11 Pet Safe Ant Spray You Can Get Today. The last 2 will shock you

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In every pet owner’s life, the battle with pests, particularly ants, is an inevitable struggle. But the challenge isn’t just about eliminating these tiny invaders; it’s ensuring the safety of our beloved furry companions in the process. Unfortunately, many common pest control solutions on the market today contain chemicals that, while effective at ant eradication, can be harmful or even lethal to pets.

This is where pet-safe ant sprays come in. These formulations are specially designed to keep ants at bay while ensuring that your pets are not at risk. In this article, we will be exploring 11 pet-friendly ant sprays that are readily available today.

We’ll delve into their ingredients, effectiveness, cost, and where you can get them, giving you the information you need to protect your home from ants in a way that’s safe for your entire household. By choosing a pet-safe ant killer, you can enjoy a pest-free home without compromising the wellbeing of your pets.

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Understanding Pet-Safe Products

Before we delve into the list of pet-safe ant sprays, it’s essential to understand what makes a product ‘pet-safe’. A pet-safe product is one that, when used as directed, will not cause harm to your pets. It should be free from toxic chemicals that could lead to health complications ranging from mild irritations to severe health issues.

Most pet-safe products harness the power of natural ingredients, which are eco-friendly and safe for your pets but are still effective in dealing with pests. These may include essential oils like peppermint, clove, or lemongrass, which many ants find unpleasant.

On the other hand, traditional ant sprays often contain potent chemicals like permethrin, imidacloprid, or fipronil. While these substances are effective in killing ants, they can also be harmful to pets, causing symptoms like nausea, vomiting, seizures, and in severe cases, even leading to death.

However, it’s important to note that even natural ingredients can cause some pets to have allergic reactions. It’s always wise to monitor your pet’s behavior after using a new product for the first time. If you notice any changes, discontinue the product and consult with your vet. The goal is to strike a balance between effective ant control and ensuring our pets’ safety. And that’s why we’re focusing on pet-safe ant sprays, offering you a safer way to combat your ant problem.

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The Benefits of Using Pet-Safe Ant Spray

Pet Safe Ant Spray

Choosing pet-safe ant sprays has numerous advantages, the most important being the safeguarding of your pets’ health. While our primary focus is on ensuring that these sprays don’t harm our beloved furry friends, these products also offer other significant benefits.

First and foremost, pet-safe ant sprays provide peace of mind. There’s no need to worry about your dog, cat, or other pets getting sick due to accidental ingestion or exposure to harmful chemicals. These sprays are specially formulated to ensure your pets can roam freely around your home, even after a fresh application.

Another benefit of pet-safe ant sprays is their environmental friendliness. Traditional pest control products often contain harsh chemicals that can contaminate our water sources, soil, and harm non-target species. In contrast, pet-safe ant sprays are typically made from natural ingredients that are biodegradable and less likely to negatively impact the ecosystem.

Additionally, some pet-safe sprays use ingredients that ants detest, making them effective long-term solutions. For instance, certain essential oils not only repel ants but also disrupt their scent trails, reducing the likelihood of re-infestation. This doesn’t just kill the ants you can see but also helps control the ones you can’t see.

In a nutshell, by choosing pet-safe ant sprays, you’re opting for a solution that’s considerate of your pet’s health, better for the environment, and potentially more effective in keeping your home ant-free in the long run.

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Breakdown of 11 Pet-Safe Ant Sprays

1. Raid Essentials Ant & Roach Killer:

Raid Essentials Ant & Roach Killer is a trusted Pet Safe Ant Spray choice among American shoppers, promising a plant-based, pet-friendly solution for ant control. Infused with essential oils, this formula effectively eliminates ants, roaches, and other crawling pests while ensuring the safety of your kids and pets when used as directed.

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Its kitchen-friendly nature makes it an excellent option for safeguarding your food-preparation areas from unwanted insect invasions. Harness the power of essential oils with Raid Essentials, a brand celebrated for its commitment to quality and effectiveness.

2. Mighty Mint Ant Spray:

Mighty Mint Pet Safe Ant Spray offers an all-natural, highly effective solution that ensures the safety of both people and pets in your household. Its power lies in its potent contact kill properties and its ability to repel various types of ants.

The star of the show, however, might be the powerful fresh mint scent, which not only offers a pleasant aroma but is also an active ingredient that ants find unfavourable. Turn your home into an ant-free zone with Mighty Mint’s high-performing, pet-safe formula.

3. Aunt Fannie’s Ant Spray for Indoor Use:

Aunt Fannie’s Pet Safe Ant Spray is your go-to solution for indoor ant issues, powered by essential oils and free from harsh chemicals. This USA-manufactured product ensures the safety of your children and pets when used as directed. With its pleasant, fresh scent, Aunt Fannie’s doesn’t just work hard to eliminate ants – it also leaves your home smelling great. Each 16.9 oz bottle provides ample coverage for your indoor spaces. Choose Aunt Fannie’s for a good-smelling, pet-safe, and effective ant solution.

4. BugPursuit 24oz Ant Killer:

BugPursuit 24oz Pet Safe Ant Spray debunks the myth that natural solutions can’t be as powerful as synthetic ones. With its plant-based formula, including clove and cottonseed essential oils, this ant killer offers a robust, contact-kill solution for ants and fire ants.

Not only is it safe for daily use in diverse indoor and outdoor environments, but it’s also a 100% USDA Bio-based product, free from harmful compounds, artificial colors, and strong smells. The non-staining formula makes it a standout choice, allowing for worry-free application on various surfaces. Trust BugPursuit for an effective, environmentally friendly, and pet-safe ant control solution.

5. Eco Defense USDA Biobased Pest Control Spray:

Eco Defense USDA Biobased Pest Control Spray brings the power of nature to your home, offering an organic and non-toxic solution to common household pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, and more.

This fast-acting Pet Safe Ant Spray not only eliminates pests swiftly but also offers a long-lasting effect to keep your home pest-free. Being a natural alternative to conventional, chemical-based products, Eco Defense provides a safe environment for you and your pets, free from harmful fumes and dangerous poisons. Choose Eco Defense for an effective, eco-friendly, and pet-safe solution to your ant problems.

6. Wondercide Ant Spray:

Wondercide Ant Spray is your eco-friendly answer to outdoor pest problems. Powered by natural essential oils like cedar, this solution is both a treatment and preventative measure against pests, safeguarding your pets, family, and beneficial insects in the process. It is a wonderful Pet Safe Ant Spray.

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The application is easy, and the coverage is impressive—up to 5,000 square feet, suitable for lawns, patios, gardens, and more. Safety is prioritized, with no artificial colors, fragrances, or harsh pesticides included in the formula. It’s a cruelty-free, biodegradable product proudly made in the USA. So, attach Wondercide to your garden hose, spray, and enjoy a pest-free outdoor space!

7. EcoVenger by EcoRaider Ant Killer & Crawling Insect Killer:

EcoVenger, previously known as EcoRaider, is a dual-function Pet Safe Ant Spray that not only exterminates pests swiftly but also disrupts their pheromone trails, preventing re-entry for up to 4 weeks. This highly efficacious spray wipes out ants immediately, proving its mettle against popular chemical pesticides in various university studies.

The plant-based, non-toxic formula extracts its active ingredients organically from essential oils, making it lethal only to insects, not humans or pets. Approved by an EPA authorized lab, EcoVenger guarantees safety with no toxic side effects via dermal, oral, eye, or inhalation exposure. Choose EcoVenger for an immediate and lasting, pet-safe solution to your ant problems.

8. Raid Ant & Roach Aerosol Bug Spray:

Raid Ant & Roach Aerosol Bug Spray is a versatile solution that targets a broad range of insects, from ants and roaches to spiders and stinkbugs. This water-based formula leaves no greasy residue, making it ideal for use on indoor surfaces. It makes it a good Pet Safe Ant Spray in the market today.

The fragrance-free nature of this spray means there’s no lasting odor after application. With the Raid Defense System, which has been protecting families from bugs for over 60 years, you can maintain control of infestations by applying this spray every 4 weeks as necessary. Trust Raid for a pet-safe, effective, and residue-free solution to your pest problems.

9. STEM Pet Safe Ant Spray:

STEM Pet Safe Ant Spray offers a quick and effective solution to common household pests like ants, roaches, and spiders. This entomologist-tested bug spray harnesses the power of botanical extracts to swiftly eliminate pests, ensuring safety for people and pets when used as directed.

Its fresh scent and lack of added dye, fragrance, or harsh chemical odors make it a pleasant addition to your pest control arsenal. With STEM, both indoor and outdoor spaces can remain bug-free, providing a plant-based, pet-safe ant spray that is truly rooted in nature and optimized by science.

10. Safer Brand Safer Home SH110 Pet Safe Ant Spray:

Safer Brand Safer Home SH110 Pet Safe Ant Spray bids goodbye to a variety of home-invading insects including ants, flies, roaches, and spiders. This award-winning product is recognized with the Parent Tested Parent Approved™ Seal of Approval for its safety around children and pets when used as directed. Its quick-kill formula works fast, eliminating 100% of certain pests within just 3 minutes.

The naturally-derived formula blends essential oils like cottonseed and clove, free of any harsh chemicals. Furthermore, it leaves no residue, drying without the need for cleanup. Turn to Safer Brand for a pet-safe ant spray that is as effective as it is eco-friendly.

11. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Pet Safe Ant Spray:

The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a plug-in device that will see pests gone within 3-4 weeks, making your home a no-bug zone. It works by emitting harmless ultrasonic waves that are undetectable by humans or animals but are highly uncomfortable for pests.

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This innovative, non-invasive method of pest control effectively drives pests out without harming them or disturbing your daily life. It has a wide coverage of up to 1200 square feet, ideal for houses, offices, apartments, supermarkets, warehouses, and hotels. Depending on the severity of the infestation, you may see results within a week, with most pests disappearing within 3-4 weeks. Choose Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for a pet-safe ant spray solution that is as innovative as it is effective.

It is not exactly a Pet Safe Ant Spray because it is not a spray, but it definitely made our list.

12. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Plug-in Pet Safe Ant Spray:

The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Plug-in provides 100% defence against pests using the newest ultrasonic wave technology. This pet-safe ant spray solution safeguards your property from a range of pests, with a simple-to-use design complete with a golden night light feature. While not exactly a Pet Safe Ant Spray, it does the job well.

It boasts a large coverage area and silent operation, making it unobtrusive and suitable for various environments. This product also promises sanitary pest control, as it drives pests away without killing them. It’s a certified solution, with an EPA EST registration number of 94950-CHN-1, proving its safety and effectiveness. Protect your pets and property simultaneously with this innovative ultrasonic pest repeller.

Tips for Using Pet-Safe Ant Sprays:

When using pet-safe ant sprays, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions meticulously to ensure effectiveness and safety. Begin by identifying the ant-infested areas in your home. These often include kitchen counters, pantry shelves, cracks, and crevices. Once you have found these spots, apply the spray directly, making sure to cover the entire area.

The frequency of application of any Pet Safe Ant Spray may vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the product’s instructions, but generally, a once-weekly application should suffice for preventive measures. In the case of a severe infestation, you might need to spray every few days until the ants are fully eradicated.

While these sprays are designed to be safe for pets, you should still take a few precautionary measures. Keep your pets away during application, and wait until the spray has fully dried before allowing your pet to return to the treated area. It’s also advisable to store these products out of reach of curious pets. Lastly, even though these sprays are safe for pets, reactions can vary depending on the individual animal. If your pet shows any signs of discomfort or unusual behavior, stop using the product immediately and consult a vet. Remember, safety first!


As responsible pet owners, it’s our duty to ensure our beloved pets’ safety, even when dealing with common household pests like ants. We’ve explored a range of pet-safe ant sprays in this article, each offering unique qualities but sharing a common trait – they’re all designed to tackle ant problems without posing harm to your pets. From sprays using essential oils to ultrasonic devices, there are plenty of options to keep your home ant-free and your pets safe.

In summary, always look for pet-safe labels when purchasing ant sprays and be mindful of using these products according to their instructions. Being proactive in pest control can protect your home and ensure a safe environment for your pets. We encourage you to try these products and see which one works best for you. We’re always eager to hear from our readers. Feel free to share your experiences with these products or any other pet-safe ant sprays you’ve discovered. Remember, the well-being of our pets is paramount, and with the right products, we can achieve effective ant control without compromising that.

Leave us a comment below on what you think of our list of Pet Safe Ant Sprays and if you’ve used any of them before.

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