What Are Green Behaviour Examples?

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Before we answer this question, let’s, first of all, understand the meaning of green behaviour.

What is green behaviour?

Green behaviour is a kind of behaviour where the environment is protected from different types of pollution and the natural resources are conserved and used in a sensible and responsible manner.

Global warming, water, and air pollution, and other environmental issues are becoming increasingly serious, thereby making environmental sustainability a high concern. Hence there is a need to protect our environment. 

The colour green represents life, growth, and nature. Therefore green behaviour is associated with any activity that brings about harmony and safety to our environment. T

The Global Sustainability Study 2021 has revealed that 63% of global consumers have made significant changes to their consumption behaviours in order to live more sustainably. This is a welcome development towards conserving nature.

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If you have been looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprints, here are 9 ways you can achieve that.

Examples of green behaviour 

1. Do not buy plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are a major contributor to our landfill. Plastics pose a major harmful impact on the environment. Topmost among them is that it takes several years to decompose and when they are left under sunlight, they release harmful substances into the soil. Even when they are burned, the air the polluted.

Only a small proportion of plastic bottles can be recycled. What now happens to the rest, they end up in our oceans. If we don’t take a step further by using alternatives like the canteen, there may be more plastics in the ocean than fish by the year 2050.

This picture shows a canteen bottle which is a good alternative to plastics bottles.

2. Recycling

 Recycling plays a huge part in our environment by reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. When we recycle, we help conserve our natural resources which are limited in supply like timber, and save energy.

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If we care about our environment, then we will put in the effort to recycle our waste. Some major cities now have systems of recycling some of our garbage and reducing pollution in our atmosphere.

Four recycle bins for glass, plastics, paper and metal.

3. Plant a tree 

Planting trees in our garden reduce pollution in our environment. Although trees do not have lungs, they are breathing in and out at all times. They suck out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen – the very fresh air we breathe, through photosynthesis. Trees are responsible for the air we breathe so when next you see a tree, don’t hesitate to give it a big hug.

This picture shows a young tree that just sprouted.

4. Save water

We conserve energy when we minimize our water usage. This is because energy is needed to filter, heat, and pump water to our various homes. Using a shorter shower and closing the water faucet while brushing are some of the ways we can conserve water in our homes. This just requires us to make small changes in our habits for a sustainable environment.  

5. Save energy

In order to reduce waste and excessive consumption of energy, everyone needs to make little adjustments that will be beneficial to all. For example, LED energy-saving light bulbs are the preferred alternative to conventional bulbs. Though more expensive when compared to its counterpart, it has a longer lifespan and more importantly consumes less energy.

Little habits like turning lights off, taking shorter showers, unplugging unused electronics, and fixing that leaking faucet are a number of ways to conserve energy. 

6. Choose the self-production

Home-made foods are a wise choice to live in a sustainable way. When we make our foods, it reduces our carbon footprint and saves cost. Going to the restaurant to get your food, you will have to enter a bus, have you considered the gases that will be released into the atmosphere? This will make you second thoughts if you are really conscious of sustaining your environment.

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7. Choose sustainable mobility

To reduce our carbon footprint, we need to make certain choices that will benefit everyone.  A great number of people possess fossil fuel-burning cars. This poses a great danger to the environment as they release dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Public transport or better still an electric car is a better alternative. 

Instead of being behind the wheels always, you can use a bicycle or even trek depending on the distance. If your office is close, why not trek than drive? That way it’s a double win for you- there will be less pollution on our environment and you can use it as a form of exercise and equally meet new people.

A picture of people boarding a public transport.

8. Use second-hand objects

We are in a consumeristic society and tend to throw away what is broken and buy new ones. However, everything has a second life, instead of abandoning spoilt gadgets for new ones why not take them for repairs? In the end, we save money as well as our environment by purchasing second-hand objects.

9. Prefer washable nappies

The use of disposable nappies constitutes a great deal of non-recyclable waste, apart from the fact that they are expensive and pose great harm to our environment. These nappies, just like nylons are difficult to decompose.

When we decide to change our consumption habits to better our environment, it takes effort to actualize it. So we need to put in the required effort to rewash and reuse these nappies to help nature. Therefore,  mothers, nannies, and those who take care of babies are advised to use washable nappies as they are more eco-friendly. 

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When we decide to engage in promoting behaviour that benefits the environment, we are still the ones to enjoy its benefits. Green behaviour not only helps the environment to stay clean and pure, but it also gives us a wonderful feeling of satisfaction, comfort, and happiness. Why not try it today if you haven’t?

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