17 Sustainable Kitchen Appliances That’ll Take Your Cooking to the Next Level


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Porlex, Rowenta Steam Iron, and Bosch Oven are some of the best sustainable kitchen appliances to take your cooking to the next level.

In modern kitchen technology, we have come a long way to reach the level we are; it was not too long ago that our ancestors had to cook in open fires and roast their meat directly over the fires. 

But now we have voice-command gas stoves and AI-controlled refrigerators; it seems there won’t be an end to the tide of innovation that is rising in the lifestyle industry.

However, as we celebrate all these, we have to be conscious of the impact of these technologies and innovation on our dear planet, and we must also realize that we are fighting a battle to save our dear planet. 

Today, we compiled a list of the 17 best sustainable kitchen appliances out there that will save you lots of time in the kitchen, yet will have no adverse effects on the environment or spill no toxic chemicals into the environment. 

As a favourite climate activist of mine would always say, “It’s not about the washing machine; it’s what happens to the washing machine after it stops washing.

These appliances are made by companies with a commitment to eco-friendliness and join us to combat the climate crisis.

Let’s dive into them, shall we?

The 17 Best Sustainable Kitchen Appliances

 Sustainable Kitchen Appliances

1. Miele Eco-Friendly Washers and Dryers

Coming up first on the list is Miele, which is definitely one of the GOATs in the industry. They aim to be completely neutral in all their production by 2050, which is a lofty goal considering that washers are not traditionally produced from environmentally friendly products. 

They produce some of the best washers in the world, with them being some of the most efficient washers you could ever get in terms of power consumption. 

They offer an extended life span warranty on any of their products, up to 20 years in fact, and they are willing to stick by it. If you are considering a sustainable brand that sells dryers or washers, Miele is your stop.

2. Lomi Kitchen Composter

Imagine being able to make your own compost for that sweet little backyard garden; well, that’s what Lomi is promising you with their electric composter. 

This little device turns your food scraps into nutrient-rich dirt and humus that is perfect for those tomatoes. 

It has multiple modes depending on the rate of decay you desire, and it can finish its work in as little as 4 hours. Personally, I feel this design is something I feel every home needs.

3. Shark Rotator Pro Upright Vacuum

For some weird reason, vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more expensive nowadays, and no one seems to know why, especially for those robot vacuum cleaners that seem to do nothing but bump into things and tell you on the app that they ran into a hill when it’s just a book lying on the ground. 

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Well, this vacuum cleaner deserves the price actually because it matches its performance. Personally, it’s one of the best sustainable kitchen appliances, and at $240, it seems like a sensible purchase. 

This amazing work of technology saves as much as 1200 watts of energy in the house, making sure your house is clean and you are not in debt for power bills.

4. SMEG Refrigerators and Freezers

Although the prices for their appliances could reach as high as $18,000, SMEG is one of the best out there in what it does, and it has a loyal fan base; they are also versed in the production of cookers, ovens and most other kitchen appliances. 

Almost all of their products are made from recycled metal and made with ethical practices in mind. All their products comply with THE EU’s strict climate requirements.

I have a soft spot for this brand, probably because I shop from them, and I actually recommend it to anyone looking to get freezers.

5. Therapure Air Purifier

It’s 2023, and If you are living in North America or anywhere, in fact, there is a high chance of breathing in polluted air or smog. For this reason, air purifiers have become very important in the home and the kitchen to make sure you breathe clean and natural air. 

The Therapure air purifier comes with a powerful energy-saving design and a cleanable HEPA filter that’s quite convenient to work with. 

It also comes with a lovely UV light feature that kills off germs and microorganisms which might be contaminants in food or your air.

6. LG 24” Dishwasher

LG is a GOAT when it comes to home appliances; they make some of the best refrigerators and devices out there when it comes to warranty and being long-lasting.

They win wards in that stead. This dishwasher of theirs is extremely special because it consumes a tiny fraction of water compared to other dishwashers you can get in the world. 

The dishwasher is also very quiet and doesn’t let the whole street know you are washing; it also comes with a fingerprint function and an inner tub that makes sure no splashes can occur.

7. Dualit Kettles

When it comes to the producers of sustainable kitchen appliances, no one can compete with Dualit in that function; they have a whole collection of kitchen appliances from toasters to coffee makers, but their kettles might just be their best product yet. 

The kettle is a stainless steel electric kettle with a massive energy-saving feature. The kettle comes with a measuring cup for measuring water to prevent water wastage. 

The parent company, Dualit, has a serious commitment to eco-friendly practices and puts sustainability above profit in its business model.

8. Beko Oven and Cookers

Beko is a famous maker of home appliances, and they have a large collection of products you can shop from, including refrigerators, freezers, laundry machines, dryers, dishwashers, kitchen stoves, air conditioners, microwaves, ovens, countertop appliances, and appliances for the home and possibly camping. 

They use recycled products in the making of their machine from recycled plastic bottles, and they built a washing machine with a filter system to detect and trap microplastics and dispose of them sustainably. 

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Beko is partnered with multiple organizations like WHO, to pursue further and wage the war on waste and climate change. All their products are made from either recycled materials or ethically sourced ones. They are a strict zero-waste company.

9. Bosch Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are a bit pricey, but they are significantly worth it, considering that food gets done really fast with a low energy consumption. 

This particular induction cooktop comes with 5 different fireplaces with individual meters and controls to prevent overcooking. It can be gotten for a sum of $2,300, which is okay considering the conveniences it comes with. 

The cooktop is made of plastic at the top, making cleaning easy as you can simply wipe it clean. I can’t afford this yet, but it’s definitely on my bucket list of things I want to buy.

10. Vornado Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are very important in a house and especially in a kitchen in case of air conditioner malfunctions, and Vornado produces some of the best to date. 

The company has been around since 1940, and has not dwindled in quality to date. Their fans are still amazing, and they invented a revolutionary air circulation technology that circulates cool air intensely. 

They have a very varied fan setting that can range from a gentle stream of air to a raging blizzard of cool air. They are also very energy efficient, not consuming so many watts of energy.

11. Sodastream Reusable Bottles

The world is plagued with plastic waste that clogs up our oceans and constitutes microplastics that could bioaccumulate in the body. 

Sodastream plans to eliminate this by creating recyclable glass and BPA plastic bottles that are easily washable, which saves, on average, a total of 3000 plastic bottles yearly. Imagine 3000 plastic bottles multiplied by the number of families in America getting dumped into the ocean yearly; now that’s horrific. 

The parent company is committed to reducing waste from the ocean and to helping combat the climate crisis; their factories are powered by renewable solar energy.

12. Mueller’s Ultra Kettle

This is definitely one of the best sustainable kitchen appliances in the world, and I personally love and own it. It’s made from borosilicate glass, which is long-lasting and can also take on wear and tear and constant heat stress. 

The kettle also has a timer and display that shows temperature and also has an automatic feature that shuts it off if it boils more than 30 seconds to help prevent injuries from hot water scalds. 

The kettle is very power efficient and doesn’t consume as much electricity as its counterparts. 

It is basically a wireless electric kettle when it’s not connected to its base heating pad, making the sleek design become more prominent. Mueller’s Ultra Kettle is undoubtedly one of the best sustainable kitchen appliances.

13. DBS Solar Water Heater

If you want to make a complete transition to using renewable and clean energy in your home, then DBS has made the perfect appliance for you. They are positioned on the roof and use the sun’s rays to heat your water for you to a temperature you desire. 

It comes in two models, the direct and indirect model, but the direct model can only operate in the tropics and warmer climates where there is no danger of the setup freezing no matter what. 

The product is seen as completely maintenance-free and has been deemed reliable by most people who buy It. If you are living in a suburban area, then this setup might be the best option for you.

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14. Whirlpool Washer and Dryer

Americans take their laundry very seriously; in fact, they do up to 500 loads of laundry yearly, yes, that much. So it’s imperative that you get a string washer and dryer, and Whirlpool is amazing for that purpose. 

The model is Energy Star Rated, which means that it consumes significantly less energy than the other models you could get in the market. And guess what? They come with the option of buying extra pedestal storage in case you do large loads of laundry at the same time. Now, isn’t that cool?

15. Rowenta’s Eco Intelligence Steam Iron

An AI iron, that’s absurd! That’s what I said before I got this iron, and well, looking back, I was the absurd one. 

First of all, this iron is extremely good at being power saving, and even at that, it is powerful enough to even put the toughest wrinkles on your outfits. 

What’s more, it can even iron and steam vertically because it has an inbuilt anti-drip feature. The iron has manual settings and then an AI setting that engages and disengages heat and steams the clothes depending on the fabric at hand. 

Ultimately, this iron is very high-performing, and I recommend it to anyone looking to get an Electric Iron upgrade.

16. Bosch Convection Oven

Convection is one of the best systems of heat transfer, and in terms of being eco-friendly, it is also the best. 

The Bosch Oven bakes all your delicacy to be evenly cooked whilst consuming a fraction of the energy a regular oven would have demanded. 

It comes with an internal temperature meter that constantly checks the temperature of your food in real-time, as well as a timer that automatically stops cooking when a specified time or temperature is set. 

It comes with a lot of space and can easily take on multiple family-sized meals with no issues at all. 

17. Porlex Coffee Grinder

Let’s face it; we are all coffee addicts at this point, a cup before we start our day and what better way to evenly grind your coffee while getting a free arm workout than this manual coffee grinder? 

The coffee grinder comes in a sleek form that resembles an aluminum water bottle. It’s very easy to clean and requires no other energy apart from your own. It’s, like I said, grinding coffee while getting a free workout. 


In conclusion, some of the best sustainable kitchen appliances include the Porlex Coffee Grinder, the Whirlpool Dryer and Washer and the Rowenta steam Iron.

If you feel some more are needed, please drop a comment, and you can also check our website for more related articles. Thanks for reading 😊

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