From OGbo Godfrey

There is no one single solution to the climate change crisis. The best we can do is a comprehensive set of activities and behavioral changes with the hopes that these changes can begin to reverse the damage we have already done to our climate. Planting more trees is one very good way to reverse climate change, but we need to do more.

We have to change those behaviors that kill our planet. We need to recycle more, but above that, we need to reduce how much waste we generate in the first place. We need to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and switch to cleaner fuels such as wind and solar. We need to carpool more, bike more, and plant as many trees as humanly possible.

There is so much we have to do. Just so much, I can't exhaust them all. You have to key into at least one. You could start by donating a tree today, or carpool, or at the very least, use paper bags instead of plastic bags.

Let us make it our mission to start acting like we really want to reverse climate change and not just politics.