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eco-friendly water bottles

By switching to eco-friendly water bottles, we can reduce the catastrophe of plastic pollution! Many consumers regularly purchase plastic water bottles, especially when they are handy.

However, it becomes the simplest zero-waste change you can do once you decide to make it a habit and realize how big of a difference you are making.

Given the commotion of daily life, carrying a drink with you is usual.

Eco-friendly Water Bottles: Why It Is Important

We are conscious of plastic water bottles’ harm to the environment. Plastic water bottles are made from fossil fuels; each year, 481.6 billion are consumed globally. Plastic doesn’t just disappear quickly.

It already takes plastic 700 years to disintegrate, making biodegradation impossible. Consequently, it significantly adds to the plastic contamination of our oceans and landfills.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Eco-friendly Water Bottles

It is very vital to know what makes a product eco-friendly. It might be challenging to find decent eco-friendly water bottles. So below are a few things to consider while purchasing an eco-friendly water bottle. 

1. What types of materials are used to make the bottle?

What components do you suppose eco-friendly water bottles are made? The most fantastic eco-friendly water bottles are made from materials that are either resilient or recyclable.

One of the most eco-friendly materials for water bottles is stainless steel because it is not only secure but also extreme and endlessly recyclable. Since it is so solid and recyclable, aluminum has been used for a very long time. 

Glass bottles are superior to plastic bottles and other solutions since they don’t impart flavor to the product they hold. Reusable plastic bottles made without BPA are not the worst option because they are frequently affordable and lightweight, which is why many people choose them. 

However, we underline the need to switch to a glass or metal water container.

2. Is the source of such material ethical?

This is a crucial element for eco-friendly, fair-trade water bottles. It’s crucial to inquire about the materials’ sources and production processes. Are they produced in a method that doesn’t hurt the environment or people?

Look for third-party certificates as an excellent approach to determine this. And is the business you’re purchasing the water bottle from in any way accredited? A frequent one to watch out for is B. Corp.

Top on the list are companies that are open about where their sustainable and eco-friendly water bottles are created. They ensure the manufacturers they work with provide safe working conditions for the employees and pay their artisans and laborers a fair rate.

3. What corporate responsibility does the company uphold?

What other ethical actions is the company taking besides ensuring the product is sustainable? How do they conserve water? Do they have any internal procedures to cut back on energy use? Do they belong to nonprofit groups, such as 1% For The Planet? Do they balance the impact of their shipping? What materials—not plastic, for instance—do they use while delivering their goods?

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10 Eco-friendly WaterBottles

Here’s a list of eco-friendly water bottles.

1. Kleen Kanteen

Kleen Kanteen eco-friendly water bottle

 Kleen Kanteen is a worldwide brand run by a family, and its employees produce this eco-friendly water bottle. As a catalyst for reducing its carbon footprint and enhancing its environmental effect as a company, they have chosen Kleen Kanteen. In addition to eco-friendly water bottles, they sell steel, pint, and coffee tumblers. 

The TKWide range from Kleen Kanteen employs certified 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel, as are its straws, which are also made of 90% recycled steel. As a result, they produce 40% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than stainless steel.

With its headquarters powered entirely by solar energy, Kleen Kanteen is a B-Corp certified as climate neutral. They adhere to ILO standards for safety, fair pay, ethical business conduct, and environmental responsibility and have partner factories worldwide.

Through their 1% of the Planet membership, they have given more than 3.4 million dollars to groups that focus on preventing plastic pollution, promoting safe consumer goods, protecting the environment, and conserving land and water.

2. Yeti

You could use yeti eco-friendly water bottles daily, whether fishing, camping without waste, or hanging out with friends. It is one of the most eco-friendly sports water bottles ever created. Yeti is made of stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation. 

One bottle fits all; thus, all insulated bottles may suit any of the many cap attachments. You may choose the one that will suit you best because they are available in various sizes. This eco-friendly firm also sells coffee mugs, tumblers, backpacks, jugs, and many other items in addition to eco-friendly water bottles. There are so many choices when looking for the ideal present.

Yeti is a socially responsible company that benefits everyone in the workforce, supplier chain, and communities. With 2 million, they assisted institutions and foundations engaged in environmental protection and WILD representation.

50% of their carbon footprint was reduced in 2021. And in a year, they raised the number of women in leadership positions by 4%.


LARQ eco-friendly water bottle

LARQ is a sustainable water bottle that uses cutting-edge technology to make it simple and sustainable for people to access clean drinking water.

Without using hazardous chemicals like mercury, LARQ water bottles often eradicate 99.9% germs, bacteria, protozoa, and other undesirable bio-contaminants. This environmentally friendly water bottle is powered by UV-C LEDs, a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and a portable digital water purifying system.

As a member of the 1% for the Planet Network, LARQ seeks to lower worldwide single-use plastic usage and carbon footprints. They also provide a corporate giving program that, by delivering an eco-friendly water bottle as a gift, leaves a lasting impact on clients, workers, event attendees, and more.

4. Life Factory

Eco-friendly glass water bottles improve your water’s flavor, clarity, and purity. It is composed of rugged, high-quality European glass shielded by a silicone non-slip sleeve to keep it from breaking. It comes in three distinct sizes, 12 oz, 16 oz, and 22 oz, and various colors. All are dishwasher-safe and free of BPA.

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Reusable glasses, insulated bags, baby and child bottles, and gift sets are all available at Life Factory. To make a meaningful difference and contribute to reducing single-use plastic, they created their product as a pleasant reminder to make better choices. Each recyclable bottle of glass water comes in its packaging. Additionally, their kid-sized eco-friendly water bottles are adorable!

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5. S’well

S’well was founded by Sarah Kauss, a designer who wanted to do something about single-use plastic bottles. One of the first fashionable eco-friendly water bottles is S’well. Its first-ever 17-ounce water bottle has become quite well-liked nowadays. 

It is made of three layers, including vacuum-insulated, premium 18/8 stainless steel, intended to keep beverages hot for 18 hours and cold for around 36 hours. They provide various solutions for reusable food storage accessories, including tumblers. Ideal for including some delectable goodies in your picnic basket throughout the summer.

S’well, a B-Corp, is challenging other businesses to join the Million Bottle Project, which seeks to stop using 100 million single-use plastic bottles. S’well has also included a vow as part of their campaign to ban single-use water bottles. 

Additionally, in action, the MBP was made available to public high school students in NYC in 2018 to eradicate the usage of 54 million single-use plastic bottles.

S’well uses reduced waste packaging techniques, including biodegradable cardboard and paper from sustainably managed forests.

6. One Movement

One movement eco-friendly water bottle

Patrice Jones established One Movement to improve the environment in all aspects of daily life. They collaborate with environmental programs throughout the world and produce eco-friendly water bottles.

18/8 stainless steel and food-grade silicone are used to construct the One-Bottle.

One bottle is made without BPA at any cost. Also, 20 kg or 44 lbs of plastic are taken out of the ocean with every bottle sold. That is around 2000 plastic bottles, thus (based on 500ml single-use PET bottles). 

Together with collaborators Plastics For Change, the collected plastic is repurposed into construction materials. The garbage pickers’ family homes are then constructed using these building materials.

7. Hydro Flask

Over 24,000 5-star evaluations have been generated by the eco-friendly bottle’s sleek, high-quality materials and striking colors.

You may select between 32- or 40oz sizes and ten exact, vivid colors.

Regarding functionality, Hydro Flask’s TempShield technology keeps your water chilled for 24 hours and your coffee hot all day long.

Hydro Flask established Parks for All, a program that donates a portion of each sale to 122 charities. They keep up miles of pathways and public open spaces.

Hydro has contributed more than $1.9 million and collected more than 14,000lbs of dirty garbage. Additionally, they have already given away over 55,953 eco-friendly water bottles.

The main goal of this eco-friendly water bottle company is to encourage healthy outdoor activities.

8. Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe double-wall vacuum insulation is typical, of course. With it, the bottle retains water hot for 6–12 hours and chills for up to 24 hours—not bad. The steel hat has a natural bamboo crown on top, giving it a fashionable, green look.

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The airtight silicone gasket on the lid also contributes to further preserving temperature and freshness. One consumer remarked that the soda still had a crisp texture even after an entire workday.

No sweating or leakage is possible thanks to that seal and the insulated construction. There won’t be any damaged devices in your suitcase.

9. Welly Traveller

Welly makes use of triple-insulated stainless steel, just like S’well. Although not as long as S’well, drinks stay cold for 24 hours and heated for 14 hours. A leak-proof cover and sweat-free shell also keep your luggage and workstation dry.

One feature of this bottle is its non-slip base, which is covered in natural bamboo and gives it a fashionable feel. And speaking of style, pick from 10 eye-catching patterns and hues fit for an art museum.

The bottle has a replaceable stainless steel infuser basket. Welly gives 1% of your purchase price to charity.

They help communities in need worldwide and improve countless lives with clean drinking wells and other water projects.

10. Boxed Water

Boxed water fills the eco-friendly water bottle needs by providing 92% plant-based, recyclable, and disposable water bottles.

They mix 66% paper (from forests with FSC certification), 26% plant-based bioplastic, 5% aluminum foil, and barely 3% plastic (a safety barrier to ensure the 2-year shelf life).

Boxed water participates in 1% for the Planet. Thus, 1% of each sale is donated to an environmental cause. Additionally, this company worked with Ocean Blue Project to spruce up 3,000 miles of coastline.


Most people currently possess water bottles, which is great because we already know how harmful single-use water bottles are to the environment. However, support the companies giving us an eco-friendly alternative if you ever need to replace your current one.

Don’t forget to bring your eco-friendly water bottle when you decide to go exploring again or head to the office for work.

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