years with climate change nonprofits before getting into the solar business. 

By offering solar energy through decentralized marketplaces, Palmetto tries to make saving the environment affordable for buyers and sellers. In addition, Palmetto’s easy-to-use solar calculators, 25-year warranty and installation process make using solar an attractive energy-efficient option. 

Besides being a solar energy provider, it removes pests, cleans panels, installs Tesla Powerwalls, and provides roofing services. All these services are geared towards making your solar system function best.

When you choose this solar company, you will surely enjoy amazing benefits like an online calculator that will help you know how much your home savings on energy is, 25 years of warranty and an efficient and high-quality monocrystalline solar panel. However, on the downside, you have to pay extra costs for actively monitoring your solar panels. 

6. Tesla

Tesla is one of the best solar companies in Texas.

Does it surprise you that Elon Musk’s Tesla is more than just a company that makes electric cars? The company manufactures solar energy and energy storage products to help people save money on their energy bills. 

Tesla is in a league of its own because, unlike other solar companies, it manufactures its solar products instead of just selling and installation. For example, its power walls act like a backup battery and storage for solar energy when no sun or power goes out. It also makes Solarglass roof tiles, which can be installed just like conventional ones.

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With Tesla, you can enjoy sleek and minimalist designs and a great warranty, but you will have to pay an expensive upfront cost.

7. Elevation Solar

Elevation is one of the best solar companies in Texas.

Elevation Solar is a well-known and reputable brand. It takes quite a whole-home approach in its solar energy installation.

They usually conduct an energy audition of your home to ensure it is well-sealed for comfort and savings. This is done so you can first reduce your energy use. Then, we protect your investment with our patented Curb energy monitoring technology, which lets you track how your new energy is being used.

The five-step process used by Elevation starts with a free consultation and a proposal made just for your home. Also, it surveys your home to design the best system that matches your needs before embarking on the installation and setup. It then conducts final inspections to ensure everything is working properly.

The advantages of this solar company include offering free consultation and an extended warranty period, while a disadvantage is that it does not allow any pricing information online. 

8. Longhorn Solar

Longhorn is a reputable solar company in Texas.

Longhorn Solar is a solar company in Texas. The company provides services in many cities like Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. They have been known to provide reliable solar services since its establishment in 2009.

Since then, the company has helped install solar panels on many Texas residents’ roofs. In addition, they offer basic solar installations from well-known brands.

Longhorn Solar is a great choice for people who wants to install solar panels in their homes in Texas. The company will also help you navigate local policies. They have friendly customer service, and you can enjoy 25 years warranty. The only downside to this solar company is that their services are quite expensive. 

9. Solartime

Solartime is a family-owned solar company in Dallas, Texas. The company prides itself as one of the solar companies that makes it easy for homeowners in Dallas to go green in their energy consumption. 

They handle system design, permitting, and in-house installation. The company has unique service options, like solar pools and carports, in addition to the usual solar panels and battery backups.

Customers of Solartime enjoy a reasonable price, 25 years warranty, and solar pool heating. In addition, they have excellent customer service personnel, preventing delays in solar installations. However, one major disadvantage of using this solar company is that their service area is limited. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Solar Company In Texas

a. Cost Of Services And Installation

Solar systems are a big purchase for most homeowners, and putting solar panels on your roof is not something you should do without considering your pocket.

If your finances are not doing well and you cannot afford to pay for your solar energy upfront, you can use solar companies that allow you to pay over time.

Also, your finances determine the kind of solar company you should choose. So if you can’t afford a premium system, you can choose the affordable one. 

However, the price comes with quality in a business such as this. This means that the more expensive systems companies usually have better equipment and better warranty option. And also provide more services like monitoring the solar panels and engaging in system upgrades. 

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b. Equipment And Damages Warranty

Before you choose a solar company, check the warranty. The weather can damage rooftop solar systems in Texas, and wear and tear can even take a toll on them over time. 

So before signing your warranty agreement, ensure you understand everything written on it. You don’t want to find out later that you must pay to fix the damage you thought the warranty would cover.

c . Solar Services Offered

Not every company that sells solar panels does the same services. As a result, you have fewer options if you want solar monitoring, an EV charger, or more specialized solar services like solar-heated pools, solar shingles, or a solar roof. 

Some companies also offer upgrades to your solar energy to keep it functioning at its best throughout its lifespan. When you get a quote, always ask your representative about any special services you’re interested in.

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d. Financing Option

Financing is the only way for many people to buy solar for their homes. The solar industry is moving away from PPAs and leases because homeowners save less money with those options than with outright payment. 

But solar loans are very popular, and people who want to buy solar panels have many options. So before you make a decision, take your time and shop around to see what your local solar companies have to offer. 

e. Brands Of Solar Equipment Offered

The more solar storage options get sophisticated, the more the difference between the major solar brands decreases. Still, some brands stand out from the crowd as their products are more efficient and durable than others.  

If you care about getting the most power out of your panels, then get your solar panels from good brands.

F. Online Rating And Customer Reviews

When looking into solar providers, don’t ignore customer reviews. Instead, you should pay attention to what most reviews say about a company. 

Always read as many reviews as possible from various sources to form an opinion. Though you shouldn’t make a choice based on Internet reviews alone, they can provide insights into how the solar company operates.


Switching to renewable energy is a big investment for homeowners as a lot of money is involved. So we recommend hiring a solar company that has years of experience, has quality equipment, good customer service, and comes with a good warranty that covers your needs.

Hope you found this blog post helpful.

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