21 Sustainable Office Supplies Every Eco-friendly Office Must Have


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Reviewed by Godfrey Ogbo

Bamboo Computer Mouse, EarthHero Sticky Notes, and Twigs Paper are some of the most sustainable office supplies in the world.

In 2023, there are growing concerns and advocacy for all consumer brands in the world to switch towards much more sustainable and ethical production processes, from the raw materials they use to the packaging, and even the method of travel the products were delivered with.

One aspect of life that has started to get this concern more is the office and stationery setting, where not much comes to mind when we talk about sustainability and eco-friendliness. 

However, it’s still an essential part of our lives and, as such, deserves to be filled with sustainable and eco-friendly products.

We spend a lot of time in the office and consume tons of office supplies, so what stops you from making your mark in the climate crisis by using organic and eco-friendly office supplies?

In this article, we compiled a list of the best sustainable office supplies that an eco-conscious office should strive to get. 

We made this list with consideration to how the raw materials were sourced, the production process of the supplies, and how committed to the sustainability ethos the company is.

Most of the products on this list are biodegradable and contribute zero to the climate crisis.

21 Best Sustainable Office Supplies

Sustainable Office Supplies

1. Lily Wood Grain Printed Journal

This eco-friendly journal is made primarily from recycled materials like old newspapers, old jeans, etc. It saves the planet from the death of more trees to produce pulp. 

Buying this journal also saves the whopping amount of water used in the production of paper for journals, as well as the chemicals needed to bleach paper. This is definitely one of the best sustainable office supplies in the world.

2. Paper Culture DIY Event Cards

This brand is very popular. These event cards are made from recycled paper, cotton, and bamboo. The inks are made from vegetable inks and not any of that toxic inks.

They are the perfect thing for those big events that you would love to invite some dignitaries and still make the invite a bit personalized. 

The brand is fiercely committed to climate action and plants a tree for every order it receives. And to date, they claim to have planted over 1 million trees, and more are still on the way.

3. Bamboo Computer Mouse

Just as the name suggests, this computer mouse is made from bamboo and is one of the nice options for a mouse that is almost free from plastics. 

The mouse is wireless and comes in a biodegradable packaging. It’s an excellent choice for any computer owner out there.

4. EarthHero Sticky Notes

Every good office needs a suspiciously large amount of sticky notes, especially for those crazy brainstorming sessions. 

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Made from 80% recycled paper, they are very eco-friendly and nice replacements for traditional paper sticky notes that. 

The pack comes with 200 pieces and is produced by EarthHero, one of the leading sustainable stationery brands in the world. The notes can also be composted after use if you are a fan of backyard gardening.

5. Dharma Door Everything Pouch Book Bag

Looking for a sustainable pouch to hide your phone and iPad in? Then this is the solution: this pouch is made from jute, which was hand weaved by the way. 

The jute fibers were produced sustainably and were not bleached with any chemicals whatsoever. If you don’t have an iPad or phone, you can toss important stuff here so you have a general place to keep them, like your keys. 

6. Hand-Powered Paper-Shredder

In this digital age, there is less and less need for paper in offices, unlike in the 80s, when giant shredders were needed to keep up with the waste paper tide that plagued offices. 

With this small hand-powered paper shredder, you can get rid of the little paper waste you have. I’s one of the best sustainable office supplies because you also get some excellent arm workouts in the process.

7. Twigs Paper

This notebook brand is a familiar face in the industry; they are famous for producing multiple other products like cards and invitations. They pride themselves in the quality of materials they use in the making of their products. 

All of their production, from the sourcing of raw materials to the main printing, occurs in the United States, and they ship from New Jersey to the world. They also ship all their products with biodegradable packaging that is made from recycled waste.

8. Plantable Pencils

Yes, you read that right. These are plantable pencils as you plant them when you are done with them, and they grow into spruce trees. 

The pencils themselves are made from organically sourced and ethically harvested wood that is non-GMO, using only graphite with no atom of lead. 

The packaging box does come with the necessary instructions on how to turn the used pencils into trees. 

9. Pencils Made From Wood Scraps

This is relatively self-explanatory, but it’s still one of the best sustainable office supplies. 

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Using scrap wood as the base, fewer trees are cut down for the actual production of pencils, thereby reducing deforestation and giving the forests time to heal. 

Getting this pencil means you actually care for the planet, and the parent company claims they donate a hefty portion of their profits to charities all around the world.

10. Package Free Shop Recycled 3-Ring Binder

The Package Free Shop Recycled 3-Ring Binder is much better than the plastic binders. These binders reduce the environmental impact of your workplace by a lot. 

Made from recycled cardboard, these binders can be recycled or composted depending on whatever your whims are. The metal rings used in the cardboard can be recycled easily to be used in another product.

11. Seven Year Pen

Instead of spending so much on traditional pens that are made from plastic and will run out in less than a month, why don’t you consider this pen that the manufacturer claim will last for 7 years without running out? 

Buying this particular pen saves the earth from the multiple loads of plastics that would come from the pens you would have bought in its stead. 

The pens are made with environmentally friendly raw materials and have some really lovely design themes to them. a quite lot of people use them.

12. Artifact Uprising

Although it produces other things like cards, wedding invites, etc., Artifact Uprising is best known for its calendar designs, which are some of the eco-friendliest calendars ever made by a mainstream brand. 

They have a diverse range of products and themes for you to choose from, and all their products come with the option of customizing them. 

They make all their pieces from 100% recycled paper vegetable inks, and to reduce the environmental impacts, they make everything about their products in the USA.

13. Hydro Reusable Coffee Cup

It’s not known that disposable coffee cups are causing severe harm to the environment, which is why the call for owning reusable Cups. 

This Hydro Reusable Coffee Cup basically solves that problem for you, even if you are not a coffee person. 

The cup comes with a durable, lightweight design that features a Tempshield that keeps the temperature of your drinks at the same temperature. This simple feature of refilling your cup saves the earth from hundreds of disposable plastic cups as waste. 

In addition, the cups have a chic design and are definitely one of the best sustainable office supplies?

14. Refillable Pens

This is the second product on this list that EarthHero made in collaboration with Agood, and the idea is indeed genius. Instead of getting new pens each time, just get one that you can refill indefinitely. 

The body of the pen itself is made from natural grasses blended with BPA-free recycled plastics; the company is quite transparent about its pen-making process. Since it’s refillable, you can use the pen in any color you desire as long as you have the right ink.

15. Earth Greetings Eco-Friendly Diary

This diary is both a work of art and also one of the best sustainable office supplies. It is made from 100% recycled paper and has a lot of built-in features like a weekly planner, a section for contacts and import mat birthdays, a place to jot down ideas, etc. 

The diary also features artworks from the famous artist Claire Ishino. Overall, the diary is an excellent investment to make, especially if you consider how much of a low environmental impact it has.

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16. Recycled Mouse Pads

Recycled mouse pads are definitely great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your office or your company in general. 

The mouse pads are made from recycled rubber and have all the features of a regular mouse. This is much better than most plastic mouse pads out there that are of one-time usage and will eventually clutter landfills. 

Most companies are beginning to lean towards recycled mouse pads in order to do their tiniest best to aid the war on climate change.

17. Em & Friends

Em & Friends is yet another notebook and journal company that produces some of the best eco-friendly notebooks in the USA. They are well known for having a funky, almost playful nature to their design and choice of colors. 

They boast of having something for any type of personality and office setting, from the busy company executive to the creative writing intern at the Café. 

They use recycled paper for their productions and use soy-based ink for their write-ups. Em & Friends is also famous for supporting multiple charity and community projects like mental health programs and numerous food banks.

18. Onyx Recycled Rubber Erasers

Although they face some criticism for using plastic packaging, this brand still produces some of the best sustainable office supplies in the world. 

They make their erasers entirely from 100% recycled rubber and actively campaign for more focus to be on recycled products. 

According to them, using products made from recycled materials saves the planet a whole lot more than using virgin new products.

19. Pela Case Phone Case

Yes, we didn’t forget phone cases. This phone case is definitely one of the best sustainable office supplies and is probably the only fully compostable phone case that serves both Android and iPhone users. 

The phone cases are made from a revolutionary formula made of a starch polymer and flax. These phone cases are beautiful; they are very durable. The parent company, Pela, donates quite some of its profits to people in need.

20. Compostable Trash Bags

You can’t eliminate the fact that your company will produce trash and you will dispose of it, but recently, there has been the issue of trash bags littering and clogging up the waterways. 

These trash bags, instead, will biodegrade over time and can be thrown with the refuse into the refuse dumps, and they will not pose a problem later on.

21. Hey Love PAD Laptop Sleeve

If you are looking for something lightweight to carry your laptop or iPad in, then this is the solution staring at your face. Made from cork, it is a better option than most other bags made from leather that was non-ethically produced.


By choosing sustainable office supplies, businesses can make a real difference in the fight against climate change. Even small changes, like switching to recycled paper, can have a big impact. Every eco-friendly office can make a difference!

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