15 Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

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15 Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

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It is more important than you think to have healthy, non-toxic cookware brands in your kitchen. Sure, it’s essential to eat healthy food. But cooking it in the wrong pan could ruin your hard work. 

Unfortunately, many brands that say they sell the “safest cookware” use clever marketing to trick you. And most of the “so-called” safest materials for cooking pans, like PFOA-free cookware, are not what they seem to be.

If you care about your wellbeing, then you should use the safest and most reliable non-toxic cookware brands. These beautiful pots, pans, and skillets made of stainless steel, ceramic, glass, or cast iron can go in the oven. 

We made a list of some of the safest and most durable cookware brands. Keep reading to find out which brands are the least toxic in the market. First, lets look at what makes a cookware toxic.

What’s The Safest Cookware You Can Buy? 

Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

Cast iron, stainless steel, 100% non-toxic ceramic, glass, and enamel-coated cast iron are the best materials for cooking pots and pans (cast iron with a glass coating). 

These non-stick, non-toxic pots and pans are not only easy to clean and good for the environment but also safe for our health.  

You can buy pure ceramic pans, surgical-grade stainless steel cookware sets, and cast-iron dutch skillets that will last a long time.

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of each of these materials to help you pick the one that bests suit you.

1. Cast iron pots and pans

Both home cooks and chefs have used cast iron cookware for many years. It is versatile, budget-friendly, and durable.

Also, once it’s been used, it’s almost as non-stick as Teflon, but it doesn’t have any chemicals.


  • It is cast as a single piece and made to last for hundreds of years. 
  • It is metal utensil safe.
  • It has a natural layer of seasoning that doesn’t stick and gets better over time. You get a safe and long-lasting alternative to cookware that doesn’t stick.
  • It can cook on any stovetop at any temperature and finish in the oven. Sear, saute, bake, broil, fry, use on the grill, or even a campfire!
  • Cast iron pans are better than others at keeping the heat in. So, these are the best non-toxic pans for searing meat, deep-frying, and other high-heat methods. The food comes out evenly browned and crispy!


  • It is heavy, so it’s not dishwasher-safe, and it can rust if you let it dry out in the air.
  • Slow to heat and cool.
  • It doesn’t work well with acidic foods and makes iron disappear (avoid it if you have hemochromatosis).

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pots and pans are safe for cooking many different things because they are non-toxic.

It can roast vegetables, sear meats, braise in the oven, cook eggs (with a few tips later), and much more.


  • It does its job for a lifetime with little or no maintenance.
  • The frying pan’s surface is clean, non-chemical, and safe with metal tools.
  • It can go in a dishwasher and is easy to clean with abrasives.
  • Thanks to the nickel and chromium, it won’t rust, corrode, or react with acidic foods.
  • Safe to use at high temperatures on all types of stoves. 


  • Not non-stick.
  • Nickel can get into food, but it’s not dangerous unless you’re allergic to it. If you are, we have a nickel-free set for you down below.

3. Solid Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is often misunderstood, but there are two types: pure ceramic and ceramic-coated.

One of the safest ways to cook is with pure ceramic pans. It is made entirely of clay baked in a kiln and has no chemical coatings.


  • A chemical-free surface that looks like glass and doesn’t stick. Also, it doesn’t react with foods that are too acidic.
  • Metal utensil-safe.
  • Versatile; safe for all stovetops (except induction), oven, broiler, microwave, and grills.
  • It can go in the dishwasher and the freezer.
  • The safest way to cook with high heat is up to 2,500°F (1,371°C).
  • Good at keeping heat, so it’s great for browning and serving.
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  • It is costly.
  • It will break if you drop it or put it on a cool surface when it’s hot.
  • Slow to heat up.
  • It sticks less, but it’s not non-stick, so you’ll need some cooking oil.

4. Porcelain Enamel Cookware

Imagine combining cast iron’s heat retention and durability with stainless steel’s non-reactive, rust-proof, and dishwasher-safe surface. You’d get porcelain enamel cookware! It’s just cast iron with a tough glass film on it.


  • A surface that is smooth like glass and doesn’t stick.
  • No need to add layers of seasoning or keep it up!
  • Safe to use on all stovetops at high temperatures and in the oven; it can be used to sear, sauté, bake, broil, and fry.
  • A surface that doesn’t react with acidic foods, rust, or takes iron out of the food.
  • Low-maintenance, easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe are great for nights when you are busy.
Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen


  • Heavy and expensive.
  • The enamel can chip, so don’t drop or hit it with anything metal.
  • Slow to get hot or cold.

5. Ceramic Coating Cookware 

Not every non-stick pan is dangerous. Ceramic-coated pans have a smooth surface like Teflon, which is excellent for cooking eggs and pancakes but doesn’t contain toxins.

Yes, this healthy, non-toxic cookware has a smooth, PFAS-free, sand-based coating that makes it hard to grip. Zero PTFE is needed.


  • Non-stick pans that are strong, light, and don’t have Teflon. They won’t leak or give off fumes if they get too hot.
  • It cleans up in a flash.
  • It uses little to no cooking oil, which cuts down on calories.
  • Acidic foods won’t change how they taste and won’t rust.
  • The bases are made of non-reactive anodized aluminum, which heats quickly and evenly.
  • It works on most stovetops, but only if a steel or iron disk is in the bottom of the pan.


  • It doesn’t stick as well as Teflon. 
  • Coatings don’t last forever. Use low to medium heat and only wood or silicone tools to make it last longer.
  • Not safe for the dishwasher or oven.
  • When you eat acidic foods, nanoparticles may leak out of the coating.

Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

These are some of the best non-toxic cookware brands for a healthy kitchen.

1. 360 Cookware

The products from 360 Cookware are made to last a lifetime and come in various non-toxic stainless steel options.

Their large selection of oven-safe sets has an aluminum core that makes it safe to cook, sauté, and fry. The lifetime warranty is a plus, but the Vapor technology that heats quickly and evenly makes this brand stand out.

On top of that, it lets you cook without water and in a healthy way. They are made by hand in the USA and are free of PTFE, just like most non-toxic cookware brands.

2. Made In Cookware

Made In is at the top of our list of safest cookware brands because their stainless steel and carbon steel cookware are hand-made, non-stick, and safe in ovens up to 800F. (oven safe up to 1200F).

All their products are made in their factory in the United States, but they are based on traditional French cooking techniques.

Professional chefs speak highly about how long their sets of 3, 6, 7, 10, or 13 pieces and cooking tools last and how well they are made.

You can also use the Made In Recycling Program to get rid of your old cookware. This brand is for you if you like traditional French ways of cooking.

3. Great Jones Non-toxic Cookware (Check Product on Amazon)

Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

Great Jones sells pots and pans made of stainless steel, ceramic cookware sets that don’t stick, and cast iron skillets that can go in the oven and look good enough to show off. Think of shades of millennial pink, blue, white, and bright red.

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They don’t have any PFOA or PTFE chemicals, of course. Also, because Great Jones works with Hot Bread Kitchen, you can recycle your old non-toxic cookware.

4. Milo Cookware

Milo Cookware is one of the best non-toxic cookware brands for a healthy kitchen. It focuses on durability, sustainability, and making products that are good for the environment.

Their cookware is made ethically because it is made from 40% recycled cast iron that is naturally non-stick and sprayed with TOMATECTM enamel. You can pick from 9 colors, all of which are free of PFOA and PTFE.

The company also offsets the pollution caused by shipping and is a member of 1% for the Planet. Last, their eco-friendly cookware meets the requirements of California’s Prop 65.

5. Our Place Cookware

Things are a little different at Our Place. Their best-selling pan is meant to replace eight other pieces of cookware. Yes, you read that right!

It comes in ten fun and bright colors. The ceramic non-stick cookware has no PFOAs, PTFEs, or other PFAs. It also has a modular lid that lets steam escape.

As for the Perfect Pot, it can boil, bake, steam, and make things crisp. On top of that, both types of non-toxic cookware can be used on any stovetop.

6. Caraway Cookware

Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

Caraway has been called one of the best non-toxic cookware brands on the eco market. It doesn’t have Teflon, PFAS, or heavy metals, and it looks great. Their ceramic non-stick cookware is made ethically and is safe. It has stainless steel handles and an aluminum core.

You can steam, fry, saute, and more with it. The items can also be used in ovens up to 550F and recycled. Plus, they are adorable and take up little space.

It’s safe to say that Caraway is one of the best and safest cookware brands that costs the least. Did we say anything about the many colors?

7. Xtrema Cookware

Xtrema is the end of your search for ceramic non-stick cookware that is scratch-proof and has a high gloss.

With 100% natural ceramic free of PFOA and PTFE, it is no surprise that they are considered one of the best non-toxic cookware brands for people who care about what they eat.

The company complies with the FDA and California’s Prop 65, but because the products are made by hand in China, it can take up to 20 days for them to get to you.

8. Staub

The matte black enamel made of glass with quartz particles makes Staub’s cast iron cookware safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean.

Even heat distribution and heat retention are guaranteed for free, but what’s most impressive is that each product is different.

All of their non-toxic cookware is made in the north of France, where the best old and new methods are used.

Since they don’t have any PFOAs or PFAs, they work well whether you’re making crepes, a classic seafood stew, baking, roasting, or frying.

9. Demeyere

Since 1908, Demeyere has been making cookware out of stainless steel in an ethical way. This is the kind of cookware you need to cook like a pro.

Professional chefs praise them as one of the safest cookware brands. Their products are of high quality and can be used in ovens up to 500F.

Their non-toxic cookware has an impressive 7-ply construction that keeps heat in and spreads evenly. A 30-year warranty backs this. In addition, the brand often gives money to good causes all over the world.

10. Field Company

The best non-toxic, non-stick cookware from Field Company is all made by hand in the United States.

You can choose the size of your favorite eco-cast iron skillet and lid or a one-size dutch oven or griddle made of cast iron.

Even though they look like the best old American skillets, they don’t have any dangerous chemicals or artificial coatings. They are the safest cookware for you to use for easy searing, sautéing, frying, roasting, baking, and braising.

Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

11. Finex

Finex cookware is already seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil and is meant to be passed down from generation to generation.

They have an intricate, one-of-a-kind design and are also on our list of the best non-toxic cookware brands.

The “SPEED COOL” handle, inspired by old wood stoves, and the stone-tumble polishing make these non-stick pans stand out from the rest. Did we say anything about the patented eight-sided shape? If you add a lid, you can also steam, braise, and simmer in them.

12. Homi Chef Nickel-free Cookware

Unique, non-toxic cookware like Homi Chef is almost impossible to find anywhere else. It’s a set of stainless steel cookware with no nickel at all.

The chromium and nickel in most stainless steel cookware keep rust and corrosion from happening. But some people have an allergic reaction to nickel. People with allergies can get rashes from “regular” stainless steel cooking.

But Homi Chef made this set, especially for people who want to stay away from nickel. You get the safety and flexibility of steel without the allergens.

Even better, Homi Chef’s design looks a lot like Cuisinart’s TPS-10, which you can see above.

Each pan has a rim that won’t leak and a tempered glass lid to help you cook quickly without mess. Each pan has a thick, triple-ply base with an aluminum core to heat quickly and evenly.

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13. Visions Glass Cookware

Did you ever see the 1980s TV ad in which steel cookware is melted inside a glass Visions pot? This is because Visions cookware is made with Calexium, a mix of lead-free glass and ceramic.

Soda-lime glass, used for most cookware and food storage today, breaks easily when the temperature changes. It’s also unsafe for the stove, so you can only use it in the oven. 

Some, like borosilicate glass, are more resistant to breaking, but an open flame can still break them. And most businesses have already stopped using it. In 1998, Pyrex made the switch to soda-lime glass.

Visions use Calexium glass. This tough mix of glass and ceramic is like the white Corningware from the old days.

Calexium won’t explode like most glass cookware and bakeware when the temperature changes quickly. For example, when you quickly take a pot off the stove. It can also handle temperatures up to 1,560°F (849°C).

So, Visions cookware gives you more options than regular glass. It’s one of the few lines of cookware that can go in the oven, under the broiler, in the microwave, and on gas and electric stovetops.

14. Lodge Cookware

The last piece of healthy, non-toxic cookware is an excellent old Lodge carbon steel skillet. This heavy-duty, non-toxic frying pan is almost the same as their cast iron skillet.

All the same, things are possible. You can fry eggs, sear juicy steaks on the stove and finish them in the oven, and even bake a cookie cake for dessert. But because it heats up faster and weighs only 4.4 pounds.

There’s no secret that cast iron can be heavy. With this pan, you can cook and clean more quickly and easily without giving up. 

Like their cast iron pans, Lodge’s carbon steel is the purest and best quality, which makes it strong. Carbon steel pans from the store are often more brittle and don’t heat either.

Generally speaking, this healthy cookware brand has figured out how to make durable cookware that doesn’t use chemicals. If you take care of their carbon steel pans, you, your kids, and even your grandkids can use them.

15. Le Creuset

Le Creuset has been making safe, healthy cookware in France since 1925. Instead of raw cast iron, each pan is sealed with smooth, rust-proof glass enamel. This enamel lets you cook in a reliable, flexible, and low-maintenance way.

You don’t worry about non-stick coatings that are easy to break. You also don’t spend time making sure the layers are seasoned. Still, if you use the right amount of heat and a little bit of oil, eggs will slide around like cars on ice.

Turn the heat up for dinner and sear steaks or evenly brown vegetables. When dessert calls, fry some donuts or oven-bake skillet brownies!

The best part comes next. After that, you can put this pan in the dishwasher, which you can’t do with cast iron.

What Makes A Cookware Brand Toxic?

There are certain factors to help ascertain if a cookware brand is toxic or not. So, in this section, we will look at what makes a cookware brand toxic. Let’s take you through the ride.

Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

1. PFAS 

A PFAS is an artificial chemical used to make a PTFE coating. Teflon has many dangerous chemicals, like PFOA, PFOS, PTFE, PFAS, and GenX. 

Several studies show that these poisons cause serious health problems. Of course, the safest cookware brands won’t have any of these acronyms on their online shelves.

2. Teflon PTFE

Have you ever thought about what makes cookware non-stick? PTFE, a plastic polymer, covers Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene). When the temperature goes above 572°F, off-gassing can cause toxic fumes to come out. 

People and pets can get polymer fume fever from these fumes. Studies have linked nonstick-coated cookware to several health problems, including thyroid disease, lung damage, and many others. 

Also, making cookware with chemicals can pollute our water supply. That’s not true of the best brands of non-toxic cookwares.

3. Toxic ceramic-coated cookware

Toxic ceramic-coated cookware looks stylish, but it can chip, letting lead and cadmium, often in the coating, get into our food. Lead poisoning can cause serious health problems, like stomach pain, headaches, infertility, and even death in some cases.

Cookware made of 100% ceramic, stainless steel, and cast iron are safe to use. Don’t worry; we didn’t include any dangerous ceramic coatings on this list. We only had the safest ceramics on the market.


Whether looking for ethical ceramic non-stick coated cookware, stainless steel pots, or the safest cooking pans, the best non-toxic cookware brands discussed above will make cooking easier and cleaner. 

Some of the safest cookware brands may be expensive, but there is much affordable non-stick cookware that can go in the oven and is safe for you and your family.

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