American Sustainable Business Council; Who They Are And What They Do (2023)

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American Sustainable Business Council

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A thriving business is virtually everything to a businessman. Nothing is more inspiring to a businessman than the fact that his business has a promising and exciting future. Anything less is problematic and in extreme cases, catastrophic.

Would a person invest in a business that has no prospects or a desirable future outcome? The answer would certainly be ‘NO’.

With this view in mind, the American Sustainable Business Council was formed, to ensure that the future of businesses owned and run by citizens of America is very pivotal to the economy of the nation.

In this article, we will look at who the American Sustainable Business Council are and what they do. Keep reading. 

American Sustainable Business Council

Who Are The American Sustainable Business Council?

The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) is a national group of businesses with a mission, social enterprises, and sustainable business networks that are working to make the economy strong, fair, and sustainable.

The ASBN is a group that works with the business and investor communities to build a movement. The association creates and promotes solutions for business leaders, policymakers, and investors that support a regenerative, equitable, and just economy that helps all people and the planet. It began in the year 2009.

Jeffrey Hollender is the CEO and one of the founders of the American Sustainable Business Council. It is committed to the triple bottom line, which is People, Planet, and Profit. The association is made up of more than 250,000 businesses and 325,000 business executives.

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They know that sustainable business is good business and that a sustainable economy is good for America. They work to “change public policy, advocate for legislation that supports equity, sustainability, and justice from a business perspective.”

ASBC is committed to making sure that the voices of businesses are heard on important public policy issues. The American Sustainable Business Council and the Social Venture Circle came together to form ASBN.

American Sustainable Business Council

Vision & Mission Of The American Sustainable Business Council

ASBN has a vision to see a sustainable economy that is stakeholder-driven, regenerates itself, is fair, and is successful.

Additionally, the association’s mission is to educate, connect, and mobilize business leaders and investors to change the public and private sectors toward a fair and sustainable economy.

Value Statement

ASBN thinks that justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion must be at the core of how the people act, advocate for public policy, how we run our businesses and make investments as we build our community and programs.

We will work with our community and look for leaders in the field to ensure that our impact matches our vision.

What Does The American Sustainable Business Council Do?

The ASBC are responsible for a number of envirobnmental functions as youll see listed below:

1. They Encourage Regenerative Approach

The American Sustainable Business Council aims at curtailing unnecessary wastages and harmful substances (toxins) into the environment. 

To achieve this, people are sensitized about recycling and regeneration of materials which are very healthy for both the environment and those living in those environments.

The American Sustainable Business Council stops the “Waste mindset”, otherwise called, the “Use-and-dump mentality” and encourages the “Use-recycle-reuse” way of life. 

2. They Drive Systemic Change

The American Sustainable Business Council understands quite well that society is dynamic and so a change wouldn’t happen overnight, thus they implement strategies that would felicitate holistic desirable changes in the long term.

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ASBC promotes policy change by educating and informing the business community, policymakers, and the media about the business case for change, and by engaging the leaders of businesses and enterprises in building broad support for the policies America needs.

They work on a range of policy areas, including financial reform, health care, chemical policy, climate change, and business taxes. They believe that the policies that will lead us to a sustainable and just economy are also good for business and good for America.

They are well aware that everything a man does in the present has an effect on the future, therefore they encourage people to design today the changes that they would love to see tomorrow.

The American Sustainable Business Council brings people to the consciousness that their actions are either protecting the environment or destroying it. No action is actually neutral.

3. They Strive For Just Economic And Social Prosperity

The American Sustainable Business Council strives to ensure that people prosper economically without having negative impacts on the environment. 

Simply put, they challenge people to redefine success with the state of the environment in mind. Any success that is detrimental to the environment is jettisoned quickly, without any delays or hesitations. 

They advocate for regenerative, restorative, and reparative solutions throughout the business and investor movement that ASBN leads. 

4. They Encourage Inclusion By Projecting The JEDI lens

The American Sustainable Business Council acknowledges the historic and systemic barriers to capital and opportunity for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian communities, women, and gender nonconforming as a significant barrier to our collective mission. 

Their work requires that they place an urgent and immediate focus on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI).

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5. They Advocate For An Inclusive, Accessible, And Just Economy 

The American Sustainable Business Council believes in a fully participatory economy, that all people must be able to access the goods, services, and resources supplied by the economy by way of just labor, consumer, financial, and producer markets. 

A just and inclusive economy must be supported by strong public policy regulatory guidance and guardrails, and a strong democracy.

Programs, Progress, And Campaigns Run By American Sustainable Business Council

American Sustainable Business Council

These are some of the programs run by the ASBC.

1. Climate & Energy 

Reduce Packaging Waste, WA Youth Fight for Climate Recovery, Support the Green New Deal, Zero Waste for Philadelphia, Carbon Tax, State Carbon, and We Are Still In.

2. Clean Water

Protect the Waters of the U.S., Mississippi River Basin, Delaware River Watershed and Clean Water Principles.

3. High Road Workplace 

High Road Employers Principles, Family and Medical Leave Act, Worker Ownership and Federal Minimum Wage.

4. Regulations

Small Business Regulatory Relief Act, Oregon’s Corporate Tax Regulations and Net Neutrality.

5. Safer Chemicals 

Ingredients Disclosure, Oppose Accurate Labels Act, Preserve Safer Choice Program, What’s It Made Of?, Federal and CA Safe Cosmetics Legislations, Working Groups & Task Forces


Making the right commitments and investments will produce more and better jobs, build strength in key technologies, and make the U.S. more independent and secure. These are some of the aims that the ASBC hopes to achieve.

With such goals, our world will be a better place as we strive to improve the condition of our planet, its people and create prosperity for all. 

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