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Switching to an eco-friendly deodorant is important if you want to live a more natural and sustainable life. However, it’s also a challenging one. You don’t want to stink, after all.

Conventional antiperspirants and deodorants usually come packaged in an excessive amount of plastic. They contain various unpleasant chemicals like aluminium, artificial scents, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, preservatives, synthetic colours, and perfumes.

Many of these conventional deodorants are produced by well-known companies that test on animals, engage in unethical labour practices, and fail to acquire their raw materials ethically.

Consider the effects of your lifetime deodorant decision as you use it daily. Fortunately, several truly ethical and ecological companies are now producing eco-friendly deodorants that work incredibly well!

This blog post will look at some eco-friendly deodorants for you to try. We have made a list of deodorants, including ones that are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and zero-waste, smell fantastic and are produced by brands who care about ethics and the environment.

Let’s look at why you should switch to an eco-friendly deodorant. Let’s dive in!

Kutis eco-friendly deodorant

How We Picked the Best Eco-Friendly Deodorant Producers

There are several factors to consider when searching for an excellent eco-friendly deodorant. It must, first and foremost, really work! Additionally, it must be secure and gentle on your skin.

We also value promoting businesses and goods that are waste-free, ethical, socially, and environmentally responsible.

As a consumer, every penny you spend is a choice for the goods and businesses you want to see on the market and in your economy.

In light of this, the following factors were used to select the brands for review:

  • Ingredients that are simple, safe, and mostly natural
  • Aluminium, paraben, and phthalate-free 
  • Effective and supported by reviews from real users
  • Plastic-free, zero-waste, refillable, biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable packaging 
  • Animal-free and vegan
  • Brands that are eco-friendly, ethical, and socially responsible and are honest about their efforts to be sustainable

We found several fantastic eco-friendly deodorants and picked the best ones to review based on the criteria above for people who sweat.

Here’s a selection of the 15 best eco-friendly deodorants

12 Best Eco-friendly Deodorants

We strongly advise performing an underarm cleanse with an underarm detox bar before switching to an eco-friendly deodorant. Your switch will be much easier as a result.

Your pores become clogged when you use an aluminium-containing deodorant. After switching to a natural deodorant, your glands may produce more than usual to unclog your pores.

During the transition, you may eliminate the chemicals so the natural deodorant will truly function by using an underarm detox bar.

Let’s see some eco-friendly deodorant brands.

1. Kutis Lavender & Geranium Deodorant

Kurtis is a UK-based company that produces natural, eco-friendly deodorants and skincare products. Their products are often vegan and never tested on animals.

Kurtis only uses products that have been ethically sourced, and the majority of them are fair trade and organic certified. All of their goods are stabilizer- and filler-free and without preservatives.

Handmade in Wales, Kurtis’ Lavender & Geranium Plastic-Free Vegan Deodorant is packaged in a 100% biodegradable paperboard push-up tube.

Sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and organic essential oils are all included in the composition, which is free of aluminium. 

The vegan alternatives from Kurtis include Lavender & Geranium, Grapefruit & Mandarin, and an Unscented deodorant. Kurtis also makes natural deodorants that aren’t vegan.

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2. Native Cucumber & mint deodorant

Native Cucumber & Mint Vegan Plastic-Free Deodorant comes in a paperboard tube with no plastic. It is also cruelty-free, vegan (though the sensitive versions do have beeswax), and made with mostly plant-based ingredients that come from nature.

It is produced with magnesium hydroxide, tapioca starch, probiotics, sodium bicarbonate, and other ingredients to keep you dry and decrease odors without interfering with your normal sweating. It has no talc, phthalates, aluminum, or synthetic perfumes.

3. Meow Meow Tweet

Meow meow tweet deodorant

Meow Meow Tweet is a US company that sells handmade, morally and environmentally responsible, vegan and low-waste personal care items. 

They have been designated as a cruelty-free company, plastic-negative, and carbon-neutral, all of which are outstanding green credentials. 

Additionally, they employ certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and either zero-waste or closed-loop packaging.

Meow Meow Tweet’s Cedar Spruce Baking Soda-Free Deodorant Stick is gentle and good for sensitive skin because it is made with a mix of oils, waxes, and essential oils. 

It also has arrowroot powder, which soaks up moisture, and magnesium hydroxide, which keeps smells from getting too strong. The recipe does not have Palm Oil, Gluten, or Aluminum.

4. Bai-li

Bai-li eco-friendly deodorant

All skin types respond flawlessly to Bai-excellent li’s zero-waste deodorant. It’s a deodorant without baking soda, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Additionally, organic ingredients actively block odors, ensuring that you smell and feel fresh all day. 

Each natural deodorant is made by hand in small batches to maintain its freshness without preservatives, and it comes in a compostable or recyclable paper tube.

You can select the unscented variety if you are sensitive to smells. You can also pick from a variety of great scents, such as lemon and bergamot, eucalyptus and rosemary, and lavender and peppermint if you don’t mind a light aroma.

5. Lakeside Natural Apothecary

Anything you put on your skin should, in the view of Lakeside Natural Apothecary, be healthy enough to consume. 

This natural deodorant bar doesn’t include aluminum, parabens, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances or colors because of this.

You’ll also be relieved to learn that the deodorant doesn’t include baking soda if you have sensitive skin. 

Instead, the deodorant uses food-grade bentonite clay and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture and give off a fresh aroma.

6. All Good

Check out All Good if you’re looking for the best natural deodorant in a classic twist-up container.

These natural deodorants are free of phthalates, parabens, and aluminum. Natural ingredients like arrowroot powder, which absorbs moisture, and calendula and aloe vera, which calm the skin, are what you’ll get.

You can select the fragrance you prefer with these cruelty-free natural deodorants because they are available in several flavors.

7. Elevated Pits

Anyone who wants their deodorant to contain something other than toxic ingredients or be packaged in toxic plastic should try Elevated Pits. 

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This natural, zero-waste deodorant is packaged in a glass container that can be recycled or reused.

Aluminum and parabens are not included, and it is vegan and cruelty-free. Instead, you’ll relish the calming shea butter, fragrant essential oils, moisture-absorbent baking soda and arrowroot.

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8. Pit Stop

Pit Stop is among the greatest eco-friendly deodorants, making it one of the best natural deodorants. It comes in a cardboard tube that you can throw in your compost bin after it’s empty and is produced with only natural ingredients.

It applies clear, so your clothes won’t get stained. Various baking soda-free solutions will please you if you have sensitivity to it. Additionally, this natural deodorant is available in various scents, making it simple to find your favorite.

Here is a useful tip I would like to share because using a deodorant that is in a tube sometimes feels a little different. Put the tube between your palms or under your arms for a few minutes to warm it and make the deodorant easier to apply. The deodorant is stiff and difficult to use if the tube is cold.

9.  We Love the Planet

A natural organic deodorant made by We Love the Planet is made without aluminum or other artificial ingredients. 

Beeswax and coconut oil are used to moisturize and soothe the skin, corn starch powder makes it easier to spread, baking soda eliminates odors, and citrus fruit oils and herbs give it a fresh, light scent.

The best part is that it comes in a tin case that you can recycle or reuse after use and is entirely free of any plastic packaging. 

Additionally, it comes from one of the greatest zero-waste online stores, so you know you’re making a decision that is healthier for the environment and your health.

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10. Helmm

helmm eco-friendly deodorant

Are you searching for the best eco-friendly deodorant for guys that performs as well as it smells and looks? Next, you should look at Helmm.

The aluminum-free deodorant from Helmm is made to eliminate body odor brought on by microorganisms that break down sweat. It’s simple to use and doesn’t leave any residue to apply this non-irritating, cruelty-free deodorant.

Additionally, their ground-breaking refill cartridge method significantly lowers plastic waste. Choose the sturdy, reusable container you want, then buy the refill pods to put them inside. 

Finding the one you adore is simple because the scents range from warm and sensual to fresh and clean.

And ladies, don’t worry, Helmm was first created for guys, but there’s no reason why you can’t use the energizing deodorant as well.

11. Little Seed Farm

One of the green deodorants tested and trusted is Little Seed Farm. This cream deodorant creates zero waste and absorbs quickly.

This deodorant is free of GMOs, parabens, gluten, and aluminum and is not tested on animals. With this deodorant, a little bit goes a long way. For each armpit, a pea-sized amount is sufficient.

You can use this activated charcoal deodorant cream instead of baking soda if your skin is sensitive. Its light scent of mint can keep you awake and alert all day.

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12. Fat and Moon

Fat and the Moon is another wonderful option for those with sensitive skin. It’s created with coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and a few essential oils for a light aroma that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

The eco-friendly deodorant is packaged in a glass jar with a metal cover that is recyclable or reused. Its light, silky texture prevents streaks of chalky white from appearing on your black clothing.

The best part is that this plastic- and cruelty-free deodorant is created in the USA from organic materials, so you can be sure it’s beneficial for both the earth and your skin.

Are The Fears Concerning Antiperspirant Deodorants True?

There are many reasons why eco-friendly deodorants are becoming more popular, but some people are worried about the ingredients in traditional products, especially aluminium.

One major fear is the possibility that the aluminium in deodorants causes cancer. According to the notion, aluminium compounds used to halt sweating, such as aluminium zirconium or aluminium chlorohydrate, can be sucked up through the underarms and result in breast cancer.

Additionally, it is claimed that blocking sweat ducts with specific aluminum compounds protects the body from excreting chemicals ingested when using antiperspirants that may be carcinogenic.

Cancer Research UK, on the other hand, claims that there is “no good evidence” to support a connection between aluminum in antiperspirants and cancer. 

Various people have questioned whether the aluminum found in some antiperspirants and deodorants affects the chance of developing cancer. But there is currently no link supported by scientific data, so there’s no need for people to panic.

Additionally, there are fears that aluminum, which is included in many commonplace things, including antacids, antiperspirants, and aluminum cans, may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. 

However, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, “no convincing link between the body’s exposure to aluminum and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease has been demonstrated.”

Even now, some consumers can still choose items without aluminum, and if you’re a fan of plastic-free deodorant, you might have a few options.

On the other hand, parabens might be of greater concern. A preservative called parabens is used to keep deodorant from developing bacteria. Sadly, these parabens can be absorbed through your skin. Once inside your body, they may behave similarly to estrogen.

The danger of having breast cancer and the possibility that a child would suffer autism has all been linked to a higher lifetime estrogen exposure.

However, switching to the best natural deodorant should not only be motivated by health considerations. Additionally, natural deodorants are better for sensitive skin, can prevent yellow sweat stains on your clothes, and may even make you sweat less.


Deodorant is something we use daily, and we buy them very often. That’s why It is very important to pick one that suits your needs and conforms to your ideals.

This article listed some of the top products to try—brands that work, smell amazing and are produced by companies with high ethical, environmental, and social standards.

Whatever your requirements or your core principles, we are certain that the ideal eco-friendly deodorant for you is on our list!

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