17 Sustainable Non Toxic Bed Frames You Can Get

Sustainable Non Toxic Bed Frames You Can Get

Bed frames are an absolute need in each bedroom, but few people think about the effects their construction has on human health and the natural world. However, there is a wide selection of non toxic bed frames available today that are fashionable, practical, eco-friendly, and chemical-free. In this post, we’ll show you 17 eco-friendly and … Read more

10 Green Energy Products That Can Change Your Life

Green Products That Can Change Your Life

Thanks to renewable and green energy, we now have tons and enormous green energy products that can change your life. Mainstream consumer markets have been swept by “eco-friendly fever” because it has a good reputation and can make products more efficient that can reduce their carbon footprint.  Every month, more and more products that are … Read more

17 Habits Of Highly Sustainable People

Habits Of Highly Sustainable People

Do you know how highly sustainable individuals look like? if no, then this article will provide you with 17 habits of highly sustainable people. So get prepared! Sustainability has emerged as a popular term in recent years, popping up regularly in discussions about the fate of our world. It is now apparent that we must … Read more

15 Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

15 Non-toxic Cookware Brands For A Healthy Kitchen

It is more important than you think to have healthy, non-toxic cookware brands in your kitchen. Sure, it’s essential to eat healthy food. But cooking it in the wrong pan could ruin your hard work.  Unfortunately, many brands that say they sell the “safest cookware” use clever marketing to trick you. And most of the … Read more

7 Best Energy-Saving Electric Light Bulbs

In a world full of pollution, what better way is there to reduce our carbon footprint and at the same time enjoy low energy bills than using energy-saving electric light bulbs?  Energy bills are rising, and any way to reduce bills is a welcome idea. The solution is to use energy-saving light bulbs, which use … Read more

Is Tesla an ethical company?

The name Tesla is not strange to anyone, thanks to its invention of electric cars, but is Tesla an ethical company? Since the beginning, Tesla has been making waves in the car industry with its innovative ideas. While the company claims to build scalable, sustainable technologies that positively impact the environment, the question of whether … Read more

Best Electric Bamboo Toothbrush 2023

Did you know that about 3.5 billion brushes are sold each year according to World Wildlife estimates, many of which are made from plastic? About 1.43% of this number ends up as waste in landfills, causing pollution on land and water and harming wildlife in the process. Electric bamboo toothbrushes on the other hand are biodegradable. … Read more