Koi Footwear Reviews: Is KOI An Environmentally Ethical Company?

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This picture is a sample of Koi footwear.

Koi Footwear is a fashion leader in shoes for women and men. They make trendy and fun shoes that are “100% vegan.” This Koi Footwear review looks at the pros and cons of this trendy shoe company and what makes it stand out.

In the early 1980s, Koi Footwear was called Elegant Shoes, and it made shoes for women. The business was run out of a factory in Manchester, England, and styles were sent directly to stores.

As the company grew and became more popular, Koi moved production to China. Koi ensures that the factories that make their shoes use safe production methods and only materials that are ethically sourced and safe for vegans.

About KOI Footwear

This is the logo of Koi footwear.

Koi Footwear’s products are vegan, and the company’s goal is to create a more sustainable and kind business that thinks about how its actions affect the environment. Koi are always looking at how it does things to find ways to reduce its carbon footprint, one shoe at a time.

At the moment, they make sure that all of their packaging are made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled.

Plastic bags and polystyrene have been replaced with paper bags that can be recycled and packing material inside boxes.

The company recycles the water used in the manufacturing process and uses eco-friendly couriers to get your package to you.

The brand says its sustainability journey is still in progress, but it is doing everything it can to reduce its carbon footprint.

Koi Shoes is now working on removing the plastic bag around the shoes when delivered. They plan to offer outer packaging soon made entirely of PET plastic waste.

KOI Footwear Ethics As a Whole

At first glance, the company is running its business fairly. KOI says it “leads with compassion,” Its goal is to become a greener and kind company overall “because they care.”

The company’s ethics page has everything it needs and admits customers wanted more openness. KOI also says it is improving sustainability and informing people about it.

KOI Ethics in Manufacturing and Worker Rights

On its website, KOI clarifies that all of its shoes are made in China and that it does not own a factory.

It is said that factories follow safe working conditions and processes for making things. But it was good to see that KOI had an auditing program that these factories should follow.

The Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct audited factories.

The amfori BSCI Code of Conduct has rules and suggestions to improve working conditions for everyone in the supply chain.

It discusses working hours, health and safety checks, working conditions, child labor, and more. It is based on several international agreements, such as:

  • The UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights
  • UN Global Compact
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • OECD Guidelines
  • The rights of children and the rules of business
  • Organization for International Labour (ILO)

As a supporter of the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, KOI Footwear has promised to honor and respect human rights and follow the Code’s rules.

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The Implementation Terms are also clear and must be followed. Also, this means that factories have to take part in audits under the guidelines of the Audit Integrity Programme to ensure that the Code is followed.

The auditing process is laid out and has a clear but long chain of communication. Audits are done by a third-party group, ensuring that the system is honest and that everyone is responsible.

KOI Footwear can also see what’s going on in their factories and give suggestions to ensure everyone working for them is treated equally and paid fairly.

KOI Ethics in Business and Customer Service

Customers have good things to say about KOI Footwear and its products. It gets an average of 4 out of 5 stars, and between 70 and 85% of purchases go well.

Reviews show that this is because the shoes are on trend and have good designs, and also because they are affordable. But only about one-third of the brand’s customers say they would buy it again.

The 15–30% of unhappy customers stood out. Nearly every bad review has something to do with late or never came orders, problems with returns or exchanges, or even claims of fraud when refunds were not given.

These complaints have one thing in common: bad customer service, which many people call out and say directly.

Many reviews also said the quality, construction, and comfort could have been better. This clearly references the fact that “mystery” materials are used.

To be reasonable, the company does not say that it loves its customers or is loyal to them.

Sure, they want to please the customer in terms of style, price, and sustainability, and they want to show you that they are eager and committed. It’s not fair to judge them based on this flaw.

KOI and Animal Rights: Vegan and 100% approved by PETA

Koi shoes are approved by PETA.

KOI Footwear does not hide the fact that they love animals and are very proud that they are PETA-approved.

The problem from an ethical point of view, the problem is that there is no way to know that being approved by PETA means that factories are always being checked.

The PETA website says that all you have to do to get a license for the vegan logo is fill out a questionnaire and pay a fee.

Companies are judged on their word in their applications, which only ask a yes/no question about whether or not they use vegan materials.

Nothing on PETA’s website or in the application says “rigorous checks and procedures” are needed or even that they might be needed to make sure these claims are true or stay true.

Some companies on the list, like H&M, have already been caught greenwashing, which means anyone can get this label by lying.

Most companies with vegan labels from PETA are legit, and they use the label to make it easy for customers to understand this benefit. 

KOI is legitimately vegan as well. But it’s not right to say someone is responsible for this when they aren’t. But this takes us to the next point, which is about materials.

What are the materials used to make KOI shoes?

At most, you can find KOI shoes made of “cotton,” “fake leather,” and “textile” materials. Do we know the materials are vegan but are they also eco-friendly? What is textile, anyway? Polyester? Rylon? PVC? There is no more information than the claim that they use ethically sourced and vegan-friendly materials.

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KOI and Environmental Sustainability

Recycled and Recyclable Packing

KOI is doing what it can to ensure its packaging is eco-friendly and lasts. All the brand’s boxes are made from recycled cardboard and can still be recycled.

Aside from that, they recently changed the packaging inside the box. Instead of polystyrene and plastic bags, they use recycled paper bags.

But they’re not done yet! The outer bag must be made of durable, tough plastic for shoes to stay safe while being shipped.

The bags currently being used will likely end up in landfills or the ocean, so the company is working with its packaging partners to find a solution.

The goal is to make these outer bags out of waste polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, which can be recycled.

Soles4Souls is a program made by KOI to make it as easy as possible for you to donate your old shoes and clothes. This not only helps cut down on the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills every year, but it also helps improve the lives of others.

For example, S4S has helped people affected by natural disasters by giving them clothes and shoes.

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Koi Footwear Review

The Koi brand has a wide range of high-quality vegan shoes for men, women, and children of all ages.

Koi is very interested in where shoes are going and the next big trends. The company’s shoe models are made with high-quality synthetic leathers, trims, and finishes that are good for the environment and meet strict quality standards.

You can find a lot of great styles on koifootwear.com. In addition to their brand, they also work with many other designers to give you many options.

Lydia Rose, one of the first fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers, helped make the Fashion Influx line. You can choose shoes with zodiac signs or fruit on them.

Pros and Cons of Koi shoes


  • Shoe Makers Who Don’t Harm Vegans
  • Lots of stylish shoes to choose from
  • Shoes that are eco-friendly and comfortable


  • Delivery times can be long

Now let’s look at some of their best-selling shoes:

Koi Footwear Ankle Boots Review

This picture is a sample of Koi footwear ankle boot.

KoiFootwear makes a large number of different kinds of ankle boots. You can find one for any event. All ankle boots are made from 100% vegan materials and are not made by hurting or killing animals. Boots are in style and cheap.

Himiko Battle-Heeled Boots

The heel on Himiko’s battle-heeled boots is comfortable enough to be worn all day but still dressy enough to wear out in the evening. There is a zipper, padded details, and a 3-inch heel. The faux leather is water-based. The Himiko Battle heeled boots can be bought for £40 and come in sizes from UK3 to UK9.

Mary Janes Review

Everyone loves Mary Jane. This classic style comes in various colors and patterns, as well as classic black. Koi’s line of shoes includes Mary Janes made of faux leather and suede that are kind to animals.

Della Velvet Witchy Mary Jane Review

One of Koi’s most popular shoes, these velvet Mary Janes are a twist on the classic Mary Jane style. The shoes are crushed velvet and have embroidery, a buckle entry, and a 3-inch heel.

The Della Velvet Witchy Mary Janes cost £42, and sizes go from UK3 to UK10.

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Koi Footwear Long Boots Review

Koi Footwear has a wide selection of great vegan long boots. There are many styles, from knee-high boots to over-the-knee boots, and they are all made with materials that are kind to animals.

Alaric Long Stomper Lace-Up Boots

This is Koi footwear Alaric Stomper lace-up boot.

If you want long, grungy-looking boots, look no further than these Alaric Lace-Up Stomer Boots. These stomper boots are lightweight and useful. They give any outfit a cool, edgy look—PU faux leather that can be cleaned with water, a Zip entry, and a 2.5-inch heel.

The price of Alaric Lace Up Long Stomper Boots is £60.

Men’s Vegan Koi Footwear Review

There is a unique line of chunky boots and trainers for men at 100% Koi. Men’s vegan shoes are made to be tough, smooth, edgy, and stylish. Koi Footwear has a lot of different styles for everyone.

Tyger Men’s Cyber Boots

This is a picture of Tyger men's boot.

These cyber boots are a popular pair of men’s boots at Koi. They are simple but still make a statement. These boots have a buckle design, a quilted tongue, and a two ′′ heel. They are bold, strong, and eye-catching.

Men’s Cyber Boots by Tyger can be bought at Koi Shoes for £65.

Planet Protectors Shoes Review

All Koi products are vegan-friendly, and now they have added the planet protectors range, which means that every time you buy from this range, you can help protect the rainforests.

With One Tribe, each “Planet Protector” product saves fifteen trees in the rainforest that are in danger of dying.

Kai’s Chunky Chelsea Boots

These are the most popular pair of planet protector boots that the brand has to offer. The chunky 3-inch heel and water-based PU faux leather upper are hard to beat.

Not only do they look great, but you’ll also be helping to save the planet. The price of Kai Chunky Chelsea Boots is £37.

Reviews of Koi Footwear from Other Sources

As part of this review of Koi Footwear, GNGuide goes to several other websites worldwide to see what customers say about the shoes.

Most of the customer reviews are positive. There is the occasional negative review, but overall, this brand has a good reputation.

On Trustpilot, more than 11,000 customers have said what they think about Koi Footwear, and 73% gave the company five out of five stars. Allreviews, another review site, also gives the business four out of five stars.


KOI Footwear knows how to stay on top of both fashion design and consumer concerns about doing business in a good way for the environment.

The brand shows that it is aware by putting information about itself on its website, but there is no way to check it.

Overall, KOI Footwear is a good company that cares about the environment and the lives of its employees.

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