The 17 Best Sustainable Sports Equipment Brands For Eco-athletes


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Patagonia, prAna, Icebreaker, Adidas Parley, and Picture Organic Clothing are some of the best sustainable sports equipment brands for eco-athletes.

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are at the forefront, the sports industry has not remained untouched. Pursuing excellence in sports and the drive for environmental responsibility are gaining prominence. 

Whether you’re an eco-conscious athlete or just someone looking to impact the planet positively, this article will introduce you to some of the top sustainable sports equipment brands changing the game.

1. Patagonia

The outdoor clothing and gear company Patagonia has become synonymous with sustainable and responsible business practices and has seamlessly blended adventure with conservation. 

Founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia has carved a unique niche in the outdoor industry, not just for its high-quality products but for its unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Environmental Initiatives

sustainable sports equipment

One of Patagonia’s standout features is its dedication to environmental causes. The company has pledged 1% of sales to environmental organizations since 1985, totalling millions of dollars in support. 

Patagonia also launched the Worn Wear program, encouraging customers to buy used Patagonia gear and repairing or recycling old items.

Sustainable Materials

Patagonia is known for its commitment to sustainability, and its sustainable sports equipment line is no exception. They were among the first to use recycled polyester and organic cotton in their products. 

From climbing gear to sustainable sportswear, eco-friendly surfboards to recycled polyester athletic wear, they prioritize eco-friendly materials and ethical production processes and offer a wide range of products for environmentally-conscious athletes. They’ve also been pioneers in responsible down-sourcing and wool production. 


Patagonia doesn’t just make outdoor gear; it’s also a strong advocate for environmental and social issues. They have run powerful ad campaigns, such as “Don’t Buy This Jacket,” encouraging consumers to think twice about their purchases and reduce their environmental footprint.

2. prAna

prAna, founded in 1992, has emerged as a prominent player in sustainable sports equipment and stylish activewear. prAna offers a wide range of sustainable sports apparel and accessories. Their yoga mats, activewear, and climbing gear cater to those who want style and sustainability. 

The Yoga Connection

prAna draws its name from the ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life, and vitality. Unsurprisingly, yoga, emphasizing mindfulness and well-being, is at the core of prAna’s ethos. 

The brand’s clothing and accessories are designed to support yoga practitioners, offering comfort and flexibility both on and off the mat.

Sustainable Materials

At the heart of prAna’s commitment to sustainability is its use of eco-friendly materials. Whether you’re into yoga, climbing, or simply leading an active life, prAna has you covered. 

Their products are crafted using organic cotton, recycled materials, and fair trade practices, making them a go-to choice for eco-conscious athletes who value style and sustainable sports equipment. 

prAna also introduced a groundbreaking fabric called “Sutra,” which blends hemp, recycled polyester, and Lycra to create comfortable, breathable clothing with a reduced environmental impact.

Bluesign® Certification

In addition to using sustainable materials, prAna is dedicated to minimizing the environmental footprint of its production process. 

They partner with Bluesign® to ensure that their manufacturing meets the highest environmental and worker safety standards. This collaboration demonstrates prAna’s dedication to responsible manufacturing.

3. Icebreaker

Icebreaker, a brand hailing from New Zealand, has revolutionized the apparel industry with its commitment to making sustainable sports equipment and innovating using merino wool.

Founded in 1994 by Jeremy Moon, Icebreaker is synonymous with high-performance, ethically sourced, warm and eco-friendly clothing.

The Merino Revolution

At the heart of Icebreaker’s success lies merino wool, sourced from merino sheep in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Unlike traditional wool, Merino wool is lovely and soft, making it ideal for next-to-skin wear. 

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Icebreaker has mastered the art of crafting sustainable sports equipment that provides warmth in the cold and remains breathable in the heat, thanks to the natural properties of merino wool.

Sustainability at Its Core

Icebreaker is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact. They’ve pioneered using merino wool, a renewable, biodegradable, and naturally odor-resistant fiber. 

Their base layers, socks, and accessories are warm and functional and made with renewable and biodegradable materials, ensuring you stay cozy with a clear conscience. 

The brand is also committed to ethical animal welfare and environmentally sustainable farming practices.

Low-Impact Dyeing and Production

Icebreaker not only focuses on sustainable materials but also takes strides to reduce the environmental impact of the production process. They use low-impact dyeing methods and employ manufacturers who share their commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainable sports equipment.

4. Adidas Parley

Adidas Parley is more than just a sportswear brand; it symbolises innovative environmental stewardship. This collaboration between Adidas and Parley for the Oceans has led to the creation of athletic gear that enhances performance and actively combats marine pollution.

The Parley Mission

Adidas Parley’s mission is clear: to raise awareness about ocean plastic pollution and to take action by upcycling marine plastic waste into high-performance sportswear. This sustainable sports equipment brand blends fashion, environmental responsibility, and athleticism.

Ocean Plastic as a Resource

One of the standout features of Adidas Parley is its use of recycled ocean plastic. Discarded plastic waste from beaches and coastal communities is collected, cleaned, and transformed into materials suitable for sportswear production. 

This removes harmful debris from our oceans and reduces the need for virgin plastics.

Innovation and Sustainability

In addition to using ocean plastic, Adidas Parley is continually innovating in sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. They’re exploring alternatives to traditional plastic in their product packaging and experimenting with new eco-friendly materials for their footwear and apparel.

5. Picture Organic Clothing

Picture Organic Clothing strongly emphasizes using eco-friendly materials in their sustainable sports equipment. They reduce their environmental impact by incorporating organic cotton, recycled polyester, and bio-sourced fabrics. 

By choosing these materials, they minimize the use of harmful chemicals and reduce waste.

Innovative Recycling Programs

One of the brand’s essential features is its devotion to recycling. They have established recycling programs that allow customers to return their old Picture Organic Clothing products to be transformed into new ones. This circular approach reduces textile waste and conserves resources.

PFC-Free Waterproofing

Picture Organic Clothing takes the environment seriously when it comes to waterproofing. They utilise PFC-free (perfluorinated chemicals) technology in their outerwear to ensure that their products are water-resistant without compromising the health of ecosystems.

Community Engagement

The brand actively engages with its community, organising events and initiatives that promote environmental awareness and responsible outdoor activities. They also support organisations and initiatives that align with their values, furthering their commitment to making a positive impact.

6. EcoPro

At the heart of EcoPro’s vision is that professionals and outdoor enthusiasts don’t need to compromise on the environment to excel in their pursuits. 

Sustainable Materials

EcoPro sets the bar high when it comes to sustainable sports equipment. They prioritise using eco-friendly, recycled, and sustainable materials in all their products. From clothing to equipment, every item is crafted with the planet in mind, minimising waste and harmful environmental impacts.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Beyond materials, EcoPro focuses on eco-friendly manufacturing processes. They’ve implemented responsible production practices, including reducing water and energy consumption, using low-impact dyes, and minimising waste throughout manufacturing.

7. Gossamer Gear

Gossamer Gear is a brand synonymous with minimalist and ultralight backpacking. Since its inception in 1997, this California-based company has been at the forefront of the lightweight backpacking movement, producing innovative gear that allows outdoor enthusiasts to carry less weight while enjoying more of the natural world.

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

While Gossamer Gear primarily focuses on lightweight backpacking, they are also committed to sustainability. They use environmentally friendly textiles and production procedures whenever possible. 

Their gear is designed to be durable, reducing the need for frequent replacements of sustainable sports equipment.

Trail Sustainability Initiatives

The brand recognises the importance of preserving the wilderness that backpackers explore. They actively support and promote Leave No Trace principles and perform trail maintenance and clean-up efforts.

8. Vasque

Vasque is a brand renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality outdoor footwear. Since 1964, this American company has consistently delivered sustainable sports equipment that combines durability, comfort, and performance for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Environmental Responsibility

While Vasque primarily focuses on producing durable, high-performance footwear, they are also committed to environmental responsibility. 

They strive to reduce their environmental footprint by implementing eco-friendly practices in manufacturing and sourcing sustainable materials whenever possible.

Community Engagement

Vasque actively engages with the outdoor community. They support outdoor events, sponsor athletes and adventurers, and participate in conservation efforts. This involvement fosters community among outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s dedication to the outdoors.

9. Brooks Running

Brooks Running is a brand that has been dedicated to the sport of running for over a century. Founded in 1914 in Philadelphia, USA, Brooks has evolved into a leading running shoe and apparel manufacturer known for its commitment to innovation, performance, and biomechanical research.

Environmental Responsibility

While Brooks Running primarily focuses on performance and innovation, they are also committed to environmental responsibility. 

They try to reduce waste in their manufacturing processes and explore eco-friendly materials for their sustainable sports equipment when designing their products.

Community and Support

Brooks actively engages with the global running community. They sponsor race events and support various running clubs and organisations. This commitment fosters a sense of camaraderie among runners who appreciate the brand’s dedication to the sport.

10. Rawlings

Rawlings is a name that resonates with baseball enthusiasts around the world. Founded in 1887, this iconic American brand has been synonymous with baseball for over a century. 

Innovation in Baseball Technology

Rawlings has been a pioneer in introducing innovative technologies to improve sustainable sports equipment. 

They’ve developed features such as Heart of the Hide leather for gloves, Tru-View technology for clear vision on the field, and advanced bat designs to enhance a player’s performance.

Community and Tradition

Rawlings is deeply connected to the baseball community and traditions. The brand sponsors baseball events, tournaments, and organisations, contributing to the sport’s rich tapestry.

11. Peak Design

Founded in 2010 by Peter Dering, this San Francisco-based company has become known for its high-quality camera accessories and a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing

While Peak Design is known for its camera accessories, it’s also a leader in the photography industry regarding sustainable sports equipment. For example, they’ve replaced traditional camera bag materials with recycled nylon and have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Environmental Initiatives

Peak Design is committed to offsetting the environmental impact of its products. They’ve pledged to donate a percentage of their revenue to environmental causes through their “Climate Neutral” initiative. This reflects their dedication to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Sustainability in Packaging

The brand has also taken steps to reduce waste by utilizing sustainable packaging materials and minimizing plastic use. They’ve introduced eco-friendly packaging options as part of their broader sustainability efforts.

12. Orvis

Orvis is a brand that has embodied the spirit of the outdoors since its founding in 1856. Orvis’s journey began with Charles F. Orvis, who was passionate about fishing and the outdoors. 

Conservation and Stewardship

One of the defining aspects of Orvis is its dedication to conservation. The brand actively supports environmental initiatives and works to protect natural habitats. 

They’ve contributed millions of dollars to various conservation organizations and have been recognised for their commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable sports equipment.

Community Engagement

Orvis actively engages with outdoor communities through events, seminars, and workshops. They also support veterans’ programs and initiatives to get more people, especially children, involved in outdoor activities.

13. Teton Sports

Teton Sports was founded by Scott and Jenny Christensen, outdoor enthusiasts who shared a deep passion for hiking, camping, and exploration. 

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Community Engagement

Teton Sports engages with the outdoor community through social media, events, and partnerships. They promote a sense of camaraderie among outdoor enthusiasts, encouraging sharing the experiences and knowledge of using sustainable sports equipment.

Environmental Consciousness

While Teton Sports primarily focuses on providing affordable and reliable outdoor gear, they also consider environmental responsibility. They strive to reduce waste in packaging and explore sustainable materials when possible.

14. Puma

Puma, founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, is a globally recognised brand that has left an indelible mark on sportswear, athletics, and street fashion. Known for its iconic logo and commitment to innovation, Puma is a brand that resonates with athletes and fashion-conscious individuals alike.

Sustainability Initiatives

Puma recognises the importance of sustainable sports equipment and is committed to reducing its environmental impact. 

They’ve introduced initiatives like the PUMA x First Mile program, which uses recycled plastic bottles to create sportswear and footwear. Puma also aims to reduce its carbon emissions and water consumption.

Community and Youth Engagement

Puma actively engages with the global sports and youth communities. They sponsor athletes, support sports events, and collaborate with organisations that promote youth development and social change through sports.

15. REI Co-op

Since its founding in 1938, this American retail cooperative has been on a mission to inspire and enable people to enjoy the natural world. 

REI stands for Recreational Equipment, Inc., and its dedication to championing environmental stewardship has made it a beloved brand among outdoor lovers.

Environmental Stewardship

REI takes its commitment to the environment seriously. They strive to reduce their carbon footprint, support environmental initiatives, and advocate for responsible outdoor recreation. 

In recent years, REI has made headlines by closing its stores on Black Friday and encouraging people to #OptOutside, spending the day in nature rather than shopping.

Community Building and Advocacy

REI actively engages with the outdoor community by supporting advocacy groups and organisations that protect public lands and promote outdoor access. They also provide grants to fund local outdoor projects and initiatives.

16. Nike

Founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, this American multinational corporation has revolutionized how athletes perform and become an iconic brand at the intersection of sports, fashion, and culture.


In recent years, Nike has also recognised the importance of switching to sustainable sports equipment. They’ve introduced initiatives like “Move to Zero,” focusing on reducing waste and carbon emissions. 

Nike has committed to using more sustainable materials and reducing its environmental impact.

Community Engagement

Nike actively engages with the global athletic and sports communities. They sponsor athletes, teams, and events, fostering a sense of belonging and support within the sports world.

17. Vaude

Vaude is a brand that has redefined outdoor adventure by placing sustainability at the forefront of its mission. 

Founded in 1974 in Germany by Albrecht von Dewitz and his wife Trudel, this family-owned company has become a global leader in eco-friendly outdoor gear and sustainable sports equipment. 

Sustainable Materials and Innovation

Vaude strongly emphasizes using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in its products. They were among the first outdoor companies to incorporate bluesign® approved fabrics and materials, ensuring their products meet stringent environmental and safety standards.

PFC-Free Waterproofing

Vaude prioritizes eco-friendly waterproofing solutions by avoiding perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in their products. Their innovative technologies provide water-resistant gear without compromising environmental safety.

Biodiversity and Conservation

Vaude actively supports environmental and conservation initiatives. They are involved in projects such as “Save the Blue Heart of Europe,” which focuses on protecting European rivers. Additionally, they’ve committed to biodiversity conservation in their supply chain.


These top sustainable sports equipment brands prove you can excel in your athletic pursuits while being environmentally responsible. By choosing eco-friendly sports gear, you’re enhancing your performance and contributing to a greener and healthier planet.

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