Eco friendly menstrual products guide for the sustainable women

Reviewed by Ogbo Godfrey Eco-friendly menstrual products that are suitable for women are: Menstrual Cups, Sea Sponge Tampons, and Menstrual Discs. Menstruation is one of the most natural acts that women experience all over the world. The difficulty in experiences varies for women individually, and it doesn’t help that conventional menstrual products that should ease … Read more

23 Eco Friendly Building Materials For A Sustainable Home

Eco Friendly Building Materials

Do you need a comprehensive list of eco friendly building materials? If so, kindly read on. The climate has changed dramatically in recent years; thus, adapting our lifestyles is more crucial than ever. The necessity of improving our care of the world is much more pressing. The construction sector as a whole has to shift … Read more

18 Eco-friendly Sponges: Kitchen Sponges For a Sustainable Environment 

Reviewed by Ogbo Godfrey There are several eco-friendly sponges that help reduce waste while keeping your dishes clean. They include Airnex, Skoy Scrub, and so on. It’s no news that the sponges we use in our kitchen are terrible for the earth. Despite their usefulness around the house, manufacturers make them from materials in waterways … Read more

Polyester Elastane Fabric. Is it Eco-Friendly?

Reviewed by Ogbo Godfrey Polyester elastane fabric is not eco-friendly as it contains fossil fuels and other toxic chemicals. Additionally, the production process also contributes to carbon emissions. Nowadays, most people are conscious of choosing fabrics for clothes and other items they purchase. The polyester elastane fabric is one such fabric that many people are … Read more

Starting an eco-friendly cleaning service company: A business guide

Reviewed by Ogbo Godfrey A start-up eco-friendly cleaning service company can be achieved by targeting your audience and checking for specific demographics; laying down an effective plan for the business, budget, and costs; undergoing the proper legal registrations; and developing marketing strategies for your company.  Recently, the international perspective on cleaning has undergone a tremendous … Read more

18 Eco-Friendly Zero-waste Toiletries For A Sustainable Bathroom

Reviewed by Ogbo Godfrey Toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, floss, safety razors, and menstrual products are some eco-friendly zero-waste toiletries for a sustainable bathroom. In an era where everyone is environmentally conscious and every facet of our lives is being scrutinized for its influence on the planet, switching your bathroom style to a more sustainable … Read more

13 Best Eco-Friendly Mattress Cleaner Sprays

Best Eco-Friendly Mattress Cleaner Sprays

Mattresses are frequently neglected when it comes to keeping a clean house, despite its importance to our health and well-being. Dirt, dust, and other allergens may collect on mattresses over time and harm our health and sleep.  For optimal restful sleep, it’s important to keep your sleeping space clean and free of allergens; using an … Read more

13 Eco-friendly Makeup Brushes

Eco-friendly Makeup Brushes

You’ve probably thought about switching to eco-friendly makeup brushes especially now that eco-trends are becoming eco-lifestyles, but have you given any thought to your beauty brushes? Most people choose brushes made from animal products because they believe using a synthetic brush may have negative effects on the environment.  To find out if there are any … Read more