21 Sustainable Jewelry Brands Every Fashionista Should Know


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Akola, Mejuri, Beabond, SOKO, and Loveless Lee are some of the sustainable jewelry brands every Fashionista out there should know.

It’s 2023, the year of King Phillips’s crowning and Balenciaga’s weird publicity stunt with babies. All over the world, fashion influencers and fashionistas have been campaigning for more sustainable fashion companies.

Nowhere is this campaign stronger than in the jewelry industry, and today, we will be exploring the best sustainable jewelry brands out there.

In recent years, there has been a focus for jewelry companies to focus more on producing pieces that are produced using recycled materials and reducing the carbon footprint rather than on pieces produced as a direct result of mining, which is catastrophic for natural habitats, poisons natural bodies of water and leaves toxic residue for decades after mining is concluded.

In this article, we will be looking at 21 sustainable jewelry brands every Fashionista should know.

21 Sustainable Jewelry Brands Every Fashionista Will Love

sustainable jewelry brands

1. Akola

Akola is an African-based luxury jewelry brand and is one of the best sustainable jewelry brands out there. All their pieces are handmade using local techniques.

The brand is also committed to female empowerment in countries and regions where women are disadvantaged in Africa and donate heavily to charity for this.

2. Mejuri

Mejuri is a famous brand in the jewelry  space and focuses on pieces you can wear any day, not just on luxurious one-time pieces. Each of their pieces is made with love and thought.

The pearls and diamonds used are sourced from ethically approved suppliers who follow conflict-free practices. The fantastic thing about the brand is that it embraces the customer’s individuality.

3. Beabond

This brand definitely deserves to be on the list of the best sustainable jewelry brands. It uses carbon-neutral diamonds and recycled gold in the creation of its masterpieces.

In addition, it is committed to the protection and restoration of biodiversity in Africa and donates a generous 10% of its profits towards this course. It’s one of those brands that is 100% transparent in its ethos of environmental protection.


The brand is certified ethically safe by multiple corporations. Led entirely by women in the far reaches of East Africa, Kenya, this brand makes use of materials like Teak and reclaimed wood to create their pieces. They deliver worldwide, and you can order from their website.

5. Loveness Lee

This is one of the best sustainable jewelry brands in the entire world. They claim all their designs are inspired by nature and produce their masterpieces from recycled precious metals and ethically sourced stones.

Their pieces are iconic and at a fair price because those patterns and intricate designs are more of art than just plain jewelry .

6. Poppy Finch

Poppy takes their ethos of sustainability really seriously and is not shy to show it. On their website, they enthral you with a detailed story of how they source their materials, like gold and diamonds.

It claims it sticks to an affordable, ethical pricing model and intends to keep production costs low and as local as possible to encourage rural employment.

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7. Aurate

Known for their stunning engagement pieces, this New York City brand has made waves for the quality of their pieces. The pieces are crafted by 7th-generation craftsmen who have inherited the business from their ancient ancestors and who put a lot of love into each crafting process. Their speciality is gold, and they bring their A-game to it.

8. Elhanati

Definitely a top-ranked among the best sustainable jewelry brands in the entire world, Elhanati is a Danish-based jewelry brand that crafts unique pieces of jewelry  with gold (no two pieces are the same).

It makes use of ethically sourced raw materials and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint to the lowest of possible and actively campaigns for climate interventions.


This brand is different from the rest on this list in a few ways: first, they do almost only beaded work, then all their products are handmade, and lastly, all their products are made from repurposed or recycled beads. They strive as much as possible to buy and reuse old beads to create unique pieces.


This company is so strict that it makes sure every stone, every diamond, every piece of gold and every material that comes into its workshop is ethically sourced from conflict-free suppliers in the most humane way possible.

Their pieces are also crafted by hand, and they use recycled metal for most of their pieces. Their pieces are beautiful, shimmer, and are long-lasting.

11. Meadowlark

“All jewelry should be recycled and reused to make new pieces”, that’s the ethos of this brand and is one of the reasons they are among the best sustainable jewelry brands in the world.

They strive as much as possible that their company leaves little to no waste and makes all their pieces by order and crafted by hand.

The company is fully devoted to doing their part to aid the climate crisis and contribute their part towards saving humanity.

12. Brilliant Earth

The name alone should tell you they are serious. For Brilliant Earth, the rules in material sourcing are very strict. All raw materials and diamonds must be ethically sourced from conflict-free suppliers and must be fully traceable.

They have a diamond blockchain built to track ownership of these diamonds to confirm it was humanely sourced.

Their pieces are amazing, iconic and a nice statement piece for your dinner outfit. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to splurge on jewelry .

13. Lark and Berry

Lark and Berry are probably one of the only popular jewelry companies that make all their pieces from lab-grown diamonds.

They say this innovation eliminates the need for the destructive mining of the earth in search of natural diamonds. This way, the use of child labour in diamond mines can be reduced and eventually outrightly stopped.

Their pieces are amazing, and if you weren’t informed, you wouldn’t tell the difference between the lab-grown diamonds and the real ones. It’s one of the reasons why they are among the best sustainable jewelry brands in the world.


Ana Luisa is actually popular in the jewelry world and makes it an important factor for their company to be carbon neutral, meaning they clean off the carbon emissions they contribute to creating.

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The brand also heavily funds and supports water restoration projects aimed at restoring water to communities in severe need of it.

Their pieces are thoughtfully made and will serve as a great statement piece for whatever you want to wear on you. They also donate all the pieces they feel are imperfect to charity organizations, of which the most notable is Dress for Success.

15. Grown Brilliance

Just like Lark and Berry, this company only works with lab-grown diamonds for their pieces. Their ethos is “if it’s not sustainable and ethical, it should not be used at all.”

They have a dedicated customer base who patronize them because of their dedication to this ethos. They promise their customers a guilt-free indulgence in jewelry, allowing you to look your best without damaging our dear planet.

They have a very strict production process and emphasize a lot on the purity of the materials being used.

16. Catbird

This brand is so popular and has done so much for the environmental cause. Catbird is a woman-owned brand located in Brooklyn.

They have a medium workforce of 40 dedicated craftsmen and women who make all their pieces by hand. They only use recycled gold and ethical and conflict-free stones for all their pieces.

Catbird designs amazing statement pieces for engagements, marriages and even everyday wear. They are also popular for donating 1% of all their sales to various food banks in the city.

17. Vrai

If you are a fan of contemporary jewelry  that can match any day or event, Vrai is the brand for you. They say they design pieces that “last forever”.

The diamonds they use are all lab grown in the USA, and have zero carbon emissions associated with its production at all. The gold they use is also recycled and all the jewelry is handmade by craftsmen of impeccable standard.

A lot of your favorite international stars and celebs patronize this brand. Notable mentions include Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Jenifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lopez. In fact, Vrai is a common member of all red carpet dresses.

18. Idyl

Founded by diamond miners with 20 years of experience, this brand knows what it’s doing when it says it’s committed to environmentally-friendly jewelry production.

It is definitely one of the best sustainable jewelry brands out there and is dedicated to maintain that position. In the production of their masterpieces, they use only ethically sourced diamonds from suppliers with conflict free operations, they also use recycled gold.

All their masterpieces are handmade by humanely paid workers. Their goal is to make diamond lovers all over the world have a brand they can trust for their guilt-free indulgence.

They also offer free worldwide shipping from Belgium, where they are located, to any country in the world. They haven’t been around for long, though, but they have made some waves since they showed up.

19. QALO

This brand is one of a kind in a lot of waves and deserves to be a notable mention on this list today. First of all, they are one of the only brands in the world that makes environmentally-sustainable silicone rings.

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Their rings can tolerate the outdoors and are made from medical-grade silicone, which means they can survive heat and won’t leach into ocean water or into the soil.

Their rings are also nontoxic to both wildlife and aquatic life. They have a wide collection of rings that you can customize to your wishes and you can even request for a custom piece. To make it more interesting! They also recycle your silicone for you.

20. Ysso

Of all the sustainable jewelry brands out there, none of them can compare to the raw genius of Ysso. This brand is a family-owned one passed from mother to daughter.

All their pieces are influenced by Greek culture and aesthetics. They make all their pieces with recycled gold and bronze. They ensure everything is handmade, and they have a team of very talented craftsmen that make their amazing pieces.

You can order from anywhere in the world for their pieces, and they will surely deliver. Some of their notable celebrity customers include Justin and Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez and Billie Eilish.

It is worth noting though, that they only produce in small quantities, so ordering beforehand is always advised.

21. Nisolo

Last but definitely not the least, Nisolo is a brand that is among the top sustainable jewelry brands in the world and they have a lot of features to support that.

First, they are quite budget friendly and won’t blow your wallet so fast, they are also B-Corp Certified safe and only use recycled bronze and gold for all their production.

Their pieces are made by local craftsmen in Peru, Mexico and Kenya who are handsomely paid for their services and provided very humane working conditions.

Their masterpieces are very beautiful and are generally classified as timeless in both looks and beauty.


And that is the end of our list of the best sustainable jewelry brands in the world. Did you like it?

Is there any brand you feel should have been a part of this list? Feel free to mention such brands in the comment sections, we will be waiting to read them. If you also feel some brands here are not really sustainable, please also inform us in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

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