11 Amazing Eco-friendly Furniture Brands

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One investment that will have a long-term effect on your home’s aesthetics and the health of its occupants is furniture. Researching what best suits your style and who produces it more sustainably is worthwhile.

According to a 2019 survey, 76% of Americans were willing to pay more to have furniture that has been certified environmentally safe, with about 17% of the number willing to pay above 15% more for eco-friendly furniture. This shows that more people are seeing the need for an eco-friendly world. 

With the world consciously shifting towards sustainable living that could have positive environmental impacts, the necessity of investing in eco-friendly furniture has become an important topic. This article will look at some of the most eco-friendly furniture brands available. We will also explore why they are currently the best option but first, let’s look at what eco-friendly furniture means. 

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What is eco-friendly furniture? 

Simply put, eco-friendly furniture is furniture pieces that are made from renewable ecological materials like bamboo, do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or harmful chemicals employed in the manufacturing process, and make use of non-toxic or bare-bones packing materials.

The wood is sourced from sustainable sources such as recycled materials with eco-friendly furniture. The manufacturing process also includes the use of minimal resources and the lowest carbon footprint, especially during product delivery.

Investing in second-hand furniture is also an eco-friendly practice that can help maintain the environment and reduce deforestation. 

11 eco-friendly furniture brands

1. Haiku designs

Bedside chests, console tables, video cabinets, dining room sets, sofas, bed frames, and even magazine racks are some of the furniture types made by Haiku.

The European Union’s E1 emissions standard ranks furniture based on the materials used in production as well as VOC off-gassing, which is one of the certifications that Haiku has. Additionally, Haiku sells furniture that has received certification from the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), which guarantees that the wood was sourced responsibly.

They also sell ethically grown and responsibly sourced bamboo hardwood furniture. The business provides a concierge who can explain the moral standing of each item to their customers in detail.

Haiku designs is an eco-friendly furniture brand

2. Pottery barn furniture

Pottery Barn provides approximately 250 pieces of furniture in its Sustainably Sourced category, including bed frames, bar and storage, dining tables, chairs, sofas, and more. Several furniture styles are offered by potter Barn, such as farmhouse, modern, traditional, and rustic.

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Most pieces are created from recycled wood, though they are made of a range of materials. Others are Fair Trade certified or certified by GreenGuard Gold to be non-toxic. Additionally, you can discover recycled glassware and organic linens. Furniture from Pottery Barn is noted for being sturdy and having a high resale value.

3. Maiden home

This upscale firm offers stools, dining tables, couches, sectionals, seats, and more that are specially made for you. Each order is created by North Carolina artisans with decades of experience and is tailored to your needs. 

The furniture is made using carefully sourced, non-toxic materials and comes with a lifetime guarantee because the team places a strong emphasis on safe, pleasant furniture. Through Affirm, they offer payment plans that last up to 18 months.

4. Emeco

Emeco is a US company that was born out of the need to make fire-resistant, non-corrosive chairs for the US Navy. Over the years, the brand has grown to become one of the best and most eco-friendly brands. 

The company has developed its own materials manufactured from recycled glass bottles. Due to its weather resistance and much lower processing and firing energy requirements than conventional cement, this material is excellent for outdoor furniture. 

Other Emeco concoctions include Reclaimed Wood Polypropylene, which is created using sawdust from lumber yards and leftover plastic from factory floors. Their products make use of 100% recyclable packaging when shipped, and they offer a program where plastic and aluminum furniture can get recycled. 


5. Etsy

Etsy makes use of some low-impact materials to create new pieces. These materials, such as recycled barn wood, are usually mentioned on the site; however, you may need to make specific inquiries if you need more information about particular furniture pieces.  

Like many other eco-friendly furniture makers, their products are created to order. You can frequently work directly with the manufacturers to modify your order to suit your needs.

6. Made Trade

Made Trade is a woman-owned one-stop shop for furniture with an artisanal flair! This marketplace collaborates with ethical and environmentally conscious companies from all around the world, such as Masaya & Co, Emeco, and KAZI, to provide thoughtful items crafted using age-old methods, such as side tables made of raffia from Rwanda and ottomans from Nicaragua. 

Made Trade makes carbon-neutral furniture, some of which are certified by fair Trade. You can also make payments in four installments, which makes this brand a pocket-friendly choice. 

7. Medley

The business concept of Medley includes a dedication to eco-friendly furnishings and sustainability. The company manufactures ethically in California without the use of harsh chemicals or fire retardants, helping to lower carbon emissions. Additionally, Medley allows you to decide if you’ll want its clean, contemporary products customized to your preferences.

This American company makes sofas, chairs, tables, storage, and other household furniture using organic and upcycled materials. The company also supports environmental initiatives and is FSC certified. 

Medley is one of the most eco-friendly furniture brands

8. Joybird

You can count on Joybird’s gorgeous mid-century modern furniture for your eco-friendly chairs, sofas, or tables. Joybird furniture is custom-made in a Mexican workshop where artisans are paid fair wages, have access to healthcare, and have a secure working environment. In order to help protect the rainforests, Joybird plants more trees for every product sold.  

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The best part is that its FloorFound initiative allows you to find second-hand items at significant discounts. You can also take advantage of up to 18 months of payments and an APR of 0%.

9. Ecoblanza

Ecobalanza crafts upscale, ethically produced upholstered furniture on-site using age-old methods. Their handmade furniture is produced from non-toxic, natural, and recycled materials that are devoid of polyfoam or composite wood that contains formaldehyde. 

Couches made by Ecobalanza have solid, long-lasting hardwood frames manufactured with Western Maple and Alder that have received FSC certification. For cushion padding, Ecobalanza uses organic Dunlop latex that has been responsibly obtained. For natural flame resistance, inside wraps are made of certified organic merino wool. The furniture is made durable, sturdy, and comfy by the use of age-old techniques like hand-tying steel coils with jute fiber rope.

In place of chemicals, Ecobalanza uses wool as a flame barrier. Additionally, the business purchases eco-friendly textiles from its nearby Seattle-based, women-owned textile partner, Two Sisters Eco textiles, including GOTS-certified organic cotton.

10. Sabai

With eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping option, Sabai is one eco-friendly furniture maker that you can trust to get green furniture for a reasonable price. The company makes customized furniture based on your specifications using recycled and natural materials.

Their furniture has been certified sustainable by FSC and is non-toxic. Whether you are looking for furniture made using recycled steel, recycled wood, or safe, non-toxic foam and fabrics, Sabai is there to offer you one that not only suits your needs but also helps the environment. 

Sabai furniture

11. Avocado

Avocado furniture is created sustainably from start to finish in sunny California using 100% salvaged wood that is free of chemicals or fire retardants. The company makes use of certified renewable energy and is accredited as being carbon neutral. 

They are also a big fan of environmental initiatives and donates about 2% of its total revenue to such initiatives. To help you enjoy your new furniture as soon as possible, Avocado provides simple financing through Affirm. 

Bonus mention

12. Second-hand furniture

Due to the fact that many businesses combine wood with lower-quality items to keep production costs low, thereby leading to low-quality furniture that lacks durability, deforestation becomes unavoidable. The furniture pieces get broken quickly, leading to the need for new furniture. Deforestation is increasingly one of the main factors contributing to climate change.

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By opting for used furniture, you will help limit the amount of furniture that ends up in landfills, give those items a new lease on life, and lessen the impact that manufacturing new furniture has on the environment.

This is what makes second-hand furniture one of the most sustainable furniture piece to buy. They are most durable and have been stripped of any chemicals that they might have due to how long they have been in use. 

Second-hand furniture are eco-friendly furniture options that are good for the environment.

Advantages of using eco-friendly furniture

1. They are a more healthy option

Surprisingly, many everyday household items contain chemicals that could be bad for your health. Eco-furniture is an excellent option in this regard because children are susceptible to pollutants. The most prevalent substance is formaldehyde, which has been linked to various cancer types by science. Other substances induce hormone shifts, respiratory issues, and irritations. By choosing eco-friendly furniture, you may avoid these problems and maintain the health of your family.

2. They are suitable for the environment

Eco-friendly furniture is made with the least amount of harm to the environment possible. The use of chemicals is limited and does not negatively impact the environment. Additionally, if you’re a true environmentalist, some types of sustainable furniture are manufactured only from recycled materials, which is excellent.

3. Prevents deforestation and preserves ecosystems

Deforestation is the process of removing forests to create space for commercial buildings like mines and shopping centers. Every year, enormous amounts of wood are felled and used to create furniture. 

This affects ecosystems by disturbing the natural habitats of various animals and reducing plant and animal biodiversity. Environmental groups are working to encourage the wise usage of wood. If you care about the environment, you can start making a difference by doing basic things like choosing eco-friendly furniture and practicing better recycling habits.

Final words

Making a wise decision on the furniture and home decor, you bring into your home only requires a little research and thought. Long-term, your decision will be advantageous to the environment and the health of your family.

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