SURI Toothbrush Review – A must-read before buying


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Reviewed by Ogbo Godfrey

The Suri Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush is a high-performance, sustainable toothbrush. Using advanced sonic technology, this unique toothbrush gently yet thoroughly removes plaque and tartar from your teeth.

If you still use a plastic toothbrush, you’re doing more harm than good to the environment. Plastic toothbrushes can be harmful to the environment because they are not biodegradable. 

This is why most people now purchase biodegradable brushes; it’s not the manual type but an electric toothbrush. Suri’s electric toothbrush intends to change that by being more durable, lasting longer, and generating less waste than conventional toothbrushes. 

The SURI electric toothbrush is one of the best on the market if you value style, performance, and sustainability in a sonic electric toothbrush. 

In this SURI toothbrush review, we will review the product’s qualities and functionality to help you decide if it fits your needs well.

About SURI

The London-based company SURI (Sustainable Rituals) creates high-quality, creative personal care items that encourage individuals to adopt a more sustainable way of life. 

Gyve Safavi and Mark Rushmore, the company’s co-founders, came up with the idea for the SURI toothbrush. 

Both had previously spent time working for the global corporation P&G before deciding to team together and develop a sonic electric toothbrush that would have less effect on the environment. 

The company’s mission is to simplify the adoption of sustainable practices for the everyday customer. That’s why they’ve put in so much effort to develop modern oral care items that are also eco-friendly, as you will see in this SURI toothbrush review. It’s a global company with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States.

About the Suri Toothbrush

The SURI electric toothbrush is one of the most aesthetically pleasing toothbrushes you will see on the market. We need to go through its functionality for you to get the full gist of the SURI toothbrush review.

1. Design

The toothbrush has a sleek, durable aluminum body with a matte paint job that gives it a high-end appearance and feel. 

It has a compact design, measuring about a third the size of a regular electric toothbrush, and it has features that make it convenient to bring along on trips. 

The medium-soft bristles on the brush heads are gentle on the gums while still thoroughly cleaning the teeth. In addition, the handle of the toothbrush fits naturally in the hand, making brushing my teeth a breeze. 

On the front of the brush is a single power button that toggles between two cleaning settings (‘Everyday Clean’ and ‘Polish’). It is now easier to keep your teeth clean and healthy thanks to the pacing functions included in this product.

If the toothbrush breaks, SURI can fix it by unscrewing the base and replacing the motor and battery. This toothbrush also has a UV casing that effectively kills germs as it cleans the brush after storing it inside. 

The brush is IPX7 Certified, meaning it is waterproof despite being constructed of metal and having a battery within. You don’t have to worry about it; you can use it in the shower if desired; simply run it under water after use.

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2. Sonic Toothbrush

Another essential part of this SURI toothbrush review is to look at its sonic vibrations. The SURI toothbrush is sonic, meaning it uses vibrations to clean your teeth. With 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, you can expect an efficient cleaning. 

This contrasts the oscillating technique many brushes use, often resulting in lower vibration levels but a physically rotating brush head. 

While some dentists may endorse both technologies as they effectively eliminate plaque, you may prefer the gentler vibrations of the Suri toothbrush.

If you want to give equal attention to each area of your mouth, the 30-second vibration interval on the built-in timer will help you do that.

The toothbrush shuts off after two minutes. However, the SURI electric toothbrush has no pressure sensor to tell you if you’re brushing too hard. 

3. Battery Life and Charging

You probably wonder how long this toothbrush lasts, as this is a major concern with other toothbrushes. Not to worry, we will talk in this part of the SURI toothbrush review. With the SURI electric toothbrush, you can enjoy a long battery life of up to 40 days. 

This is helpful and particularly beneficial when you are traveling because it’s one less thing you don’t have to worry about going off.

Furthermore, the USB charging port allows charging while on the go with a portable power source like a laptop or power bank. 

SURI toothbrush features a useful function that will turn off automatically after 2 minutes of brushing, saving battery life. It also has a superior battery, and unlike other toothbrushes, you can replace the battery rather than throw it away when it eventually dies.

Unlike many other electric toothbrushes, this one needs three to four hours to recharge the battery fully.

The SURI Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush’s high battery life contributes to user convenience and the product’s sustainability over time. One way it helps the environment is by reducing the number of times you charge it.

4. Magnetic Wall Mount

Another amazing part of this toothbrush that we will talk about in this SURI Toothbrush Review is the magnetic wall mount the toothbrush has, for easy attachment to any other vertical surface for convenient storage. 

The adhesive pad and the toothbrush’s magnetic base help secure the toothbrush to the mount. It’s a quick and easy way to keep the brush out of the way when you are not using it. 

Furthermore, this comes in handy when you’re short on storage space, whether on your counter or shelf. The magnets give the brush a firm hold, making it difficult to knock over. 

This handy accessory is ideal for maintaining an orderly bathroom countertop or sink area.

As an added convenience, you may attach the mirror mount magnetically to the bathroom mirror and keep your brush there without worrying about it getting wet or touching other brushes.

5. Toothbrush Travel Case

The toothbrush case is a bit bigger and keeps your toothbrush clean and germ-free on the road. The UV light, in this case, disinfects your toothbrush, and the case itself will keep the brush head safe from debris in your vacation toiletry bag. 

This brilliant design removes 99.9% of bacteria, providing a germ-free brushing experience anywhere. This one is far more aesthetically pleasing, portable, and practical than other electric toothbrush cases.

6. Price

You can purchase a Suri Toothbrush for around $70 to $90, depending on where you shop. The pricing of this toothbrush set includes the toothbrush handle and one replacement brush head. 

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Dentists usually recommend replacing your brush head every three months; you can usually purchase them for around $10 to $15. Since the cost of the base unit and four replacement brush heads can vary, the annual cost of maintaining the toothbrush might be anywhere from $110 to $150.

SURI Toothbrush Review

How Sustainable is The Suri Toothbrush?

The next step in this SURI toothbrush review is to see how sustainable it is and what makes it sustainable. The SURI company made this brush using eco-friendly methods and materials.

The SURI toothbrush sets a high bar for environmentally friendly products. Because it contains no plastic, recycling it won’t add to the growing microplastic problem.

1. Materials 

The SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush uses a plant-based head from corn starch and castor oil bristles. It has an IPX7 grade (among the highest available) for waterproofness, and its aluminum handle is durable and repairable. 

They use primarily bio-based materials to reduce reliance on plastic in consumer goods. In other words, you can compost the entire head provided you meet the right conditions. 

You can also recycle aluminum staples without any special preparation. However, you cannot recycle the bristles, and you must remove them from the brush head.

The toothbrush has an aluminum outer handle to prevent rust. The internal structures are modular and comprises of steel parts. This implies that fixing it won’t be as much of a hassle if it ever breaks.

Suppose you live in the United States or the United Kingdom. In that case, you can utilize the guide and recycling service provided by SURI to send back your old brush heads in biodegradable bags for recycling.

2. Packaging

Another essential part of this SURI toothbrush review is to see how sustainable the packaging is. Not to worry, all of SURI’s packaging is plastic-free. 

Compared to other toothbrushes, the SURI toothbrush is the most eco-friendly choice. 

The SURI electric toothbrush comes in streamlined, minimalist packaging that provides adequate protection without the excess plastic common among competing products. 

The company packs the brush head in a home compostable wrapper, and the cardboard inserts are recyclable.

3. Carbon Neutral

In addition, SURI is working toward becoming fully B-Corps accredited, a certification standard that indicates a company showing high ethical and environmental standards in transparent, measurable ways. 

Another interesting part of this review is that it partnered with the climate-neutral organization ClimatePartner to offset the carbon emissions created between the product’s manufacture and end.

4. Repair Facility

Repairability is something that most companies disregard when making consumer goods, and we will be looking at that in this SURI toothbrush review. 

SURI’s sonic electric toothbrush appears to have achieved this goal successfully. SURI can easily fix this thanks to its modular design and simple screw at the device’s base. 

Its modular design makes fixing or replacing batteries and other parts simple. The SURI toothbrush has a 1-year warranty. 

Furthermore, if your toothbrush breaks after the initial year, SURI will fix it for a fair price, saving you money and keeping it out of landfills.

SURI vs. Other Brands

In this section of the SURI toothbrush review, we will be comparing the SURI toothbrush with other top-rated toothbrushes.

1. Suri vs FOREO ISSA 3 

The FOREO ISSA is a popular alternative to the SURI electric toothbrush. It cleans teeth, gums, and tongue and contains eco-friendly silicone. 

The SURI-like, ultra-gentle brushes clean like a dream without risking any harm to your teeth delicate enamel. It’s 10,000 times cleaner than your nylon toothbrush because it has medical-grade silicone. 

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Unlike the SURI, which you have to charge every 40 days, the ISSA-3 may go up to a year without recharging. The silicone of the ISSA brush is 100% waterproof and free of BPA and phthalates. 

However, it isn’t compostable like the SURI’s. The brush and its spare head come packaged in unnecessary plastic. This makes the SURI toothbrush more eco-friendly and sustainable than this brand.

2. SURI vs. Georganics Sonic Toothbrush

The high-frequency vibrations that characterize the Georganics Sonic Toothbrush are key to its effectiveness in removing built-up tartar and plaque. 

This innovation improves hygiene, encourages stronger gums, and aids in preventing gum disorders like gingivitis and gum bleeding. You can set each brush head to one of three different stroke speeds.

It has a 35,000 stroke-per-minute speed, which means a single charge can last up to five weeks of use. 

Furthermore, this natural toothbrush is easy on the gums. This brand also provides new environmentally friendly mouthwash and tooth tablets in a compostable pouch, making the toothbrush part of a more responsible oral hygiene regimen. 

Despite being packaged in recyclable materials, this toothbrush’s plastic handle and head are not the most environmentally friendly option.

3. SURI vs Oral-B

The SURI and the Oral-B toothbrushes are both excellent options. While Oral-B gives a superior cleaning experience, they are not as environmentally friendly as SURI. 

Compared to the SURI toothbrush, known for its compact, fashionable, and sturdy design, Oral-B toothbrushes are typically bulkier. The battery lasts a long time and features a pressure sensor. 

It can go for at least a week between charges if you use it twice daily for two minutes. Without any doubt, SURI is the finest option when it comes to sustainability.

4. SURI vs Philips Sonicare

The SURI and the Philips Sonicare are two excellent toothbrush brands to consider. It operates in four different ways, with three levels of intensity each. Some models of the Philips Sonicare require a separate USB adaptor. 

Additionally, according to the SURI toothbrush review, the SURI brush head is more effective at removing plaque than the Philips’s. 

It has three interchangeable brush heads: a plaque control head, a white head, and a gum health head. This toothbrush is also a bit awkward to hold compared to other options. 


Based on the features we looked at in this SURI Toothbrush review, you can agree that it is an excellent option for an eco-friendly electric toothbrush. 

With its eco-friendly build, long battery life, and efficient cleaning performance, this brush is a real winner. These features, together with its general durability, have earned it high praise.

In the end, it’s up to you to make a choice. We hope this SURI toothbrush review will help you decide what to do.

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