18 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands For Your Next Beach Vacation


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The best sustainable swimwear brands for beach vacation are Wolven, Fisch, Hunza, Ookioh, Matteau, CUUP, ALOHAS, Youswim, etc.

Going to the beach is something a lot of people love and cherish; after all, it’s cool, it’s fun, and after long weeks of being cramped up in the city, some water is a nice effect.

The key to a good trip to the beach is highly dependent on the quality of the swimwear; without the swimwear, the trip won’t work. 

In recent years, as the call for sustainable practices has intensified, there has been a call for the swimwear industry to switch to more sustainable and eco-friendly products and methods of production.

After all, the ocean holds so many tons of plastic waste made by humans; we should not add much more to it.

In this article, we will look at 17 of the best sustainable swimwear brands so you can make an eco-friendly choice the next time you are shopping for your beachwear.

What Makes Swimwear Sustainable?

A sustainable brand uses natural or recycled raw materials for its production, treats its workers ethically and fairly, and does not, in the long run, increase carbon emissions.

That’s a lot to unpack, so there are two certifications that help you understand if a brand is sustainable or not.

They are;

1. Certified B

A certified B company follows a strict set of rules in its production and processes so that its fabrics and supply line are eco-friendly and ethical.

2. WRAP Certification

This certification proves a company treats its workers fairly, pays them ethically, and does not infringe on any human rights of their workers.

With that settled, let’s get into the main juice.

18 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands For Beach Vacation 

1. Summersalt

Summersalt is definitely one of the best sustainable swimwear brands out there. It’s famous for always having the perfect fit for all its customers. 

Their pieces are made from recycled textiles and are several times stronger and leagues stronger in compression than most other swimwear brands out there.

The brand is committed to its ethics as it is both B-Corp and WRAP certified, and its products are relatively cheap. It is highly recommendable to anyone looking to get a lovely swimwear.

2. Ookioh

With all its pieces made from recycled ocean waste, Ookioh is one of the best sustainable swimwear brands out there. Their pieces have a sleek and colorful design that is sure to show those curves. 

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Speaking of curves, this brand caters well to its XXL customers. It has plenty of styles and pieces that take care of its plus-sized customers, thus promoting inclusivity in fashion. The brand is committed to actual environmental change and has not wavered from it.

3. Matteau

Originating from Australia, this brand deserves a worthy mention on this list. All their pieces are made from either organic or recycled raw materials. Most of their pieces are made from materials like recycled fishing nets, plastics, and so on. 

They deliver around the world, and you do not need to doubt their absolute commitment to the reduction of carbon emissions and eco-friendliness.


This is the second brand on this list that is not domiciled in the US. Originating from Spain, ALOHAS is best known for its velvet bikinis. It is their star piece, and it does take much for you to see why.

All of their pieces are made from high-quality raw materials that are neither harmful to the environment nor to humans. They work only on an order basis to reduce overstocking, wastage, and practice ethical and fair treatment towards their workers. 

They are committed to remaining eco-friendly and sustainable, and all their products are cruelty-free.

5. Youswim

This brand deserves to truly be on the list of the best sustainable swimwear brands. They are popular for having pieces that fit your body size, no matter how small or no matter how large you are. 

Their brand is certified as plastic-negative, and it actively involves itself in multiple initiatives that help prevent and clean up plastic buildup in water bodies.

6. Hunza G

sustainable swimwear brands

This brand is 100% committed to making sure it contributes nothing to environmental pollution. Even their packaging bags are biodegradable and recycled. 

They pride themselves in a production process that creates zero wastage and zero carbon footprint. They are one of the best out there when it comes to waste reduction.

7. Wolven

Wolven is very popular for their patterned swimsuits for being one of the best sustainable swimwear brands out there. All their iconic pieces are made from 80% recycled plastic bottles and some spandex. 

The brand is quite affordable, is carbon neutral, and delivers its products in biodegradable or recyclable packaging. 

It is worth noting, though, that this brand might not be the best for you if you love structured swimsuits with properly defined cups, etc.

8. Jade Swim

Using Econyl (recycled fishing nets for its production), Jade Swim is a dominant figure when it comes to sustainable swimwear brands. 

Their pieces are iconic and described as having the feel of a luxury brand. They test their products extensively to confirm its eco-friendliness. 

They eliminate waste by making sure products are ordered before production to avoid overstocking. 

9. LemLem

This brand is famous for its heavily African-inspired designs and the flair it gives in the production of its pieces. 

The swimsuits themselves are a work of perfect craftsmanship and are made with fabric from recycled bottles as well as Econyl. A lot of celebrities privately shop from LemLem, and they rarely disappoint.

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10. Patagonia

Patagonia swimsuits are high-performing, cheap, and ethical. It is definitely one of the best sustainable swimwear brands out there. 1% of all their profits is donated to charity yearly and goes to cleaning up the oceans. 

They make sure to use recycled materials and overall give you excellent satisfaction in all your purchases. A lot of people recommend it to people just starting in the swimsuit business.

11. Mara Hoffman

This brand is famous for being quite colorful in its designs and the genius integration of recycled products into its designs. It is extremely size-inclusive, and the unique pattern of prints is something that Mara has owned in the industry. 

If you are looking for a brand that offers designs that aren’t boring and a step away from the plain monochrome designs out there, Mara is the brand for you.

12. Vitamin A

This brand has a rather unique name, and that’s not the only unique thing about them. The brand seeks to bring the olden 70’s vibe into their swimsuits and bikinis. 

Their pieces are made from recycled nylon and plant-based fibers, which are ethically sourced and cruelty-free. The pieces are delivered in biodegradable packaging. 

In addition, the brand has a ton of options to choose from? Whatever your style is, there is something for you. 

13. TomboyX

For any person who wishes to identify or dress as they please, this is the brand for you. They make very beautiful gender-neutral pieces. 

They are quite popular for leaning away from the typical bikini designs and focusing more on one pieces that are Certified B Corp safe and made from ethical and sustainable fabrics. 

Their pieces can also be paired with shorts to achieve the desired feel you are going for. Their pieces are equipped with UPF sun protection and are popular for being quick drying.

14. Boden

Coming all the way from the UK, Boden is the next brand on our list of the best sustainable swimwear brands

Its amazing pieces are made from recycled polyester and plastic sourced from ocean waste, and it looks forward to reducing this level much more dramatically in the future. 

The swimsuits are built to last for quite some time and can take a beating of the elements before wear and tear shows. 

They are so confident they have a 365-day warranty, and they ship globally to any country whatsoever.

15. CUUP

This brand mainly tackles women who have a more challenging time finding swimsuits that can contain their forward endowments. It has been successful in this regard and has a long line of undies and bras designed for the more proportioned people in society. 

The brand has multiple options depending on the amount of skin you might be willing to show. Their main goal is to have something for you, no matter your size or proportion. 

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They have some famous celebs as some of their loyal customer base, and they ship worldwide once you order.

16. Londre

Londre was born as the brainchild of a decision to make swimsuits with the lowest form of impact and additional attires. They sell almost single-handedly one piece which you can pair with a jacket should you want. 

The pieces are very unique and can be quite a hassle to get on, depending on the specific piece you bought. The pieces are comfortable and are built to take on the elements without showing so much wear and tear. 

In addition, they are very colorful and have a vast array of colors your swimsuit could come in.

17. Galamaar

Built to last a lifetime, that’s Galamaar’s claim; they are undoubtedly one of the best sustainable swimwear brands out there, and one that is extensively committed to practical and visible change in the climate crisis. 

All their suits are made from Econyl, which can last for quite some time without the need for any change at all. The parent company is small, family-owned, and has a track record of being a fair employer, treats its workers with human ethics, and does not infringe on their rights.

18. Fisch

According to Fish, it takes almost 600 years for fishing nets to degrade naturally in nature. During that time, one fishing net could have caused catastrophic environmental damage to the oceans. 

That’s why this brand makes all of its swimsuits from Econyl in a bid to keep discarded fishing nets off the water and in a much more useful condition. 

They have their own fabric mill, which is located right next to the production workshop, which reduces the carbon footprint and stands by their ethos to be sustainable and eco-friendly. 


That brings us to the end of the “18 best sustainable swimwear brands to hope for your next beach vacation”. We hope this article is helpful.

Also, if you’ve used any of these brands before? Please share your experience and tell us if they are as sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly as mentioned. We are eager to hear your response.

Thanks for reading.

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