32 Upcycle Ideas For Plastic Bottles

Uchechukwu Kyrian Ufoh

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Thirty-two Upcycle Ideas For Plastic Bottles include using them as storage containers, vertical gardens, creative crafts, sprinklers, watering cans and many more

Upcycling has emerged as a sign of hope in a world struggling with increasing environmental problems. Plastic bottles, often considered disposable, can find new life with innovative and environmentally friendly uses. 

Upcycling these bottles can reduce our plastic footprint and create a more sustainable future. 

In this article, we explore the nature of upcycling, discover why upcycling plastic bottles is a great idea, and present 32 upcycle ideas for plastic bottles.

What is Upcycling?

32 Upcycle Ideas For Plastic Bottles

Upcycling is a fundamentally effective way to transform the life cycle of everyday objects. Upcycling is a process of change in which discarded goods are used to make them more valuable. 

This practice not only diverts waste to landfills but also encourages creativity and responsible resource management. 

Unlike recycling, where materials are often scrapped to create new products, upcycling focuses on improving the value and functionality of existing products.

Upcycling turns waste into art, transforming discarded items into unique and valuable creations. By accepting this, we change the story from waste to wonder, encouraging others with our upcycle ideas for plastic bottles.

Why Upcycle Plastic?

Plastic bottles have become a symbol of the global plastic crisis, with millions of bottles ending up in landfills, oceans and ecosystems. Creative upcycle ideas for plastic bottles is not only a way to solve this problem but also brings many advantages: 

1. Reducing plastic pollution 

Upcycling diverts plastic bottles from landfills and the environment, which reduces the negative impact on ecosystems and marine life. 

     2. Conservation of resources 

Upcycling plastic bottles reduces the demand for new materials and saves production energy and resources.

      3. Stimulating creativity 

Upcycling encourages innovative thinking and sparks creativity as we reimagine the possibilities of discarded items, and formulate new upcycle ideas for plastic bottles.

       4. To empower people 

Everyone can participate in upcycling, empowering people to take positive environmental action in their homes. 

        5. Educational value 

Upcycling teaches valuable lessons about waste reduction, resourcefulness and responsible consumption. It makes us want to recycle plastic instead of throwing it away. When we educate others about the numerous upcycle ideas for plastic bottles, we are making an impact on society at large.

Upcycle ideas for plastic bottles 

If you’ve been throwing out your plastics, and need help recreating them, these are some upcycle ideas for your plastic bottles.

1. Vertical Gardens

Plastic bottles can make mini vertical gardens perfect for apartments or small spaces. Cut the bottles in half, create drainage holes and hang them on the wall or fence.

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You can put soil into the bottles to cultivate your choice of herbs or flowers. In addition to getting an attractive green wall, you promote air purification and reduce your carbon footprint. 

2. Bird Feeders

Turn plastic bottles into bird feeders that attract feathered friends to your garden. Cut windows in the sides of the bottle, fill it with bird seed and add perches. Hang it on a tree branch, on a hook or your patio or balcony and enjoy the sight and sounds of birds visiting your outdoor spaces. 

3. Watering Cans

Plastic bottles can become handy watering cans for your plants with a few modifications. Make holes in the bottle cap and have a simple DIY watering tool.

This is a great way to ensure your plants get the right amount of hydration without wasting water, and it is an excellent addition to upcycle ideas for plastic bottles.

4. Watering Aids

Turn plastic bottles into efficient watering cans. Create self-watering plants by filling a bottle with water and turning it in the ground. Water is released from the bottle when the soil dries out, ensuring the plants stay moist without overwatering. 

5. Savings boxes

The piggy bank combines creativity and practicality in recycled plastic bottles. Cut a hole in the bottle and decorate as desired. You can leave it transparent or paint it if you want. Kids will love saving money with a homemade saving box, and you’ll simultaneously reduce plastic waste. 

6. Hanging Planters

Hang plastic bottles upside down to create unique hanging plants. Cut a hole in the bottom, fill it with soil and place plants that naturally cascade. These planters are not only visually appealing but also save space and water. 

These hanging plants are wonderfully aesthetic, and they stimulate your friends and family to have conversations about more upcycle ideas for plastic bottles.

7. Storage Containers

Plastic bottles can be made into convenient storage containers for storing various things. Cut off the top of the bottle and leave the bottom intact. Use these containers to organize small items like craft supplies and office or kitchen tools.

8. DIY Sprinklers

Create your garden sprinkler from plastic bottles. Drill small holes into the bottle or make small holes in the sides. Attach the bottle to the hose and create a gentle drizzle in your garden. This creates a soft and efficient watering system for your plants, reducing water waste.

9. Indoor Planters

Cut off the top of a plastic bottle and use the bottom as a mini plant. Paint or decorate the bottle according to your interior decoration. These indoor planters are perfect for small plants such as succulents, cacti or herbs. 

   10. Creative Crafts

Transform plastic bottles into artistic masterpieces by cutting, shaping and painting them. They can be the building blocks of various crafts.

Unleash your imagination and make beautiful art out of plastic, from creating jewelry, key chains and decorative flowers to building sculptures and mosaics. The possibilities are endless, and your creation can inspire others to see plastic waste in a new light. 

You can even present your crafts as nice gifts to the people you love. Showcasing these creations makes them more knowledgeable about upcycle ideas for plastic bottles.

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  11. Lanterns

Turn plastic bottles into attractive lanterns that add atmosphere to your outdoor space. Cut intricate patterns from the bottle, put an LED candle or fairy lights and hang them in the garden or porch. This is one of the many aesthetic upcycle ideas for plastic bottles.

  12. Eco-friendly fashion

Plastic bottles also find their place in your wardrobe. Some companies use recycled plastic bottles to make clothes, shoes and accessories. Consider supporting sustainable fashion brands that use recycled materials. 

  13. Toy Instruments

For a fun and creative project, turn plastic bottles into musical instruments. Fill them with different amounts of water to create different sounds, then use them as percussion instruments in your mini-band.

  14. Seedling Starter Pots

Use plastic bottles as temporary pots for seedlings. Cut off the top and fill the bottom with soil. When the seedlings are ready to plant, you can plant them directly in your garden, reducing the need for disposable plastic pots. 

  15. Rainwater harvesting

This is exemplary in upcycle ideas for plastic bottles. Cut off the top of a plastic bottle and screw it into the ground to create a DIY rainwater collection system. The bottle collects rainwater that can be used for plants, saving water resources. 

  16. Container gardening 

Plastic bottles are perfect for small-scale gardening. Cut the bottles in half, add drainage holes and fill them with soil. Grow herbs, flowers or even small vegetables in these renewable planters and add some greenery to your living space.

  17. DIY compost bin 

Use a large plastic bottle as a miniature version of a compost bin for your kitchen. Cut a hole in the top of the bottle to collect food waste for composting. This simple step can divert organic waste from landfills and enrich your garden soil. 

  18. Eco-friendly packaging material 

Cut plastic bottles into strips or shapes to cushion fragile items when transporting or moving. This reduces the need for bubble wraps or foam, reduces waste, and, at the same time, protects assets. 

  19. Outdoor lighting 

Demonstrate your creative skills by implementing a wonderful upcycle idea for plastic bottles. Create beautiful outdoor lanterns by cutting patterns into plastic bottles and placing LED lights or candles. Drill small holes to hang them in the garden or balcony to create a charming and ecological atmosphere.

   20.   Plastic bottle herb garden 

Create a vertical herb garden by attaching plastic bottles to a wall or fence—plant herbs in bottles to enjoy fresh ingredients while reducing the waste and packaging associated with store-bought herbs.

   21.  Miniatures of Greenhouses

Use plastic bottles as mini-greenhouses for tender seedlings. Cut off the bottom of the bottle and place it over the seedling to create a protective microclimate favorable to their growth.

    22.  Miniature bottle bowling

Create a fun and eco-friendly bowling game using plastic bottles as pins and a softball. 

    23.  Garden signs 

Cut plastic bottles into strips to create labels in your garden to distinguish different plants and herbs. 

    24.  Plant protection

One of notable upcycle ideas for plastic bottles is by using them as plant protection. Use the bottom of a plastic bottle to protect young plants in your garden.

    25.  Plastic wind chimes 

Cut and stretch plastic bottles to create melodic wind chimes outside.

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    26.  Jewelry stand

Create a unique jewelry stand by wrapping a plastic bottle with decorative paper or fabric. Attach hooks or small branches to the bottle’s neck to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. 

The bottle’s base can hold rings and other small accessories. This is one of the significant innovative upcycle ideas for plastic bottles, and the upcycled jewelry stand adds charm to your dressing table while organizing your accessories.

   27.  Garden Hedgehogs

Transform plastic bottles into adorable garden hedgehogs that double as planters. Cut the bottom of the bottle for planting and leave the top as the hedgehog’s face.

Paint the bottle to resemble a hedgehog, add googly eyes, and plant succulents or small flowers inside. These charming garden decorations bring a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space.

   28.  Beach bucket

For a fun day at the beach, repurpose large plastic bottles into sandcastle-building buckets. Cut the top section of the bottle to create a wide opening, and then decorate the bottle with seaside-themed stickers or drawings.

These upcycled beach buckets are lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for building sandcastles or collecting seashells.

    29. Vase

Give plastic bottles a new life as vases for fresh or artificial flowers. Cut the top section of the bottle, decorate it with paint or adhesive materials, and place your chosen blooms inside. These upcycled vases add a touch of elegance to any room while reducing plastic waste.

    30. Christmas decorations

Design festive Christmas ornaments by cutting plastic bottles into shapes like snowflakes, stars, and bells. Paint or decorate the forms, add strings for hanging, and place them on your tree or around your home. These decorations add a personal touch to your holiday celebrations.

31.  Gift Box

Craft a personalized gift box using a plastic bottle as the base. Cut the bottle’s top off, leaving a deep container. Decorate the exterior with paint, ribbon, or other embellishments, and use it to present small gifts for special occasions. You can also discuss your upcycle ideas for plastic bottles with your loved ones.

32.  Broom

Create a sustainable cleaning tool by attaching plastic bottle bristles to a stick or handle. Cut the bottle’s bottom into thin strips and attach them to the post, creating a DIY broom. This simple solution repurposes plastic bottles and helps you keep your living spaces clean.


The journey from removing plastics to turning them into valuable creations is significant. The 32 upcycle ideas for plastic bottles presented here show that with some ingenuity and creativity, plastic bottles can be turned into functional, aesthetic and environmentally friendly items that positively contribute to our lives and the environment.

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