Unveiling 19 Non-Toxic Furniture Brands That Are Changing The Décor Game


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Medley, Avocado, Sabai, and Maiden Home are some of the best non-toxic furniture brands in the world.

Every home needs just that touch of furniture or décor to make it comfier looking. Any couple can tell you that their home started looking more comfortable the minute they bought those timeless pieces of furniture. 

But in our world today, as we are trying to lean towards companies becoming more eco-conscious and environmentally aware of the effects of their production and supply lines, more and more families and couples are starting to look for non-toxic furniture brands that understand and are committed to clean and sustainable practices in the production of their furniture.

In today’s article, we compiled a list of the 19 best non-toxic furniture brands out there that would look perfect in your home.

What Makes a Furniture Brand Non-Toxic?

 non-toxic furniture brands

To the reader who is curious about what makes furniture toxic or non-toxic, here is a list of products or materials that non-toxic furniture brands make their pieces without:

  • Flame Retardants 

This can cause lung, eye, and breathing problems.

  • Formaldehyde 

Normally used for embalmment, this gas is quite toxic when breathed.

  • Toxic Water Repellents

Also known as Perfluorochemicals

  • PVC’s or Vinyl
  • VOC Finishes

If the furniture brand produces its sets without any of these materials being present, it’s safe to say it’s a non-toxic furniture brand.

Let’s dive into the brands themselves.

19 Best Non-Toxic Furniture Brands To Change Your Decor 

1. Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest is definitely one of the best non-toxic furniture brands out there; it is a popular brand and has been in the business for quite some time. 

It’s a Certified B-Corp company that makes all its sets and pieces from ethically sourced raw materials and wood. 

The fittings on their pieces are made from ethically produced cotton and hemp that wasn’t bleached with chemicals.

Price Range: $749 – $3,999

2. TFS Natural Home

You can’t make a list of the best non-toxic furniture brands in the world without mentioning TFS Natural Home. 

In the world of furniture, it’s a popular name. They are quite well known for being one of the only completely formaldehyde-free furniture brands in the globe. 

In addition, their pieces are also very beautiful and would fit into any minimalist décor amazingly well. 

The brand uses only organically produced cotton, which is manufactured locally and not flown thousands of miles; overall, they are committed to climate action.

Price Range: $280–$7,990

3. Medley

Quite popular for their minimalistic designs which are works of art, they use ethically sourced wood for their designs as well as Zero VOC glues and no formaldehyde whatsoever and organic latex. 

The brand has a whole section of its website (which is quite long) dedicated to explaining what alternatives they use to the traditional toxic materials used in furniture production. 

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Their production and supply line is clean, and they are dedicated to cleaning up the Earth and reducing the climate crisis.

Price Range: $1,095 – $6,299


This is one of the few brands on this list that is family-owned and has maintained a rigorous production process for all their furniture pieces. 

Their furniture uses only organically sourced materials, even in the paint they produce, which is also non-toxic. All of their pieces are made from solid wood, organic cotton, and hemp upholstery and use non-toxic finishes and varnishes. 

The company crafts its pieces with eco-friendliness and environmental awareness in mind. 

Price Range: $500 – $7000

5. Made Trade

This brand is definitely one of the best non-toxic furniture brands, and for a number of good reasons. It’s also one of the only female-owned brands on this list, and it’s doing quite well. 

All the pieces in their store are ethically produced and low-VOC products. A lot of their products are made from materials like recycled aluminum and plastic, with the remaining made from ethically sourced wood, and using non-toxic finishes and varnishes. They are famous for making lovely stools, bed stands, benches, and beautiful tables.

Price Range: $200 – $5000

6. Avocado

This brand is very popular for its bedroom pieces, including their table tops, bedside tables, bed stands, and mattresses. 

All their pieces are made from ethically sourced maple wood or fir, with the supply line and the suppliers confirmed to be both ethical in the wood production and ethical in the treatment of workers. 

All their pieces are classified as safe by multiple corporations. If you are also a parent, they also produce non-toxic cribs and cots for your little bundles of joy. 

The company is also very popular for treating its staff fairly with a lot of free days, fair working hours, and fair pay across all its levels of staffing.

Price Range: $329–$2,799

7. Ecobalanza

This brand might not be so famous, but it’s definitely one of the best non-toxic furniture brands out there in the world. 

They use only naturally sourced material for their timeless pieces, like organically sourced and unbleached cotton, 100% natural rubber latex, and vegetable-tanned leather. 

Their pieces are in all ways beautiful, and guess what? They allow you to customize and design your own furniture. This means you can choose exactly what materials to put inside it, removing some that you might be allergic to. 

Price Range: $700 – $6000


Sabai is definitely one of the most popular brands out there in the furniture business. Literally, every furniture salesman or professional knows Sabai. 

Their furniture production process is the perfect definition of clean and organic as they don’t contain any form of formaldehyde, flame retardants, VOC glues, etc. 

They also use only organically sourced fabrics like cotton and recycled velvet that are certified as Safe by multiple bodies. 

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All their pieces are made in California, and the supplier for their products is closely located in the workshop, hence removing the carbon footprint of flying it thousands of miles, contributing to more pollution. 

Price Range: $375 – $3,395

9. Maiden Home

This brand is very seriously committed to the eco-friendliness ethos; all their pieces are hand-crafted by the best of the best wood artisans in the USA. 

Their pieces are made from ethically sourced wood and recycled materials like springs and fabrics. 

They abhor materials like flame retardants, VOC glue, and toxic varnishes in their pieces. Overall, it’s a brand I personally love and recommend to people.

Price Range: $400 – $5000

10. What WE Make

This brand definitely deserves to be on the list of the best non-toxic furniture brands. They use reclaimed barn wood to make all their pieces, as well as organically sourced cotton and hemp, which is unbleached, by the way. 

They also use non-toxic varnishes to finish off their pieces but never use paint on said pieces. All their pieces are made from a small workshop where all the pieces are made by hand.

Price Range: $215–$4,145

11. Burrow

This brand is wholly committed to doing its best to combat climate change, and it believes in practical actions to achieve this ethos. They are also the best brand to consider if you want timeless pieces of furniture and you are on a budget. 

Their furniture pieces last for years and can stand wear and tear. Also, they are built to be taken apart and reassembled in case you are moving between homes?

Price Range: $245 – $6,795


This brand is also quite popular and a favourite of many. They have been voted in multiple polls to be one of the best non-toxic furniture brands in the world. 

They are committed to bringing the eco-friendly lifestyle directly to you and they make all their pieces with reclaimed wood pieces, natural fabrics, and non-toxic material. 

Price Range: $200 – $6000 

13. Green Cradle

All the pieces from this quality brand is made from 100% solid wood using ethically and locally sourced wood like maple, cherry oak, oak, and flaxseed. 

The pieces are made with naturally sourced upholstery fabric like cotton, hemp, and velvet. The final product is then finished with non-toxic varnishes. 

They accept shipping within the USA AND Canada and are a bit affordable compared to most brands out there.

Price Range: $400 -$2000

14. Urban Wood Goods

This brand is one of those that has unique origin stories; the CEO of this brand started out just to make a bench for herself that was made with organic materials, and in the long run, Urban Wood Goods was born.  

The specialty of this brand is in table and bench production, and they have a diverse range of options for you to shop from. 

Their brands can serve multiple roles like office settling, home and dining, and even camping if you fancy such. They use recycled metal and pipes to combine in their production.

Price Range: $225–$6,095

15. IKEA

Yes, IKEA furniture may not have a standing good reputation from onset but they have been steadily developing in later years; they have reduced the toxic components of their furniture pieces, and truthfully, their pieces are very affordable. 

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They are actually a Swedish company, and since they meet strict emission standards, you should give them the benefit of doubt and shop from them.

Price Range: $15 – $4,499

16. Masaya & Co

This is definitely one of the best non-toxic furniture brands in the world, they are not just good at producing clean furniture but they take other practical actions towards climate change. 

They are actively invested in the reforestation of Nicaragua and have planted over 1 million trees to date. They make all their pieces from solid hardwood like teak, walnut, and mahogany and varnished with low VOC glue and paint. 

Price Range: $400 to $5000

17. My Green Mattress

Just as the name suggests, this brand is 100% focused only on the production of beautiful bed frames, and they are good at what they do. 

They believe that the indoors of your bedroom has to be the cleanest, and you need non-toxic furniture to guarantee that type of quality. 

The bed frames they produce are simple in Design and minimalist but are very beautiful and look very lovely in your home.

Price Range: $300 – $2000

18. West Elm Greenguard Certified

A popular brand which is definitely one of the best non-toxic furniture brands in the world. The brand is certified as Low VOC, and the pieces they make are stunning. 

The brand subjects its pieces to rigorous testing to make sure that they comply with its high sustainability practices ratings. 

Price Range: $400 – $5000

19. Vermont Woods Studios

This brand is famous internationally, and it ships across the world to its plethora of customers. 

The brand is owned and managed by a husband and wife couple who are committed to sustainability and ethical practices. 

They use ethically sourced hardwood to make their beautiful hand-crafted pieces that are made to last for a lifetime literally. It’s one of those brands that is extremely good at what it does.

Price Range: $300 – $500


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