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eco-friendly toilet paper

Nowadays, many people are choosing eco-friendly solutions in their daily lives. Many of us are doing our best to support team Greta and protect the environment, whether it’s by using reusable bags or metal straws.

We all want to do our part to live more sustainably, and if you’re searching for eco-friendly changes you can make around the house, eco-friendly toilet paper is one item that may make your bathroom greener.

We won’t advise you to get a bidet or use household towels, so don’t worry. Of course, they are lovely zero-waste solutions, but if you’re not yet ready for that level of change, don’t panic. You can still contribute significantly by making minor adjustments when grocery shopping each week.

According to Statista, Forty million tonnes of tissue were consumed worldwide in 2019. In 2007, there were 27 million tonnes consumed, and by 2027, 52 million tonnes were predicted to be used. 

If you are wondering what makes toilet paper eco-friendly, why you should use eco-friendly toilet paper, what to look out for when purchasing toilet paper, the best eco-friendly toilet paper, and lots more then keep reading.

What makes toilet paper eco-friendly

Without a doubt, it is terrible for the environment to cut down trees to create toilet paper. Using alternatives like bidet attachments in place of toilet paper is the greenest solution.

If that doesn’t seem appealing, a good alternative is choosing toilet paper produced from recycled materials or a more environmentally friendly material, like bamboo. 

But you need to think about more than just the product itself; you also need to think about the packaging and the supply chain (how your product is produced, created, and transported), all of which impact its green building.

It matters where the product is made since much bamboo is cultivated in China, and some bamboo toilet paper is then produced there. Depending on how the goods are then carried, this may affect the environment because air freight has a higher carbon footprint than other forms of transportation.

It’s also vital to consider delivery options; picking up some when doing your everyday shopping is preferable to making a unique journey by car. The same logic holds for internet deliveries. By choosing a bulk delivery, if you’re ordering from one of these manufacturers directly, you’ll need fewer purchases and have one less item to worry about for a few months.

Why should you use eco-friendly toilet paper?

Before discussing the most eco-friendly toilet paper available, let’s look at some benefits of switching from regular toilet paper.

Most regular toilet paper is produced with virgin softwood pulp, which comes straight from the trees in our forests. The number of trees being chopped down and the energy required to produce them imply we have a problem facing us. The average American uses over 140 rolls of toilet paper a year, while the British use somewhat less at 127 rolls.

In addition to producing the oxygen we breathe, trees also protect our world from climate change. 

Furthermore, the loss of innumerable ecosystems poses a threat to the future of several animal species. Therefore it’s not just the trees that need to be considered. The land of indigenous peoples is also suffering as a result of it.

A single toilet paper roll uses 1.3 kWh of power and 37 liters of water. Furthermore, we should be extremely cautious about placing chlorine anywhere near our tush due to the toxic substances in it used to treat the paper pulp.

These factors have brought us to this point, and we are dedicated to eliminating waste, whether it is through the use of bamboo toothbrushes or environmentally friendly toilet paper. So let’s talk about what to look for when buying toilet paper right away!

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What to look out for in toilet paper

The toilet paper industry is infested with greenwashing. You may discover a green leaf on practically any box that is covered in plastic. Therefore it must be recyclable or sustainable in some other way. Nope. The majority of the time, that green leaf has absolutely no significance.

FSC certification

FSC recycled emblem

The FSC RECYCLED emblem indicates more environmentally friendly toilet paper. Only wood from the post or pre-consumer waste is used to make this kind of toilet paper. It would be preferred if most of this were a post-consumer waste (less harmful to our environment than virgin wood and pre-consumer waste).

FSC RECYCLED toilet paper comprises recycled office paper, receipts, and other everyday items. According to The Issue with Tissue, this technique creates around half as many dangerous air pollutants and consumes approximately half as much water as creating virgin wood pulp.

Compared to raw wood pulp, recycled paper manufacture uses less hazardous chemicals.

Toilet paper, cancer-causing dioxins, and chlorine bleach

The production of toilet tissue frequently uses bleach. Toilet paper is whitened, softened, and strengthened by manufacturers using bleach, although this is entirely not needed and dangerous for both human health and the environment.

Many manufacturers gradually phased out elemental chlorine in the 1990s after becoming aware of its dangers. Although the replacement procedure is typically elemental chlorine-free (ECF), chlorine is still used (but not elemental chlorine), and some dioxins are still produced.

Some producers use a chlorine-free (TCF) method, which is often more ecologically friendly and sometimes uses hydrogen peroxide as a whitener.

Yet again, virgin paper products need to use many more chemicals than recycled paper. Therefore, buying recycled toilet paper is always preferable to virgin paper if you are worried about dioxins and the environment. Select a brand that exclusively produces unbleached, undyed toilet paper or only uses TCF procedures if you want the best.

Recycled toilet paper containing BPA

You might be bothered that using toilet paper produced from recycled receipts exposes you to BPA in your private areas. Thankfully, there is far less BPA in paper than in food packaging, and there is much less in recycled paper.

Most recycled toilet paper still contains small amounts of BPA, but it is so negligible that switching to virgin pulp paper is not worth it. The manufacture of paper and deforestation may have a more significant effect on health!

Certain companies produce “BPA-free” toilet paper. While acknowledging the issue, this also borders on spreading unfounded alarm and serves as nothing more than a pretext for raising the cost of toilet paper. Whether the toilet paper is BPA-free or not, you would better bypass the receipt at the register when you purchase any certified FSC recycled toilet paper.

Difference between Bamboo and Recycled Toilet Paper

Bamboo is one of the world’s quickest-growing grasses, replenishing in three to five years, making it a fantastic resource for paper. However, bamboo-growing regions, particularly those where land has been purposely cleared for growth, may not foster as much biodiversity as forests.

For assurance that no land has been removed, particularly to produce the bamboo, and that the bamboo has been farmed more sustainably, look for the FSC Certified 100% mark.

Even though bamboo is still a raw material, it may be greener than wood. 100% recycled toilet paper has the benefit of being produced without using new resources, giving recycling programs a purpose for the paper they collect.

Despite not often being as soft as bamboo, it is usually produced closer to home. Be mindful of toilet paper with the FSC Mix logo since this deviates from its eco-friendliness because it was produced using a combination of virgin and recycled fibers.

The decision as to what sustainability factors, such as packaging, materials, or product transport, you want to focus on when selecting your toilet paper must be made in the end. If you want to learn something, opt for toilet paper made with a bleaching procedure that doesn’t use chlorine because it’s healthier for the environment.

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The Best Eco-friendly Toilet Paper

So let’s list some of the best eco-friendly toilet paper for you right away!

1. Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

who gives a crap toilet paper

In every way, Who Gives A Crap’s 3-ply toilet paper is a truly sustainable option. The company’s first goal was to give toilets to needy people to stop children from dying from diarrheal illnesses brought on by poor hygiene. They continue to donate 50% of their revenues to this purpose.

They use exclusively recycled fibers derived from discarded office paper, and although their toilet paper rolls are a little bit smaller than standard toilet paper rolls, they are 100% biodegradable. Additionally, the paper is suitable for septic tanks, and they distribute their rolls worldwide using carbon-neutral shipping methods.

2. Reel Tree Toilet Paper

Reel’s 100% bamboo toilet paper is a beautiful alternative for eco-friendly toilet rolls. Their paper is made without using any trees, and delivery is free as long as you specify how frequently you’d want it. Making the transition couldn’t be more convenient.

Reel’s eco-friendly toilet paper is free of plastic, BPA, ink, and colors. It is ideal for individuals looking for environmentally friendly substitutes because the package is also free of plastic. The reel is dedicated to helping individuals who need hygienic restrooms worldwide by using responsibly grown bamboo.

The 3-ply toilet paper has an incredible 300 sheets per roll so it will last a long time. It is strong and thick, so it won’t break while being used. The packaging for each roll is made from recycled paper. 

Although they are a tiny bit smaller than other toilet paper options, they are effective. How little paper you need will amaze you!

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3. Marcal Toilet Paper

Marcal eco-friendly toilet paper

Marcal’s toilet paper is two-ply white and produced entirely of recycled paper, and it comes in a case of 48 rolls. It is Green Seal Certified, so you know you’re helping a good cause.

The paper is eco-friendly, exceeding the EPA Guidelines for Post-Consumer Recycled Content and being Green Seal Certified. Fantastic for people who wish to live with sustainable recycled materials.

Marcal toilet paper is whitened without bleach, chlorine, colors, or scents. Consequently, it’s ideal for people with sensitive tushes. You need not worry about producing clogs because the paper is almost lint-free and suitable for septic usage.

This environmentally friendly toilet paper has punctured edges and embossed sheets for excellent durability and usage, and it is soft and absorbent.

4. Bim Bam Boo Toilet Rolls

Bim Bam Boo’s organic toilet paper can be the solution for individuals on a tight budget who want eco-friendly toilet paper! These hypoallergenic rolls are ideal if you have allergies and are looking for comfortable toilet paper that won’t bother your skin. 

The rolls contain 2-ply tissue made from organic bamboo that is entirely natural and supplied responsibly by the FSC. The paper is perfect for small children or those with sensitive skin because it hasn’t been bleached and doesn’t contain any fragrances.

Additionally, it is non-toxic and lint-free, protecting you and the environment. With this toilet paper, you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety because it is BPA-free and contains no chlorine, colors, or glue.

The paper from Bim Bam Boo swiftly dissolves and leaves nothing behind, making it safe for septic systems and toilets.

Also, the toilet paper has a USDA certification for being plant-based and BioPreferred because it is made of the finest bamboo. It is both tree-free and forest-friendly. 24 individually wrapped rolls are also included in the box, making it ideal for tossing one in your luggage and taking it on the go.

Looking for soft toilet paper that won’t hurt the environment? Try out Bim Bam Boo!

5. Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper

Seventh Generation is an additional choice that can be found on Amazon. With an astonishing 500 sheets of each roll, this bumper pack of 60 toilet paper rolls is created entirely from recycled paper.

Seventh Generation is a firm advocate of sustainability and produces items from recycled materials to protect the environment for the following seven generations. You may rely on their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

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The two-ply toilet paper was designed with both strength and softness in mind. It does not include any additional colors, inks, or scents and utilizes only 100% recycled paper.

This toilet paper is fantastic since it works with low-flow toilets in RVs and campers, making it the best option for vacation or zero-waste camping!

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6. Georgia Pacific Envision 2-Ply Toilet Paper

The Georgia Pacific Envision 2-Ply Toilet Paper is another outstanding option. The paper comes in an excellent 80-pack super bumper format and has an astonishing 550 pages per roll! It is ideally suited for getting all of your toilet paper requirements.

The embossed white tissue has two plies to provide strength and absorbency with each square of paper. The sheets are an excellent option for your bathroom since they are entirely perforated, making them rip easily, and they are a bigger size.

The plastic-free roll is made from 100% recycled paper, with a minimum of 20% post-consumer waste paper.

You can trust Georgia Pacific toilet paper because it conforms with EPA CPG and EPA guidelines for recycled fiber continents. Additionally, the rolls are contained in a cardboard box, each separately wrapped in paper.

Georgia pacific toilet paper is an excellent, simple, eco-friendly toilet paper that offers value for the quantity of paper you get. Additionally, it retains softness while being durable and reliable.

7. Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper

Betterway bamboo toilet paper

Betterway is an option for those searching for the softest eco-friendly toilet paper. Their 12-pack of three-ply toilet paper is suitable for the majority of customers.

The bamboo eco-friendly toilet paper is exceptionally soft and has 360 sheets per roll. You can also rely on it to do the job because of the three-ply strength!

The multi-ply roll is lint-free and provides good absorbency. There is a double-textured design to add to the comfort and texture of the wipes. Perfect for making sure you always feel clean.

Additionally, the toilet paper is hypoallergenic, odorless, and dye-free, so those with allergies may use it without irritation. The toilet paper from Betterway is created from bamboo, entirely natural, and free of GMOs.

8. Tushy Bamboo Paper

You may purchase Tushy’s Bamboo paper either one-time or regularly, so you’ll never run out of toilet paper again! You can use the restroom without worrying about safety thanks to Tushy’s environmentally friendly bamboo toilet paper’s lack of harmful BPAs and chlorine.

Tushy’s eco-friendly toilet paper is pulped without chlorine, chlorine dioxide, bleach, or emulsifiers. For your mental peace of mind, it is perfectly normal.

The paper is 100% biodegradable, making it safe for septic tanks. You may get more paper for your money and a softer, more pleasant wipe thanks to the rolls’ design, which makes them more prominent and softer than similar rolls.

The stylish packaging of this eco-friendly toilet paper will give your bathroom a bit of glitz. When used, it doesn’t pill or break and is durable and absorbent. It is what you want from toilet paper!

Tushy is the best option if you want high-quality toilet paper sent to your home regularly without having to think about it, even though the price is slightly higher.


Our joint quest toward eco-friendly toilet paper has come to an end. You can see that there are a ton of great alternatives to traditional toilet paper available. When choosing an experience that will suit you, be sure to consider the softness and affordability.


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