Best Charities to Donate for Climate Change

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The urgency of many current environmental issues, including pollution, deforestation, and climate change, has sparked global action. According to Global Climate Change, the changes observed in the earth’s climate since the mid-20th century are due to human activities. Consequently, many charities have taken it upon themselves to reduce this impact on the environment. Hence the need to find the best charities to donate to for climate change.

If you are reading this, it means you care about our climate. And you are willing to donate your funds towards a positive cause that will be beneficial to us all. But it can be challenging to find a charity organization to send your funds to so they can be used in a more impactful way. 

A simple illustration of how people can donate to any charity of their choice.

Below are some of the best charities to which you can donate your funds to help combat climate change.

8 Charities to Donate for Climate Change

1. Cool Earth 

Cool Earth is a charity organization that Johan Eliasch and Lord Field founded in 2007 in a bid to stop deforestation. The U.S.-based organization’s mission is to protect rainforests around the world. They partner with local organizations and money gotten from donors to provide them with funding so they can be used for conservation. 

Their main focus is to protect the rainforest. And this is done by giving control back to the indigenous people and the community living in that environment. They also believe that recognizing and protecting indigenous people’s rights will go a long way to reducing climate crises.

Cool Earth holds the Guidestar platinum transparency award and they are currently protecting 105 million trees which have resulted in the storage of 48 million tonnes of carbon.

This picture represents the Cool Earth charity organization logo.

2. Clean Air Taskforce

Armond Cohen established the Clean Air Task Force (CATF) in 1996 to influence federal legislation that requires ageing coal facilities in America to reduce their emissions. They have carved out a niche for themselves in the environment as a science-driven and solution-focused organization.

Currently, this organization is working to reduce emissions from power plants and vehicles, which are two of the largest sources of pollution in America.  

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They have launched several campaigns, like the US power plant solution campaign and the Campaign against Super Pollutants. They are equally recognized by Giving Green and Founders’ pledge as a highly effective climate change charity and encouraged people to donate towards their cause.

3. Carbon 180

In 2015, Carbon 180 was founded by Giana Amador and Noah Deich at the University of California, Berkeley. The main focus of this charity is the removal of carbon from our environment. As such, they work hand in hand with academic and science-based institutions and lawmakers to build a world that removes more carbon than it produces.

In 2017, they were able to get Congress to pass the 45Q legislation which has to do with the use of energy technology to capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. And in 2020, it was able to secure $450 million in federal funding that will be targeted toward the removal of carbon. It holds the Silver Seal of Transparency from Guidestar.

Carbon 180 is a charitable organization that you can donate money to.

4. Green Peace

This charity was started in 1971 by a group of passionate persons to stop a US nuclear weapon test. To confront the climate challenge and promote racial justice, Greenpeace USA aims to reform social, environmental, and economic institutions.

According to Greenpeace, organizations must address racial and socioeconomic justice as part of their efforts to combat climate change. They accomplish this through a Black Lives Platform and an Indigenous Peoples Policy.

Issues that are addressed by Greenpeace include environmental justice, ensuring sustainable seafood, fighting plastic pollution, etc. You can support Green Peace through their website, fundraising, or by signing one or more of their petition.

5. Earth Justice

Earth justice is yet another charity that’s based in the US and dedicated to litigating issues concerning the environment. The organization was founded in 1971 by Phil Berry, Fred Fisher, and Don Harris as Sierra Club Legal Defence Fund. However, its name was later changed to Earth Justice in 1997 to better reflect its mission as a legal advocate that represents many regions and organizations.

As a charity organization, they don’t charge their clients any money to defend them rather, their funding comes from individual donations and foundations. Equally do not accept any form of donations from the government. 

Their work is divided into three which include wildlife, which tends to preserve the ecosystem from climate change; and healthy communities which through litigation fight against pollution and toxic chemicals in our environment. Then the clean energy and stable climate focus on cases that reduce the utilization of fossil fuels. 

This picture shows the logo of Earth Justice as one of the best charities to donate for climate change.

6. Evergreen Collaborative

This organization was started by the former staff of Washington state governor, Jay Inslee’s 2020 campaign. Evergreen collaborative aims to defeat climate crises and build a clean energy future through policy proposals. 

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They seek to influence congress and federal agencies. They act as a bridge between environmental organizations and the US federal government. The “Evergreen Action Plan” is built upon principles to mobilize global action, power the economy with 100 per cent clean energy, etc. They also push policies forward through their strategic communication by writing policy proposals

7.  Rainforest Alliance

This organization was founded in 1987 by an American environmentalist, Daniel Katz, to create a more sustainable world. Its goal is to fight against deforestation and provide better working conditions for rural people. They aim to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers, protect their fundamental human rights and help adapt to climate change in bold and effective ways.

They train farmers to use agricultural methods that are friendly to the environment. Also, they invented the Rainforest Alliance Certification Programme that’s placed on goods which helps the consumers to know that a particular product was produced using sustainable methods. If you are looking to donate your fund, this is one of the charities to donate to for climate change.

This picture depicts the Rainforest Alliance logo that people can donate to, to help fight against deforestation.

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12. Climate Emergency Fund

The Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) was established in July 2019 to donate funds to organizations that are taking part in climate protests. 

The founders think that donating to charity organizations that favour the cause of the environment, has neglected public protest, which they see as fundamental. They provide grants to activists that engage in educating the people regarding climate change.

This year alone they have given $2.8 million in grants to 33 groups. They also support organizations and groups that put everything on the line just to protect humanity and the world at large. 

Notable grants they have given include Extinction Rebellion & Extinction Rebellion UK, Save Old Growth, Declare Emergency, Fireproof Australia, etc.

Ways to Support Charities

There are several ways anyone can support these charities. They include the following:

A. You Can Donate Money to support a charity organization

Most of these charities have where you can donate on their website. You can click on ‘Donate” to donate your fund. This donation can be a one-time payment or you can make it monthly to be deducted from your credit cards. By donating money to charities, people can be sure that they are helping out in a good cause to protect their environment.

B. You Can Decide to Engage in Volunteer Work

Protecting our environment should be a collective effort. If you have any skill that can be beneficial to a charitable organization such as writing, or photography, you can consider donating your skill for free. Sometimes, these organizations may not have all the funds to employ these skilled workers. 

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So you will be doing your environment a lot of good if you can join hands with a charity organization by offering your skills for a better world.

C. decides to buy their merchandise from their website when shopping.

Some of these charity organizations have products they sell on their website. So you can decide to support them by buying one or more of these products. Also, you can refer and encourage family and friends to patronize them once they have any product offering that they need.

D. You can support charitable organizations through fundraising 

You can support a charity by engaging in fundraising.  Funds can be raised in so many ways such as organizing a local collection and sharing your cause on social media. And if you have supportive people you can raise a huge donation.

E. You can help them by spreading awareness 

By sharing and posting about these charities you can help them raise more awareness and also spread the word. By doing this people can be encouraged to contribute to global causes like climate change and deforestation.

E. You can support them by donating a percentage of your online purchases 

You can donate a percentage of your online purchase by shopping at the right places. For example places like Amazon Smile, where you have the option to donate 0.5% of your purchases to a charity organization of your choice.

Final Words

The future of the environment is largely dependent on the actions of this generation, which means that we need to put more effort into curbing climate change.

Supporting these organizations will help them implement their plans for environmental protection effectively. By donating our funds, we will be able to help them get more donations and effectively change the world for the better. You and I can also make a difference by donating to our favorite charity organizations.

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