10 Amazing Eco-friendly Cat Litter Brands

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They say cats are so clean; they have a natural OCD to keep everything organized. From their well-calculated “cat-walk” to their grooming, they hardly make a mess and would rather bury their pee or poo. This is why they mostly require a litter where they can do their toileting business undisturbed. 

Cat litters come in a range of types and materials. Many of the cat litter in the market are currently made of clay. Even recycled rubber tires are used in some situations. Unfortunately, unless your cat prefers it to the other more environmentally friendly options, that isn’t the most environmentally beneficial option overall.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best eco-friendly cat litter that you can choose from. Keep reading.

What is eco-friendly cat litter?

Eco-friendly cat litters are devoid of potentially dangerous chemicals, artificial scents, and colors. They also avoid using harmful materials that may pose a health and environmental risk to the cat and its owners. In most cases, cat litter made from bentonite clay and silica dust is not considered eco-friendly due to the unsustainable practices that they have been mined in and their potential health risks.

Products created from materials that will decompose after being dumped provide the most sustainable kitty litter. Thankfully, various manufacturers produce cat litter using plant-based components that compost quickly and are biodegradable. 

Avoid using it on edible plants if you plan to compost your cat’s waste. 

Eco-friendly cat litter

4 reasons why you should switch to eco-friendly cat litter

1. They are chemical free

Chemicals aren’t used in any chemical-free litter. This supports the notion of protecting your pet’s safety and guarantees that production processes employ fewer harmful substances.

2. They are a good option for cats having allergies

Natural-based eco-friendly litters are the most excellent option if your cat has allergies. Eco-friendly litter is made entirely of natural materials and contains fewer dangerous chemicals that could endanger your pet or even you.

3. They are dust free

Eco-friendly litters have a low level of dust and other components included during the manufacturing process because they are produced entirely of natural materials.

Most eco-friendly cat litters also use little or no clay. Clay generally raises dust, mainly when dry, but with eco-friendly kitty litters, you don’t have to worry about this. This leaves you with a clean, dust-free environment.

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4. They are easy to dispose

This is a wonderful benefit for all pet owners who care deeply about the environment. Since all of the materials in natural pet litter are entirely natural, they are incredibly simple to dispose of. 

Because of this, getting rid of the trash is practically straightforward and guilt-free. You can flush it down the toilet and be sure it will decompose in no time. Now might be the ideal moment to give going “Green” a go if you’re on the fence about it.

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Components of non-toxic eco-friendly cat litter

1. Walnut-based litter

The waste product of walnut production is used to make a walnut-based litter. You may create a biodegradable, eco-friendly product that is both safe and non-toxic by using the shells and fiber of walnuts. It is lightweight, highly absorbent, eliminates odors, and forms clumps, making cleanup simpler. The dust in walnut-based cat litter is different from silica dust, but it is still present.

2. Wheat-based cat litter

Wheat-based cat litter is safe for septic systems and sewers, renewable, and made of plants. It has a consistency that is comparable to clay litter, is simple to clean, and facilitates a smoother transition from clay litter.

It is safe for kittens, cats who have just had surgery, and cats who are prone to infection because it is made from non-food grade wheat and won’t damage pets when consumed. Natural wheat enzymes do the job of removing odors without the use of artificial chemicals and perfumes.

3. Recycled paper-based cat litter

Another component of eco-friendly cat litter is recycled paper constructed in pellet form, provided no harmful additives are introduced to help clump the paper. This is an excellent alternative for the environment because it reuses materials that may otherwise be dumped. Litter made from recycled paper is also largely dust-free, slow-tracking, and highly absorbent.

4. Corn-based cat litter

Corn cobs or kernels are used to make corn-based cat litter. Its safety for septic systems and sewers makes disposal simpler. Corn-based litters are safe for kittens, cats at risk for infection, and cats recovering from surgery. They are also 99% dust-free which makes them perfect for cats with respiratory issues. Since maize is edible, the corn-based litter won’t damage your cat or any other pets in the house if they accidentally eat it. 

When it comes to odors, corn cat litter absorbs odors quickly and is scoopable. This means you will likely not need perfumes or deodorizers. Although corn cat litter is renewable and biodegradable, if you’re worried about genetically modified organisms, seek brands with the Non-GMO Project certification.

5. Grass seed-based cat litter

Like clay-based litter, grass seed cat litter clumps quickly and is simple to scoop. It is constructed entirely of renewable, biodegradable grass seeds that may be flushed or composted. Even Non-GMO Project Verified choices are available. There are no issues with scents here, and there is also no need for chemicals and fragrances.

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7 best eco-friendly cat litter brands

1. Okocat natural wood clumping litter

OKocat provides wood-based cat litter that is guaranteed free of artificial perfumes, synthetic chemicals, harmful dyes, and GMOs. They don’t use any artificial chemical binders, and their recipe is also 99% dust-free but clumps solidly, making scooping easier.

Although you must remember not to apply this compost to plants being cultivated for consumption, it is biodegradable and unquestionably suitable for composting since it is comprised entirely of natural wood fiber. They also have low-tracking Natural Wood Clumping Litter in a variety of flavors.

Okocat ecofriendly cat litter

2. Fresh news cat litter

Fresh News Cat Litters are Produced using 100% post-consumer recycled paper. They are hence compostable and biodegradable. According to the manufacturer, Fresh News cat litters are also three times more absorbent than clay, non-allergenic, low-tracking, and 99% dust-free.

Additionally, Fresh News ensures that the baking soda in its quick-acting pellets effectively eliminates any odors. The company purchases its paper from recycling facilities. It also runs a recycling program through which non-profit institutions (often churches and schools) can receive payment for collecting paper goods.

3. Yesterday’s news cat litter

A paper-based option manufactured from recycled newspapers is Yesterday’s News. The company claims that its paper litter is 99.7% dust-free, three times as absorbent as clay, and still tough on odors.

Both clumping and non-clumping formulations of Yesterday’s News Recycled Paper Litter are intended to be low-tracking. There are also no dangerous materials or chemicals used. Yesterday’s news also employs recyclable paper packaging, making it a great choice.

4. SmartCat all-natural clumping litter

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter is made from grass and is produced in the USA using non-GMO grass seed. As a result, it neutralizes odors without using chemicals or scents and is biodegradable and compostable.

Their multi-cat recipe is safe for kittens, lightweight, readily scoopable, and performs well when it comes to dust. It also remains kind on paws.

5. Tofukitty club cat litter

All of the eco-friendly kitty litter sold by TofuKitty Club is created from recycled plant-based materials. Products from TofuKitty are biodegradable, sustainable, non-toxic, and renewable. The cat litter also comes in packaging made from recycled and recyclable material. TokuKitty’s litter is a plant-based product that can be composted and biodegraded.

Tofu kitty club

6. Littermaid cat litter

Recycling food waste is an intriguing component used in the production of Littermaid’s organic kitty litter. As with regular silica or clay litter, the litter used in this instance is formed of discarded walnut shells, which clump and absorb odor. However, as this product contains nuts, people who have nut allergies should avoid it. Littermaid trash is compostable as it is essentially food waste.

7. Naturally fresh cat litter

This is a plant-based cat litter made from fibers and walnut shells. Naturally, Fresh Cat Litter transforms something that would otherwise be discarded into a valuable product that is excellent for the environment.

Additionally, it is biodegradable, compostable, low-tracking, and does not require perfumes as it neutralizes odors. Their manufacturing plant is totally powered by solar energy, and the packaging used is made from recycled materials. You can choose from various options, such as a multi-cat litter or a litter scented with relaxing herbs, to mention a few.

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8. Worlds best catlitter

This whole-kernel corn-based multi-cat household litter is odorless and all-natural. The litter is entirely safe for your cat and is not contaminated with any toxic ingredients or synthetic fragrances, making it both environmentally friendly and safe.

This formula forms fast clumps that are simple to scoop. You don’t have to worry about dust polluting your home’s air because it is also very lightweight and 99% dust-free. The offensive ammonia smell that frequently accompanies conventional cat litter will no longer be present thanks to this litter, which stops odor in its tracks.

9. Feline pine original

Instead of using chemicals or clay, feline pine is created using extremely absorbent pine fibers that act to absorb liquids swiftly and block irritating ammonia odors.

The litter doesn’t skid throughout your house as standard litters do and won’t get trapped in your cat’s toe beans, but you do need to dump it out and replace it entirely regularly. This lightweight litter is also considerably less expensive than conventional clay litter and is offered in bags weighing 7 pounds to 40 pounds.

Due to its ability to absorb moisture, it is better not to flush it down the toilet as this might cause mild blockages. 

10. sWheat scoop litter

A cat litter made entirely of wheat called sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat is intended for use in homes with multiple cats. Although it has no aroma, it reduces ammonia or urine odors that frequently accompany a cat’s litter box. 

Chemicals, fragrances, colors, or any other potentially dangerous components were not used in the production of this item. 

sWheat scoop cat litter

Tips to consider when choosing an eco-friendly cat litter

  • Choose litters that are easy to clean. Litters that clump is easier to clean because they do not leave a messy pool of urine on the litter mat. They also absorb odors.
  • Make sure the material used is natural and sustainably sourced. You can find this information on the brand package.
  • Choose options that come in recyclable packaging.
  • Litters that have no odorizers or added chemicals are some of the best eco-friendly cat litter for your cat and home as they help to reduce allergies in cats. You can look through the ingredients to find out which litter is perfume free. 


There are so many eco-friendly cat litter options available, it is up to cat owners to choose wisely when making cat-related purchases. Since you will always need to purchase litter, it is critical to look for sustainable alternatives that are healthier for the environment, your cat, and you.

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