Ways to help fight climate change

The problem of climate change is one that will affect each and every one of us, and what we do now to try and counteract it will have innumerable effects. There are many steps you can take here and now to help solve the issue before it’s too late.

In this article, we’ll go through the major causes of climate change, as well as the many ways you can help to fight back against it. The world needs you: not just those in power, but everyday citizens like yourself.

The Problem

Climate change results from the release of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are a natural by-product of life on our planet, but if too many are released into the atmosphere, we risk global warming. The most notable greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide or CO2.

CO2 is a naturally occurring material that has many uses, but can also be released into the environment through human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels releases CO2 into the atmosphere, which acts like a blanket and traps heat from the sun. This obviously causes global warming.

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Ways to help solve climate change

1. Plant more trees

The world needs trees more than it needs anything else. Trees absorb CO2, they help us get oxygen, they are a natural source of shade, and they look gorgeous. Planting trees is a great way to help fight climate change.
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2. Push for clean energy

If you want to help solve climate change, you’ll need to drastically reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. There are many ways to do this: solar power, wind power, and even hydroelectric power are just some of the alternatives.

3. Carpool more

Carpooling isn’t just good for you: it’s also good for the environment. If more people start carpooling, fewer cars will be on the road, and less CO2 will be released into the atmosphere.

4. Drive less

As mentioned above, cars produce a lot of CO2 when they burn fossil fuels. Driving less will lower your own CO2 emissions, and will also help you protect the environment around you.

5. Eat less beef

Grazing cattle release a lot of greenhouse gases, but if you eat less beef and other livestock products, you’ll be helping to protect the environment. You can switch to vegetables, and yes, they are also healthier.

6. Paper bags

If you use paper for all your groceries and household goods, you’ll be helping to reduce the number of plastic bags that gets into the environment.

7 Invest in renewable energy

The good news is that renewable energy is on the rise. The cost of solar power and wind turbines has dropped, and they’re both better than ever before at conserving energy and creating jobs.

Invest in renewable energy. Own your own solar panel or wind turbine. If you live in a place where you can’t do this now, consider buying a battery to store electricity generated by the clean sources of renewable energy.

8 Switch to sustainable transports

Buses, trains, and trams are good for the environment. They don’t pollute as much as cars, and they can be powered by renewable energy sources.

If you can’t switch to public transport, walk or cycle instead. At the very least, rent a car instead of owning one. That way, you have options of getting a more efficient one without breaking the bank. When you buy a new car, try to buy an electric one, because they have zero greenhouse gas emissions. Cars running on fossil fuels need to be phased out: it’s time we all stopped using them.

9. Help raise awareness

People have been so used to cars and fossil fuels that many of them are not aware of how bad it is for the environment. But it’s not just cars. A lot of the things we do are not sustainable and a lot of people don’t know this. If you want to help solve global warming, start spreading the word. Tell your friends and neighbors about how climate change is affecting everything, and how they can be part of the solution.

Remember that everyone can solve climate change, so don’t think you’re too small to make a difference.

10. Put pressure on your lawmakers

It’s no secret that the world needs to come together to solve climate change – so do your part by writing letters, emails, and tweets. Show your support for climate action! Send a letter to your local representative, and/or a tweet or email to them.

Some people think that our political leaders aren’t doing enough.

There is so much we can do

We’re all part of the planet, and we can all help fight climate change. If everyone does their part, we can solve the problem – and if you do your part, it will be easier to ask other people to do their parts as well.